Saturday, May 14, 2011

Smokey Agenda

I am an avid smoker. I don't wanna remember when and how i started smoking coz it was not kewl at all and i do regret it. God knows how many savings i could have in the commercial banks if and only if i am not smoking and have stash all teh Ringgit Malaysia in it. Fuck, i bet i can buy a second hand car out of it. A satria perhaps? Lulz~

Its been 4 long days without the nicotine in my body. I just wanna write a journal on how i feel and how the body reacts towards zero nicotine in the body.

From 1 pack of 20 sticks per day, to 5 sticks per day and slowly i am just experimenting myself on not to consume the nicotine. Its hard. Coz almost all my homeboy is smoking. The only person not smoking in my circle is the people i meet the least. So, u know how hard it is not to smoke when all your pals enjoying every puff of nicotine thru their lungs.

The last time i try to quit smoking, it only lasts for a week, top. The effort to quit smoking? Uncountable. 

The body will feel uneasy at its pace everytime it is lack of nicotine. You'll feel like walking around and getting a good reason to move. U will eventually stay down and calm the fuck down only if you got the nicotine intake into the body. Which, is the most appalling reason why people does not succeed in quitting smoking.

I can now breath easily without the urge to suck the oxygen furiously everyday. The mucus is liquidating and i am always clearing my throats, most of the time.

Any thoughts, movies, scene, conversation and anything that is related to smoking is a very dangerous subject to talk about. Since it makes me wanna get a pack of nicotine in an instant. The scene of the bloke having his puff of nicotine in the movie does influence me to have a puff to. Thats situation sucks, terribly.

But any situation that makes me sad, mad, furious and any depression will also lead me into getting my nicotine packs. Its not an easy tasks. Anybody who never have smoke will not know how hard it is to quit smoking. If you have friends or relatives or family who wants to quit smoking, help them in anyway you can. Morally, they need it fucken much. Thats where the spirit came from.

Positive side of the story
Now, i don't have to think of spending 10 freaking bucks everytime i wanna smoke, Which is giving me a space to pamper myself with things i want.

The thought of being a social smoker is winding in my mind. Its not a bad thing, being a social smoker. Its better than being an avid smoker, aint it? I'm afraid that i'mma start smoking again since i am planning on spending my time with my pals out of the hometown.

I need tons of chewing gum to keep my mouth busy all the time. I've been chewing that shit up since the 1st and the 2nd days. 3rd and the 4th day come in handy. I eat a lot. But since my metabolism rate is high, that never bothers me at all. I chew those chewing gum when i'm bored.

I'mma update moar on this shit. If and only if i cracked myself to really stop from being the slave of nicotine. Ciaozie...


delarocha said...

memang sukar untuk berhentu merokok.

dinasihatkan, jangan mula.

tapi ramai yang dah terlambat kan.

intan.maisarah said...

baru tahu, mengapa seorang perokok yang mahu berhenti merokok memerlukan chewing gum..

susah kan mahu membuang tabiat yang sudah biasa kita buat..

selamat maju jaya :)

maCy said...

do quit smoking. cz we loves u. keh2

Faiz Tapit said...

4 days? kau hebat

Sca Ndx said...

aku bukan smoker.
tapi memang susah nak behenti kan?

bpak aku try tak jadi
kawan aku kejap je.

lama2 merokok balik.

cuba tak beli rokok pun,
mesti paw rokok orang.

try nicottine gum lah
macam dalam tv.. hheehe

Anonymous said...

ayah aku isap rokok sejak zaman pop yeyeh lagi then bila balik haji thun 2004, dia try brenti rokok. apa2 yg kita nak buat sebenarnya kena mintak kekuatan dr Allah. it may sound 'poyo' to 'kewl-lah sgt' people, but really, semua kekuatan itu dtgnya dr Allah.

dulu, pagi2 nak g sekolah msti banyak gula2 atas dashboard, hoiii it's nice bila salam dgn dia bila tangan tak bau rokok.

goodluck. tp papehal pun, aku masih tak suka kau.

RastaMat said...


benda penting yang lu kene tau..
biler dah stop, jangan gatal nak amek lagi pasal nanti lu jadik lagi kuat nafsu nak merokok..

selalunya lu tengok ada orang yang boley layan 20 sampai 30 batang sehari, lu cuba tanya dia..

mesti dia cakap, dulu pernah cuba nak stop, pastu start balik then jadik lagi terok..

yang terbaek brader!!!

Anonymous said...

smyg kna ckop la..

elven said...

bro, nicotine gum?

Anonymous said...

tetibe plak semayang nak nak selit kat sini.
berdakwah berpada-padalah bro.

and to you helly, kalau nak bersosial dengan orang perokok tak semestinya kita puff sekali.

kalau kita datang tak bawak rokok, xkan la dia nak offer kita smoke sama2.

Unless dia kaya rabak, atau beli smokes tahap gudang garam je. LOLOLOL


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