Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am still in my early phase of life. I am searching for the path. The right path. I have questions. Tons of questions that only god can answer. Humans, mere humans can't answer me. I don't wanna get drunk or get high like a fucking lunatic just to get my answer, though that's what i always had in my mind.

I am still searching. Clueless. I don't know what the future will provide me with. I just hope that the future is not mean to me. I hope so. Since i am acting nice to it with these monotonous writing on this piece of keyboard. Dear future, please be good to me or i'll fuck you right in front of you.

In the quest of searching for myself, trouble is always my best friend. He was always there for me. Thanks trouble, you're my bestfriend.

So, to end this stupid posts quickly, i demand myself to go for myself. Since my storyline is all about myself. Yeah, me. Why? Because i will fall down and get up high in the sky all alone. Yup. All alone. Since i was born alone from my mother's womb, and i have no such identical brother or sister out of it, unless my other siblings that came out from the exact same place. So, i believe i am going to die alone too, in my own grave. I hope i'd get my own grave. I don't wanna share my tomb with you. Not you. Yes you. I want my own grave to sleep forever with those animals that live underground. In the end i'll be living with them. My body. Dead body.

My soul? Don't tell me where my soul is. I sold my soul to the devil. I have made a pact. Let them devil take care of my soul. I don't wanna know anything about that afterward. Since i am no longer a living human being and idgaf about what happened next. (denial)

I've had enough of this world when i type this on the exact time, date and condition. (frustrated, i guess)

See, all the questions i had in my mind is not answerable to petty human like you and me. We're all pathetic. We're all just a bunch of actors, dolls, puppet, u name it in this world. God have the answer. You don't. You sir, are just like me. Don't matter how intelligent u are or how gifted u are. You are just like me.

We're all just his royal entertainment. We fight, he laugh. Out, loud.
The only invisibility is we can't see him laughing at us. He can kill millions of us in a glitch. In a blink of a wink.
Thats how funny the story goes. There's thousands other version of story to entertain him. He knows how and why. We don't.

So, as an avid sinner, i will live my life like i always do just to entertain him and myself meticulously.
Fuck the universe. Fuck you. Fuck everybody.

Coz in the end its not u and me. It's me and him.
The puppetmaster is watching. Make the right move or he'll be laughing like nuts to you people.


See, i don't even remember when i wrote this bullshit. Maybe i did write this post when my head is all over the place. Maybe that is why i can't remember some fortunate and unfortunate events in my life. Thats sad.


fingerkontot said...

if your future acts very kind to you, in the end, your life doesn't paint in rainbow color. you'll regret it.

aku pun tgh lost juga ni.

zey said...

ni kenapa ni? down gila je bunyik nya...~

Anonymous said...

oh, come on.. life is not that bad.. juz follow the flow, u'll find it.somewhere.


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