Monday, July 11, 2011


1. If you think being in a relationship is all about being happy for every second in your life. Think again.

2. If you think being in a relationship is a warranty to a life full of sunshine and rainbow and wonderful colours, u might wanna revise your thought. There's always black, white and grey to stumble upon.

3. If you hope everythings gonna be all right with your relationship, well, stop hoping and stop dreaming. Get real.

4. If you think having someone special in you life in your relationship will kick out the emptiness and loneliness u've been facing all these years living in this world, well thats not exactly true and a valid reason to start a relationship.

5. If you think relationships is all about smiling throughout your whole seconds of life, thats overrated

6. If you think loving someone with all your heart is enough, well thats not enough. There'll be mouth to feed and super-complicated things to settle.

7. If you think having that someone will complete your life and kill the misery, that'll kill you in the end.

8. If you think being in a relationship is a game, its a game over.

9. If you think he/she's the one for you, have u seen the future yet? I believe its a No.

10. If you think this is all about you sitting on the center of the universe with all the spotlight on you, you're hallucinating. Eat less shrooms and more healthy food yarh. I know you need it.

Do not get deceived by the happiness and colours that the commercials and capitalists have fed to your eyes. If and only if happiness is an absolute reason why love exists, there'll be no misery in this world.

Told ja, love is overrated.

Its my perspective. What's yours?
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Breakeven said...


Breakeven said...


:DiDa: said...

phew...absolutely cool...damn! hahaha

frogprincesz said...

if YOU think that being in a relationship is all sadness and hardships...i think you're just totally messed up..haha..

Emily Manson said...

it seems like you dont believe in love

Hellioz said...

my point is, ladies and gentlemen is,

love is not a pass to heaven.
love is not all about the beauty of love.

there's hardships in love but some people think the otherwise.

read between the lines.

Anonymous said...

true, true,

Ze Bent Penzel said...

true helly.
some people think that when the love has encountered a setback, a problem, or a fight, that they think the love has ended and it's time to find a new one.
but no, problems are a part of love. they let you grow and learn everyday.


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