Friday, July 1, 2011

This Is How God Sinned

This Is How God Sinned, in a mere humans perspective.

Remember a story When A prophet was given a supernatural power of seeing the future?
Yes? no?

So, here's the story.
His disciple was being asked to go to his sifu to learn this secret technique from him. What he have got to learn?
He have to learn about that technique of seeing the future. Maybe so that he could foresee any mischievous from happening.

So, this disciple of him was given 3 chances. He can't ask anything throughout the learning process or the sifu will not teach him anymore.
In the process of teaching the disciple, the sifu have killed somebody, a baby if i was not mistaken. He can see that baby being a fucking
liability to mother earth for being so villain and vain and list every bad things that crossed your mind.

So, we can kill just anybody if we can see that someone growing up be a bad guy?

Isn't it just cruel to kill anybody just like that? So, he doesn't have any chance to live in this petty life to actually live his life?
If and only if god is a human, surely thats a big sin to humanity. Life's not a commodity u can trade. Life's as precious as u can eat
pigs and drink booze to continue on living if u're muslim in a critical condition. Aint it?

As cruel as anyone can be, thats just cruel.

But yeah, he's a God for fuck sake. Everybody just slip it away since everybody will say he can do anything he wants to since he was the one who creates
every living being in this world. Yeah, slip away.

No loophole.
No crime
No justice
No justification

Just him and whatever he can and will do just to please himself.

You'll only be looking on the good side of the story of why he's legalizing the killing of an innocent baby who might grow up becoming the
most wanted person on earth, but why don't he just take that baby and try to raise him in a good manner. Things might change.

So, if killings
is legalized, we should just kill all the inmates and all the juvenile eyh?
Since none of the or very little percentage of them will turn out to be the good guy on the streets. Who knows?
Yeah again u'll be saying this "god knows"
Yeah yeah.

You can just leave the world like that and tell everybody "god knows" and get the fcuk off. Easy aint it?
"god knows"

Yeah, God knows when i will kill you with that sentence someday somehow.


Well, hello July. How are you doin' mate?

Its my perspective. What's yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~


bujal X said...

*pegang popcorn.menunggu tayangan.

Irshadim said...

I've thought of that too. Whatever it is, the power to see the future is can't beat Prof Xavier's ability to control one's mind.

Anonymous said...

maybe i dun get the point yet,but...are u blaming the god ryte now..?

Azri the Accelerator said...

there is no alternate future.gwahaha.

Anonymous said...

well, it's god, you will never know what is on the god's mind

asipo said...

god create ferrum and human kill each other by making it as a bullet

talkIZcheap! said...

Come to think of it, maybe the true teaching is that, the power to see the future, which so many of us crave it (like we always hear someone, somewhere said, "If only I know...", even a prophet himself (you referring to the Moses story...), is actually wasn't a good thing!

That's why human kind wasn't given that 'gift' at the first place...

Nabi Khidir maybe served as an example of what if we get what we want, in this case, the ability to see the future... It will become a chaos in our morality code itself, as you had actually pointed out in this entry..

Well, maybe, just maybe.. who knows, rite?

Maybe God knows... :p

Anonymous said...

Its funny, crazy and at the same time very sad that the human race is still so dependent on a fairy tale to explain our existence.


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