Friday, April 8, 2011

The Truth Nobody Wants To Read

Obefiend is a douchebag.
Everybody knows. He admit it too.
See, this is not an accusation, this is what he prefer to be called of.

He gain fame n notoriety on the net since he was against the norms. Sometimes he tells the truth nobody give a shit about. Like, writing about gay society once he hated so much. But since he wants to change the world's views and wanted to look like a liberal man, he said he's not against them nao, though he perform prayers as much as he can, he still do it, just for the lulz, like he always did.

He used to tell a lot of story about his ex girlfriend. Sorta like a normal bloggers would've done. But since he was dumped, and bad mouthed by her and all, he started to hate her ex gf. Everybody knew this shit. He even post hate-stuff on the blogserius about his gf and deleted it once he realize that he can't face the butthurt and troll all over him. He looks like a future-less guy on the net. I bet his ex gf dumped him because her family couldn't see a good future out of him and and her, financially. U know how parents see their future son in law regarding all the wealth and all. I bet u do.

Trust me, u dont want to be a full time blogger since a blogger don't have a proper life. Just like me.

After he tells his reader about him being dumped and all, all his reader seems like a bunch of caring tards saying soothing words and all on his comment. But everybody knows, they did that because nobody wants obe to stop from writing good shit to read. I know thats harsh but thats that.

I did read his blog too on regular basis. Coz he have substance. And he's quite a thinker that always make me think.

After his break up stuff gone viral, one of his reader ask him to go out. Sorta like a date. Knowing how invulnerable he is, he's an easy target to shoot at. Maybe she's a loner too. A loner would accept anyone on his/her path to do anything to get something. Sounds desperate? Yeah right. It is.

After a couple of session of ice breaking and all, now they're a couple. A lovey dovey couple. The best part is? She gets apart of the attention from his reader. Simple stuff. That always happened when u have sorta intimate connection with famous people. Just like Kahirul Fahmi's girl. She's a nobody. But since she's in relationship with the infamous malaysian golkeeper who help the nation wins the AFF suzuki cup, she's now as famous as his bf are.

The truth sucks. And here it goes. lulz~

Oh, if you dont mind, i bet i know why he blocked me on twitter. Because i said that Blogserius and RWJ have something in common. I bet thats his limit. Trolled? IDK. Ask him. He knows. lulz~

Its my perspective. What's yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~


eszol raar said...

cool story bro

Hellioz said...

@eszol raar
i know this shit is boring
thats what the title said.

i'mma have to write about "kepala paip" lah after this.
must be entertaining enuff for you.
aint it?

bujal X said...

RWJ blog apa hellioz?

DidyaJustsaythat said...


you got blocked by OBE?

well, that's good news.

that means youre good enough now.

nanti dia dah bersara you jadi generasi pelapis okey. hahaha

DidyaJustsaythat said...

also (nak tambah sikit)

I followed Meen because she tweets intelligently, not because she's Obe's BF.

(well, that's part of it, but, that's just because I believe Obe made a good choice.)

honestly smart twitter girls are hard to find. biasanya awek HAMAGADDD HAMAGADDD dan asik cerita pasal tweetcrush diorg. boring sehhh.


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