Friday, May 6, 2011

Fuzzy Madman

I've been listening to Moby, "Shot in the back of the head"

It feels so relaxing. I never really wanna know why moby put that title up and what exactly he meant by his music, i just feel like having my juice of orange at the beach, not knowing that tsunami is heading towards me in a couple of hours. All i need is to enjoy that fuckin moment before i have to face the fact that i'll be dead anytime soon. Who am i kidding? Its tsunami for fuck sake. Even the Ultraman run for his life back then at the BH newspaper, an unfunny jokes like everybody wanna think so.

I am also listening to Enter Shikari "Mothership" repetitively. Ask my friends, they'll be throwin up listening to that shit again for fuck sake.

I need to walk the plank. Seriously. Everybody have to fucking walk the plank. It is a choice. Every human have to and will face that sometimes. The only things that worries the jumper is either he can swim or not, if the sea is safe or not, or anything fucking possible to get thru all the shit waiting in the future. U put the consequences carefully and take the risk if it involves one.

I need a good conversation. 
I need this fucking pc to detect the cardreader and the internet to come back to life again. Fuck. They told me that the earthquake at japan makes the internet go down. Again. For i don't fucking know how many times. You should give a good rebates for us, the users, since we paid all the bills humbly each fucking month.

I need a reality check. Yeah, i need you, my reality check. U know who u are.
For fuck sake imma listen to you and ignore my cunning miserable head trying to convince me about all the consequences and shit.

I feel like, i feel numb.
I've been scheduling myself for somethings that never see it coming. I am mad. U know how i hate to have to schedule myself and shit. Fuck it. My mind ruins me.

Dear body, imma give you my full authority to shut me up and makes them suffer less. Sincerely, Brain.

The best part of having an internet breakdown is, i'm socializing. Ha! ha! ha!

I shoulda post lotsa entry by now if it wasn't because of the shittty internet moment right nao.
Have a fucking wonderful weekend lovers.
Have a lovely weekend too haters. I know u read this shit out loud in your head.
See you lovers, soon. If and only if i was meant to live long enuff to see you.


GuavaTheBuaya said...

No wonder you havent tweeted for quite a while, your internet meroyan! Haha. Havva gud weekend too hellioz!

FTN said...

sometimes, bagus juga takde internet. hahaha.. it forces us to go out and socialize. aku pun slow down blogging for the same reason.

skandaLdariLangit said...

The best part of having an internet breakdown is, i'm socializing. Ha! ha! ha!

i love ths part.

wahidah said...

having bad day??


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