Monday, May 30, 2011

Quantity Over Quality

So, setiap kali gwa bayangkan barangan buatan china, gwa terbayangkan anak-anak pasangan melayu yang buat anak setahun sekali. Seperti membayangkan anak anak babi yang dilahirkan melebihi kapasiti puting susu yang tersedia oleh mak babi.

Lalu orang Melayu Islam  pun berkata "anak tu anugerah tuhan, rezeki masing masing la. Kalau ade rezeki, senang la hidup kalau anak ramai. Anak tu kan rezeki dari tuhan?"

I stop and stare at the endless sky. My eyes is my limit.

So, the question mark didn't stop there.

"How effective and efficient will u support all of your kids?
Money makes the world go round. So does your kids. They need a good education to at least live happily and merrier. Can you afford all of your children's daily needs?"

"Duit bukan segalanya. Tak ada duit pun boleh gembira. Tuhan tak ciptakan kegembiraan dari duit"

"But money does create happiness, aint it?"

"Ye, tapi duit tak menjanjikan kebahagiaan dunia akhirat" 

So you say.

"What if you can't afford to give your children the best education, the best medical support, and the best life, the least to make them feel happy? Will they still be happy with that little things u gave? We are human. Though i know that human have endless lust, we still have that par to catch up with to feel happy, or comfortable, at least"

You know what parents, you need to provide your children the best you can give. The least is education. Because education will actually improve your and their life. I'm not saying that without education they will live a hard live or so since i believe in luck.

What about Destiny? Humans are too dependent. When humans ask too much, they are too dependent. Dependency without effort is useless. Its like relying on your parents money. You can live, yes but the money will eventually run out. Everything run out someday somehow.

Kebanyakan keluarga yang besar datang dari keluarga yang susah. Susah bermaksud gaji mak bapak tak proportion dengan anak anak yang telah dihasilkan. Educated person will usually have the right amount of children according to what they can afford to bear.

Humans are not piglets which its cycle of life ends on a plate of meal or on a plate of porkball meat. The effort to increase the human's population is useless if they can't in anyway anyhow contribute to the earth and the earthlings. Haha. The earth can't afford to provide an ample place for everyone to live.

I know. Poor people will not read this blog for fuck sake because they can't afford to get on the line/internet since they need to make moar money for food. There's mouth to feed. But i am trying to at least educate any of you who read this shit to consider on giving the right space and time to have your children. I know its your right and whatever stupid reason u might wanna give to me but hey, you yourself wants a better life aren't cha? Dont tell me its going to be no because i hate hypocrite's answer since you know what you want and need. We're all humans aren't we? Unless u're some kinda cyborg or android which i believe will exists in the future. But not now. Not now.

Till then.

P/S : I will absofuckinglutely laugh at your religious statement. Fire at will.

Its my perspective. What's yours?
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Akulah Aqilah Itu said...


geeds said...

true indeed. they need to take a lot of things into consideration nowadays. even with less child pon anak2 masih terabai. (utk segelintir) what more if they want to expand the family.

parents need to set a very good example first. educate them with much love and belief.

gabanMorka said...

i think less children juga masalah..
parents are way too busy so they bribe their kids with ringgit which kadang2 make their kid some failed human being

RastaMat said...

apak guwa ada ramai anak..
anak2 apak guwa boleh dikira berjaya sebab takda lagi yang gagal terus dan teruk untuk hidup..

apak guwa memang tak kaya raya..
apak guwa tak reti pon nak berinternet macam orang2 "educated"..
so apak guwa tak baca tulisan lu ni..
tapi anak2 dia boleyh baca..

apak guwa punya pelajaran memang tak tinggi sebab arwah atok guwa tak mampu nak sekolahkan apak guwa sampai level tinggi..
oh ye, adik beradik apak guwa pon ramai..
tapi takda lagi yang gagal untuk hidup..

Jadi, apak guwa cuma perlukan tuhan dan usaha gigih untuk terus hidupkan anak2 dia sampai hari ni..
dan apak guwa sangat hebat sebenarnya..

untuk situasi ni, kualiti yang apak guwa ada, melebihi kuantiti yang dia ada..


CONNIE said...

Tak setuju.


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