Sunday, May 15, 2011


This is what crossed my mind. Because this is actually what happened in our beloved country and shit.

Our political scene in malaysia is childish. Our politicians are a bunch of 5 years old kiddo running around blaming them opposition. Salahkan pihak lain walaupun diri sendiri terberak dalam seluar. How awkward that'd be? Salahkan lampin orang lain, lampin sendiri bau tahi. Way fucking stupider than anyone's willing to imagine. Sick.

Kerajaan and pembangkang sebenarnya tak pernah cuba untuk bangunkan negara and rakyat. All they did since forever is palying the blame game and wanna be the one who prevail, tho most of the times, they failed, badly.

If you can see the graph in my mind, the government and the opposition have never ever help each other in doing things right. They only have the urge to blame this and that everytime they face the problem in their constituence. The solution to a problem in their mind is blaming other party with the history and shit to run away from the responsibilities they had in their shoulders. Sick ey?

Its my perspective. What's yours?
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Dale said...

ahhh, duniawi ....

RastaMat said...


Are Kam Eq Bayl said...


影の嵐 said...

agreed with that..
political scene negara ni just utk tunjuk siapa yang hebat..cakap bergegar bagai time election..tapi biler dah menang segala benda tu hanya tinggal janji jer..=.="

SaYaLiYaNaSaiDi said...

i said, politics are like diapers.
cant stay clean for a long time.
besides, they stink!
and they are even childish than a child.

Anonymous said...

thats how politics work. Masing2 menjanjikan kebaikan.takkan nk janjikan yg tak bgus2 kan.hbis kau nk undilah parti yg merendah diri oh kami biasa2 je,tp undilah kami eh eh. At least, bukn semua pakai cra kotor, fitnah org laen dgn niat nk mjatuhkn ssbuah parti itu.negara islam ke?kelakar.kalau kwn2 ngara laen tnya, mcm mana negara islam tu?instead of bgtahu ngara yg pakai undan2 islam dan mgerjakan amar makruf nahi mungkar, aku bgtahu sbb ada bnyk msjid dibina yg cntik2.bleh lah dgt mlawat tp xramai pun yg solat bjemaah kt sana. Cool, xsngka malaysia pun mnyumbg kpd tanda2 kcil kiamat.


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