Monday, June 27, 2011


So, tell me something i don't know.
Is that a tights or legging or both?
I love it when u tell me i'm wrong. Because i will fix it, or prove that i'm right.
This post is right! HAHAHA!
Sue me bitch!



Amir said...

i only see those legs :D

maCy said...


Jerry Ghazali said...

macam berbogel jer bila pompuan pakai legging sebab sendat sangat sampai nampak bentuk dari bawah pusat hingga atas buku lali.

setakat ini aku belum pernah nampak lagi cetakan cameltoe dari pompuan yang pakai legging. kau pernah? kau kan observer. hehe.

Fiq Vertigo said...

tight pakai sampai peha.

legging penuh sampai ke ankle.

xanax said...

I am not real fantastic with English but I come up this real leisurely to interpret.

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