Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am still in my early phase of life. I am searching for the path. The right path. I have questions. Tons of questions that only god can answer. Humans, mere humans can't answer me. I don't wanna get drunk or get high like a fucking lunatic just to get my answer, though that's what i always had in my mind.

I am still searching. Clueless. I don't know what the future will provide me with. I just hope that the future is not mean to me. I hope so. Since i am acting nice to it with these monotonous writing on this piece of keyboard. Dear future, please be good to me or i'll fuck you right in front of you.

In the quest of searching for myself, trouble is always my best friend. He was always there for me. Thanks trouble, you're my bestfriend.

So, to end this stupid posts quickly, i demand myself to go for myself. Since my storyline is all about myself. Yeah, me. Why? Because i will fall down and get up high in the sky all alone. Yup. All alone. Since i was born alone from my mother's womb, and i have no such identical brother or sister out of it, unless my other siblings that came out from the exact same place. So, i believe i am going to die alone too, in my own grave. I hope i'd get my own grave. I don't wanna share my tomb with you. Not you. Yes you. I want my own grave to sleep forever with those animals that live underground. In the end i'll be living with them. My body. Dead body.

My soul? Don't tell me where my soul is. I sold my soul to the devil. I have made a pact. Let them devil take care of my soul. I don't wanna know anything about that afterward. Since i am no longer a living human being and idgaf about what happened next. (denial)

I've had enough of this world when i type this on the exact time, date and condition. (frustrated, i guess)

See, all the questions i had in my mind is not answerable to petty human like you and me. We're all pathetic. We're all just a bunch of actors, dolls, puppet, u name it in this world. God have the answer. You don't. You sir, are just like me. Don't matter how intelligent u are or how gifted u are. You are just like me.

We're all just his royal entertainment. We fight, he laugh. Out, loud.
The only invisibility is we can't see him laughing at us. He can kill millions of us in a glitch. In a blink of a wink.
Thats how funny the story goes. There's thousands other version of story to entertain him. He knows how and why. We don't.

So, as an avid sinner, i will live my life like i always do just to entertain him and myself meticulously.
Fuck the universe. Fuck you. Fuck everybody.

Coz in the end its not u and me. It's me and him.
The puppetmaster is watching. Make the right move or he'll be laughing like nuts to you people.


See, i don't even remember when i wrote this bullshit. Maybe i did write this post when my head is all over the place. Maybe that is why i can't remember some fortunate and unfortunate events in my life. Thats sad.

Monday, June 27, 2011


So, tell me something i don't know.
Is that a tights or legging or both?
I love it when u tell me i'm wrong. Because i will fix it, or prove that i'm right.
This post is right! HAHAHA!
Sue me bitch!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dear Lover

Dear lover,

I love you because i love you.

I didn't love you because i'm trying to be the douchebag who loves saying the sentence of "let the best man win"

I'm not trying to win the situation, i'm trying to win you.

Sincerity comes straight deep within my heart. Not within my lips, nor my fingers that running around on the keyboard.

                                                                      Sincerely, Your Lover

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Of Lelaki Dan 5 Ego Mereka

Fyi, lelaki pun selalu rasa insecure. Insecure dengan keadaan sekeliling. Sebenarnya lelaki pun ada rasa insecure. Jangan ingat perempuan je ada rasa insecure n paranoid dengan berat badan depa. Style tak gemuk tapi mengaku gemuk. Lempang seko2 tau la.

Lelaki selalu rasa insecure bila tengok lelaki lain lagi2 bila lelaki lain tu lagi hensem macho kaya (duit mak bapak) etc etc.
So lelaki juga akan bersaing untuk dapat tempat dekat perempuan. Perempuan ni memang materialistik. No money no talk. Benda ni memang sejak azali berlaku. And it happens globally.

Gwa nak kecikkan scope ni dalam kalangan orang melayu.
Untuk justify kote kecik depa, depa akan cuba untuk berusaha sedaya upaya untuk 'marketkan' diri mereka dengan benda lain. Ape benda lain tu? Gwa akan try bagi contoh kat bawah.

1. Machine
BMW, sportcars, harley davidson, moto2 besar and every machine yang manusia pernah cipta adalah salah satu agent catalyst untuk buat depa rasa illusioned dick depa nampak besar dekat alam nyata. Perempuan suka benda2 yang besar n nampak mewah ni (doublemeaning). Sebab tu lelaki akan cuba untuk buat ape je yang depa rasa megah and grand supaya perempuan nampak kemunculan depa dalam market yang depa nak invest.

Kalau nak sangat bandingkan self quality dengan machine2 ni, susah manusia miskin yang gentleman nak mampos untuk bertanding dengan manusia yang mempunyai machine2 ni. Jangan tanya kenapa lelaki sungguh sungguh nak buat kereta depa hensem. Tu salah satu quality or virtual dick depa dekat alam nyata. Jangan marah depa kalau depa nak tukar sport rim paling mahal, nak tukar engine paling mantop or nak facelift kereta dengan kadar mengarut. atau nak pasang ekzos yang bunyik paling celaka atas jalan. Tu salah satu benda yang depa nak buat untuk tonjolkan diri selain dari sebab minat and shit.

2. Knowledge
Kalau lu orang perasan, ramai lelaki akan cuba untuk ingat n baca trivia and general knowledge. Benda ni jugak salah satu benda paling senang untuk buat perempuan amazed. Reason? Benda ni tak memerlukan aset atau modal yang banyak. Belajar jela pandai pandai or banyak2 kan la membaca so that depa boleh impress perempuan dengan semua jenis knowledge dari yang paling merapu sampai yg paling awesome. Perempuan bimbo senang nak sangkut, sebab depa ni cantik tapi selalu akal letak dekat tetek. Tapi kalau perempuan yang betul2 appreciate and salute benda2 ni pun lagi akan impress lebih. Sebab bimbo lagi suka dekat point nombor 1 and 5. #dealwithit

3. Money
No money no talk.
No money no honey.
No money no lambchop.
Ok dah mengarut jauh sangat. Money makes the world go round. Bila lu orang banyak duit, automatically virtual dick lu orang akan nampak sebesar besar klcc sebab duit adalah alasan paling kukuh untuk seorang perempuan melekat dengan seseorang lelaki. Bagi la muka dia huduh macam tenuk ke cacat ke perangai pukimak anak haram ke, perempuan akan still sangkut dekat lelaki yang berduit (doublemeaning). So, untuk boost self esteem depa, lelaki akan cuba untuk jadik manusia yang paling berjaya dalam dunia dengan mengumpul duit paling banyak depa boleh kumpul.

4. Facelift (Metroseksual)
Jangan ingat perempuan je yang terer make up make up ni. Lelaki pun terer gak. Kau usha je mak andam yang tumbuh macam cendawan lepas hujan tu. Metroseksual ramai. Kalau nampak je lelaki yang muka flawless nak mampos tu, depa adalah golongan2 yang metroseksual jugak. But sadly, lelaki yang metroseksual selalunya gay. So, hati2 la kalau kena usha dengan lelaki macam ni, takut lepas kawin depa main depan belakang. Makan luar jangan cerita ah (doublemeaning)

5. Aset Lain
Selain dari semua point yang gwa dah keluarkan kat atas, aset aset lain macam rumah, saham, share dekat BSKL, and aset2 lain dekat bank dalam n luar negara jugak mampu mengukuhkan lagi virtual dick depa. Lagi mahsyuk, lagi bangga la depa dengan semua aset yang depa ada.

Manusia sebenarnya primate yang sifatnya sama macam haiwan2 dekat hutan tu. Contoh terdekat gorila atau orang utan. Kalau gorila, depa akan cuba bergaduh macam nak mati sebab nak impress female gorila. Lepas Menang and dapat impress female gorila tu, dapat la depa melampiaskan nafsu and reproduce. Battle of the strongest species kan? Kalau kau tak kuat memang kau kena pijak la. Lumrah alam. Pokok pun bersaing nak dapatkan cahaya matahari. Sama la macam manusia jugak. Cuma manusia cuba untuk impress orang lain (female species terutamanya) supaya depa ada dalam kelas tersendiri so that depa nampak outstanding dalam illusioned spotlight yang depa sendiri cipta. Manusia memang pandai berimaginasi. Primate paling kuat atas bumi, so far.

So, Kalau lu orang ade virtual dick selain benda2 lain yang gwa dah list kat atas dah boleh share dah dekat bawah.


Its my perspective. What's yours?
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day

I'm a guy. Its hard for a guy to show how grateful he is to another guy.
I bet u'll understand my situation if u're a guy.

Nobody knows how grateful i am to have such a supportive family.
Everybody might think i'm not listening to any blabbing my father had project to me. Nobody will believe me. Nobody trusts me. I wonder if god trusts me with what i am doing right now. Seriously.

Did you know that i still remember what my father taught me years ago. Its a simple word yet it reminds me of him. Whats the word? Its "profusely". Bleeding profusely. Yeah, i dont know how my memory serves me since i am a forgetful human being yet i still remember what my father taught me years ago. Yeah, years ago. I believe i'm still in my primary school that time. But its clear in my mind. Crystal clear. He's been teaching me english. Yeah, he's helping me with my homework. Kewl? Sort that shit out. Its uber kewl.

I don't know whats the impression i gave to my family.
I might be a dysfunctional lazy bastard who messed up every little things they've provide me with. I bet thats what they had in their mind.

I'm a black sheep. Black, black sheep.
I am sorta trouble to my family. I messed up. A lot. And i lost count on it.

But still, they're supportive to me. I don't know how to repay them. God knows how much i've sinned to them. Yeah right, I'm a sinner. You'll be shocked to know my past.

So, as a gratitude to my dear father who was always there for me no matter how high and low i am, i'll be wishing this to him.
Happy fathers day ayah. :)

I don't think he'll be reading this since he can't see clearly all the word written on the net. I don't know if he's reading this blog afterall. I don't think my family reads this. Though i know my mother used to be reading my writings on my early blogging days.

Do i need to tell u i pray for him, my father for his safety and health all the time?
Nope. i won't brag about it here. Thats TMI.

I hope he's always healthy with my mother at home.
Rest a bit will ya? Sometimes i'm worried about him since he can't stop moving here and there. He's a busy man. He had thousands of things to think of even when he's driving. Must be a tough job being a father ey?

All the best old man. I might not saying this to you in front of you. But all of this comes straight from my heart. My black darkened heart. Hey, i still have my soft spot. Some of you might be objecting me with the 'family first' phrase. But when u'll get older and matured and u can think for your own good, you'll be saying yes to my statement above.

Btw, fathers day is only a a date to remember and say thanks to them for all the good things they've contribute to you. But believe me, everyday is a fathers day. Same goes to mothers day, valentine's day and all the days that is being celebrated everyday for 365 days.

I love u dear old man. Thanks for being loyal to my mother and your children.
God bless you.


Sunday, June 19, 2011


Life's a full circle. U'll never find it happening if u never want to try something new.
Skid off the boring circle and cycle off that circle.
Something is happening and it starts with you.
All the best. The circle is yours.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

X Rated

Blog ni tak sesuai untuk dibaca oleh orang yang bawah umur, extremist agama, ahli surau, ahli syorga, mat rempit, minah rempit, dan kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya walaupun tu lah target readers gwa sebab gwa tau lu orang akan mencarut sorang2. Mencarut kan berdosa? LOL!

So, kalau rasa rasa taknak marah2 macam kena menstrual pain time period, dah boleh berhenti dah jenguk2 blog ni for your own good. Mane la tau tengah mengandung baca blog ni pastu tetiba gugur pulak. Tak boleh la nak salahkan gwa. Sebab gwa tak paksa sape2 pun baca, tapi kalu dah baca tu tak boleh buat apa lah. Serahkan pada takdir jelah. LOL! again.

Sapa sapa yang rasa dia tu maksum, or taknak fikir benda bukan bukan sebab gwa suka post benda bukan bukan yang gwa fikirkan, tak payah la baca dah. Takut lu orang tak boleh terima pendapat manusia yang liberal conservative macam gwa. Gwa punya ayat takde lapik2 dengan tisu or aluminium foil sebab gwa nak bagi pendapat mentah mentah yang terlintas dalam otak gwa.

Kalau rasa nak marah marah or nak maki maki sila lah. So far, gwa publish je comment2 maki2 sebab gwa jenis tarahal. Gwa tengah mengamalkan prinsip stoic n idgaf walaupun gwa belum lagi capai tahap stoic karma 100% yang gwa yakin ramai nak achieve. Sebab kalau nak terasa je dengan semua benda dalam dunia ni, semua orang dah bunuh diri dah sebab tak boleh terima kenyataan yang rasa dia macam siat kulit hidup2 guna pisau yang maha tajam lagi menyakitkan.


ahli syorga ke ahli neraka ke bukan bapak kau punya urusan. Kau uruskan diri sendiri sudah. Jangan banyak bunyik.

Its my perspective. What's yours?
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Friday, June 17, 2011

I Am Seriously Afraid

I'm afraid.
I'm afraid of this world.
I'm afraid of this fucking world.

Yeah, y'all should and must know that FEAR is a very powerful force to get anyone down.
And fear is overshadowing me.

I have never tell anyone that i'm personally scared of this and that because its not necessary to do so.
Maybe i just don't fucking know what i am scared of. Yeah maybe that'll answer myself.

I'm lost. In the whirlwind. I'm winding up and down. Feeling dizzy and frenzy over everything.
I am scared! Can you literally understand my situation? No? Thanks. Fuck you.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hukum Jual Kondom

The fact that condom is a necessity for every couple be it married or not untuk menggalakkan safe sex is inevitable. Condom diperlukan bagi merancang keluarga. Selain menggunakan pil2 yang perlu dimakan hari hari oleh pasangan yang dah kahwin, iaitu untuk perempuan.
Monday pills, tuesday pills, wednesday pills, thursday pills, friday pills, saturday pills and sunday pills.
Condom juga diperlukan untuk mengelakkan persenyawaan antara air mani and ovum yang mampu menghasilkan seorang bayi lahir ke dunia.

Sebenarnya apa hukum jual kondom?

1. Kalau ikut humanity point of view, ia diperlukan bagi mengelakkan persenyawaan lalu menurunkan statistik pembuangan bayi dekat tong sampah, tepi tasik, dalam tasik, tepi longkang etc etc.

2. Kalau ikut point of view lain, ia meningkatkan lagi kadar manusia beromen atas mukabumi atas sebab safe sex.


Realitinya, ramai lagi manusia yang tak berani nak beli kondom dekat seven eleven ataupun dekat drugstore atau pharmacy2 yang berdekatan.
Nak beli kondom takut, malu dengan cashier, tapi bila nak beromen tak takut tuhan pulak, meant for muslimin and muslimat sekalian alam.

Beromen nak, tapi takut mengandung itu ini pung pang pung pang tapi beli kondom pon tak berani. *Bodog + *stoopig betul manusia jenis ni.

So, muslimin and muslimat sekalian alam, apa pendapat anda?
Boleh la tanya pakar2 agama berhampiran bagi mendapatkan kepastian sebab gwa suka dengan jawapan yang penuh dengan diversity. Haha.
Jawapan atheist2 yang pakar dalam hal ehwal agama Islam pun dialu alukan. HAHAHA!

*Bodog = Bodoh anjing
*Stoopig = Bodoh macam babi

Its my perspective. What's yours?
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Minister Of Crime

All we need is a world class criminal to make a fucking big crime scene to colour our newspaper.
Thats a good thing for a good conversation too. Like that sicko acid man. He already made a name in the wanted list of malaysian police.

Did you know that journalists LOVE breaking news story to sell their paper and eventually increase their revenue in advertising?

All the ruckus made by mother earth A.K.A natural disaster is no longer a big issue, since it happened all the time, every fucking single day. U'll know if u care about your fellow citizen on earth. aite?

Don't u want to see international criminal that is born in Malaysia?
Made in Malaysia yaw!

We'll be another country that produce 1st class criminal.
Malaysia boleh!, aint it?

So, never say never.
Fuck you.


Its my perspective. What's yours?
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Fucking Environmentalists

environmental, being green, go green.

thats all a bullshit slogan made by the corporates to actually reduce and cut their spending and literally increase their revenue and eventually increase their profit! yeah, profit bitch!

can u actually realize how those sabtudays with no plastic bags will actually cut their spending on the plastic bags?

Everyone knows, we knows, you knows, they knows that someday somehow the oil will be runnin low and gone. So, to slowly educate humans to buy new products from the corporates who'll be selling hybrid cars and everything that will use solar energy on and off to accommodate our daily life once the non renewable sources is buzzing off the earth.

The act of trying to save motherfucking earth and all the effort is useless.
Petty human will believe that it will actually brings some good thing.
But the fact that they are actually useless is non debateable. Why?

Because we, the earth and all living being on earth is actually on its ways to destruction because thats how everything went off. Everything will be ruined someway somehow.

Have you seen any product that is guaranteed to last forever?
Hell no. Don't trust lies. lies are lies. They are made to deceive you.

All human can do is actually slowing the process of destruction.
Babies are born every single day with god knows what statistics on. Our daily count of death on earth
is not proportionate with the count of birth. We'll all someway somehow will produce more babies and the resource on earth will never be enough to support us all. Thats that. Thats a fact.

We can all classify ourselves like a rodent, the destructor like the mouse that destroyed all the crops. But we are destroying earth. Thats the circle. Thats the way it goes.

Human can never heal. Humans are made to destroy. We'll end up dead.

The only difference between your death and mine is either u'll be burned, buried, or left dead on the side of the road.

To environmentalists, fuck you, you never really make sense in my damn bloody mind.
To corporate companies, keep on destroying earth, all your efforts are needed to make humans realize that in life, there's an ending.
A blissfull ending nobody really have thought about.


Its my perspective. What's yours?
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Melayu Bodoh

Jangkitan melayu bodoh dah merebak exponentially dekat tanah jajahan malaysia. Lagi lagi dekat semenanjung.

Semua orang bising macam semua si bodoh yang mengaku dia bodoh.
Apehal semua nak terasa? Rasa diri tu bodoh ke? Kalau bodoh memang terasa. Kalau tak bodoh biaq pi la.

Virus assabiah memang sentiasa ada dalam diri manusia. Tapi bezanya bila kau rasa kau ada dalam kelompok tu. Rasa bodoh. kebolehan untuk rasa semua yang dunia cakapkan hanya untuk mereka dan mereka sahaja.

What the fuck wey?

Kalau kau mengaku kau bodoh kau mesti terasa dengan statement ni. Kau melayu bodoh ke?

Kalau kau rasa kau melayu bodoh, kau memang panas hati. Kalau kau rasa kau bukan melayu bodoh, kau let it slip je. Sebab kau tau kau bukan melayu bodoh. Lets say kau melayu pandai. 

Cucuk sorang semua nak terasa sama apehal? Kau takde otak ke ape?

Gah sangat dengan title melayu kau tu sampai kemelayuan kau tu membodohkan diri sendiri.

Applied to semua jenis golongan termasuk blogger, cina, india, or any groups yg ada dalam kepala hotak kau. Malas nak tulis semua sekali. Banyak sangat.

Nak tau kenapa melayu? Sebab orang melayu ramai jadi reader gwa and ramai melayu yang akan baca statement ni.

Generally, melayu memang bodoh. sapa terasa lantak la. Pandai pandai la pandaikan diri.

Belong sangat dengan group tu sampai masing2 tak guna rasionaliti nak buat keputusan. Semua pakai emosi. Kau memang bodoh sama macam group yang kau belong tu. ok dah cukup.

Its my perspective. What's yours?
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I've been thinking lately. If i sleep today and not waking up the other day and having my extraordinarily normal life like what everybody wants to. What's going to happen to me, my body, my soul, the world and everything that my brain have recorded.

Will everything feels good. Will everything be okay?

and then i stop.
i lost it.
i can't remember exactly what i wanna post here.

fuck. no exclamation marks. just fuck. yeah, fuck. numb fuck.

Its my perspective. What's yours?
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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Buang perasaan. Bedah hati. Bedah jantung. Bedah semua sekali. Tukar jadi android. Tak pun, tukar switch dekat otak. Semua ni kerja otak. Percaya lah. Ni semua kerja otak.

Hati, jantung, paru paru, dan semua objek yang dipanggil organ (kecuali otak) tak terlibat sama sekali dalam proses pembentukan perasaan.

Kalau lu terer sangat, cakap dengan gwa kat mana letaknya perasaan. Hati? Jantung? Bullshit. Tu semua metafora yang manusia cipta untuk sedapkan lagi metafora yang telah manusia cipta. Eh, bukan. Tu semua metafora yang manusia cipta untuk sedapkan lagu perasaan yang tuhan lu orang cipta. Eh. Ha, yelah. Kalau lu orang ada tuhan, maknanya, tuhan lu orang la yg cipta perasaan tu.

Perasaan ni abstrak. Macam belajar melukis. Kau campak campak and campak la ape ape warna atas kertas kanvas tu. Kalau kau ada nama, ada certification, ada peminat, ada penyembah, gwa pasti sepasti pastinya bahawa orang akan cakap itu adalah satu masterpiece yang letaknya bukan dekat mata, tapi dekat otak. See. Otak. bukan paru paru mahupun jantung.

Kalau ada peluang, sekali sekala gwa nak jugak buang perasaan tu. Tak buang pun takpe. Kalau boleh Simpan perasaan tu dalam container bila bila masa gwa suka pun takpe. So that gwa boleh express tanpa menghiraukan apa apa yang orang lain fikirkan. That bad.

Tapi tu semua idea dalam kepala hotak gwa. Sebab secara realistiknya, gwa dah buat tu semua. Banyak kali. Ye, banyak kali. Banyak kali gwa buang perasaan tu jauh jauh, macam main boomerang. Sampai satu masa gwa summon dia, dia datang balik. Buktinya? virtual dossier gwa dah buktikannya.

Sakit? Memang sakit lagi menyakitkan. Tapi nak buat macam mana? Tak semua orang faham dan mengerti kiasan yang tercipta. Tak semua mampu tafsir semua benda. So, bantai je. Straight to the point guna bahasa yang manusia biasa faham. Kadang kadang bagi bahasa yang manusia faham pun manusia susah nak faham. Kalau bagi bahasa yang manusia susah nak faham lagi la manusia tak faham. Generally, tak semua manusia ada otak macam gwa, lu, dan mereka.

Selalunya, manusia kena jadi robot. Sebab manusia tak mampu jadik hamba perasaan. Gwa sure lu orang semua tak boleh puaskan hati semua orang. Sebab tu manusia kena belajar jadi robot.

Robot mane pernah menangis. Kau pernah nampak jet pejuang amerika yang bom baghdad menangis lepas muntahkan bom? Tak kan?

So, itulah nilai nilai murni yang seekor robot mampu tujah dalam kepala hotak kita. Transformers? Tu semua cerita bohong. Mana mungkin robot ada perasaan. Lain la kalau dia cyborg. Separa manusia separa robot. Robocop? tu semua komik. Jangan percaya. Sia sia je hidup kau kena tipu kalau kau percaya. Buat bebal otak je.

Stoic. IDGAF.
tapi masalahnya setiap kali siapa siapa sebut idgaf, dia dah give a fuck in the first place. FUCK!

Its my perspective. What's yours?
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Friday, June 3, 2011


"Let me tell something u prolly don't know. I'm not here to entertain you. I'm here to entertain myself."

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ini Serius

Gwa manusia yang serius. Sumpah serius. Salah satu sebab gwa follow blog serius keluaran obe adalah disebabkan keseriusan yang tertulis dekat url blog tu.

Tapi kalau lu kenal gwa, lu rasa gwa takde la serius mane.

Tapi kalau gwa rasa nak buat jahat, gwa serius. Kau gila? Nak buat jahat kena serius. Tak boleh main-main. Kalau tak serius, lepastu kena tangkap kan naya? Sebab tu gwa serius kalau buat jahat.

Contoh buat jahat, bagi gwa ialah bukan rembat barang. Gwa tak suka rembat barang orang. Tak serius langsung main rembat rembat barang orang ni. Lu orang suka ke barang kena rembat? Tak kan?

Karma suka kat gwa tahu? Dari kecik sampai besar dia nak hook up dengan gwa, tapi gwa cakap "thanks, but no thanks"

Serius gwa cakap macam tu dekat karma. Tapi dia still ikut gwa mane2 gwa pergi. Rasa menyampah ada jugak, masalahnya dia memang macam tu. Kalau la karma ni ada jasad, sumpah gwa kerat lapan belas, tanam belakang rumah lu orang.

Ape nak jadik, jadik!

Ni namanya penulisan freeflow. Kau tulis je ape yang otak kau tangkap. Sekarang ni gwa rasa macam nak hisap lucky strike yang xde filter tu. Gwa rasa lucky strike asap dia lembut gila. Mungkin kau tak suka tapi aku suka. Tapi mahal. Kalau kau tolong belikan, aku hisap dengan cermat. Serius la. Kau ingat aku main main ke? Tak baca tajuk ke hah?

Ok dah.
Esok esok gwa kembali serius. Not today. Gwa xrasa nak serius sangat harini. Sebab kalau dah semua benda nak serius, tak sampai umur kau 30 taun lagi muka kau dah macam celaka dah. Sebabnya? Sebab kurang senyum tau?


oh, kalau lu orang perasan gwa lupa nak letak ape benda jahat yang sepatutnya gwa letak. Tapi gwa rasa biar gwa sorang jelah tau ape benda jahat yg gwa buat. Ape ingat kewl ke mengaku buat jahat itu ini? Tak kewl langsung tahu?

WHAT??!! dah bulan enam dah ke? fuck. apesal gwa xperasan? Kalau gwa masih kat sekolah konfirm gwa sedar dah bulan enam. Sebab kena paksa tulis tarikh dekat atas buku belah kanan sana. heh~

Its my perspective. What's yours?
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