Friday, June 17, 2011

I Am Seriously Afraid

I'm afraid.
I'm afraid of this world.
I'm afraid of this fucking world.

Yeah, y'all should and must know that FEAR is a very powerful force to get anyone down.
And fear is overshadowing me.

I have never tell anyone that i'm personally scared of this and that because its not necessary to do so.
Maybe i just don't fucking know what i am scared of. Yeah maybe that'll answer myself.

I'm lost. In the whirlwind. I'm winding up and down. Feeling dizzy and frenzy over everything.
I am scared! Can you literally understand my situation? No? Thanks. Fuck you.


Akim Iqbal said...

takut mat adalah yang terbaik. kbai.

Frodo Baggins said...

Helly, dah sampai masanya kita main catur sampai mamposs! hahahha ... ok x nih?? menten kewl maa mcm benten! haha


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