Sunday, May 22, 2011



The situation
Flying a kite with a bicycle. Keep cycling to make that kite fly. An endless support of aerodynamics. An endless cycle.

You can't keep on living on life like that. You will eventually stop cycling and the kite will stop flying. You have to do something more than that. Even if u use a car, a motorbike or any vehicle available in this world. They'll eventually running out of fuel to keep that kite fly high.

Do something. Find a place where the air is flowing. Fly that kite meticulously.
Effort is needed but why not save that effort for something else. Put that shit at the right place at the right time. That'll help.

Sometimes, we need that luck to complete our goals. You can put your effort at your optimum pace. But that particular situation will help moar than just giving you the credit for the things u oughtta do.

Play it smart. Feel the winning side of you.
Play it hard? exhaustion arise, satisfaction? u'll decide.

Its my perspective. What's yours?
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tiaris ahmad said...

hey.. i like your quote.

"Play it smart. Feel the winning side of you.
Play it hard? exhaustion arise, satisfaction? u'll decide."

may i borrow them? 4 my fb n blog.?
need ur prmsion.. =)

Hellioz said...

just take it.

RastaMat said...

nice brader

whatever said...

wow !
i like those word...
it mean everything...

Akulah Aqilah Itu said...

macam apa yang bapak aku selalu cakap. except that u make it sound so simple. =)

Anonymous said...

THX for sharing


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