Monday, July 4, 2011


I am training myself to catch any glimpse of dream i've had everytime i'm sleeping. IDK y i did this.
I just wanna make sure all the dreams i had being fully understandable.
You know what i hate about dream?
The secret of why i'm there in the first place and the reason why i'm in the middle of it.
Oh, another thing. idk y people forget everything about what they've been dreaming although its been quite a shot
or the dream is quite amazing to enjoy or at least to memorize.

I just wanna understand what the hell exactly my mind is telling me when i'm in my subconscious state of mind.
Funny how Inception becomes a story and them dreamers make the dream a game. A place to play.
Fuck! everyone wants to be in the dream if and only if it'd be as real as the real world.

If i can at least capture the moment of dreaming and try to interpret by myself the reason why i'm dreaming all of
that stuff, it'll be a pleasant surprise to me. I know you hate it when u can't remember any single detail about
what u've been dreaming. Especially the dreams that make you jizz in your pants. I know. I'm a guy too. Lulz~

Whats the catch?
When u woke up from the sleep that takes you into the dreamland,
keep thinking about it. Keep thinking about it and try to jot the shit down on anything u had. That'd help.
Thats the twist.

I hope i can enjoy every single moment of dreaming so that it will inspire me to do anything.
Anything at all.

I wonder if there's any people in the world, book authors, who's been writing about what they've been dreaming on when
they're asleep. The story must've be super nice and full of fantasy shit. Since its a fiction.

But i bet its full of excitement. WHY?
Because i believe i can do anything i want everytime i'm dreaming.

Don't worry. I still had my feet on the ground.
I'm still alive n banging my head on the concrete wall is painful.

Its my perspective. What's yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~

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Azri the Accelerator said...


Good and fun when in the middle.
Sucks when its ends.


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