Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day

I'm a guy. Its hard for a guy to show how grateful he is to another guy.
I bet u'll understand my situation if u're a guy.

Nobody knows how grateful i am to have such a supportive family.
Everybody might think i'm not listening to any blabbing my father had project to me. Nobody will believe me. Nobody trusts me. I wonder if god trusts me with what i am doing right now. Seriously.

Did you know that i still remember what my father taught me years ago. Its a simple word yet it reminds me of him. Whats the word? Its "profusely". Bleeding profusely. Yeah, i dont know how my memory serves me since i am a forgetful human being yet i still remember what my father taught me years ago. Yeah, years ago. I believe i'm still in my primary school that time. But its clear in my mind. Crystal clear. He's been teaching me english. Yeah, he's helping me with my homework. Kewl? Sort that shit out. Its uber kewl.

I don't know whats the impression i gave to my family.
I might be a dysfunctional lazy bastard who messed up every little things they've provide me with. I bet thats what they had in their mind.

I'm a black sheep. Black, black sheep.
I am sorta trouble to my family. I messed up. A lot. And i lost count on it.

But still, they're supportive to me. I don't know how to repay them. God knows how much i've sinned to them. Yeah right, I'm a sinner. You'll be shocked to know my past.

So, as a gratitude to my dear father who was always there for me no matter how high and low i am, i'll be wishing this to him.
Happy fathers day ayah. :)

I don't think he'll be reading this since he can't see clearly all the word written on the net. I don't know if he's reading this blog afterall. I don't think my family reads this. Though i know my mother used to be reading my writings on my early blogging days.

Do i need to tell u i pray for him, my father for his safety and health all the time?
Nope. i won't brag about it here. Thats TMI.

I hope he's always healthy with my mother at home.
Rest a bit will ya? Sometimes i'm worried about him since he can't stop moving here and there. He's a busy man. He had thousands of things to think of even when he's driving. Must be a tough job being a father ey?

All the best old man. I might not saying this to you in front of you. But all of this comes straight from my heart. My black darkened heart. Hey, i still have my soft spot. Some of you might be objecting me with the 'family first' phrase. But when u'll get older and matured and u can think for your own good, you'll be saying yes to my statement above.

Btw, fathers day is only a a date to remember and say thanks to them for all the good things they've contribute to you. But believe me, everyday is a fathers day. Same goes to mothers day, valentine's day and all the days that is being celebrated everyday for 365 days.

I love u dear old man. Thanks for being loyal to my mother and your children.
God bless you.



kurosagi said...

bapak gua sempoi~ dia cakap "ko buat ape yg ko nk, ko jadi la ape yg ko nak~ yg penting, jgn susahkan aku je"

atreyu strange said...

Good to know that you have a good dad and you appreciate him although I know, you're giving them what we call the "tough love".

I wish I could say the same about mine. I wish...

Anonymous said...

haha.kau buat aku menangis.-syahir

Akim Iqbal said...

woha ! :)

shinobee46 said...

Happy Father's Day.

wahi said...


GuavaTheBuaya said...

Awww say hi to ibu and ayah. Wishing you and the rest all happiness and may god bless y'll.

Faiz Tapit said...


zey said...

touch my heart, helly~

za said...

nice ooooooooooooooooooooo


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