Friday, August 19, 2011

Adam And Eve Fucked Up Edition

U know why life’s a circle?
Let me tell u a story.

And the story goes like this.

Once upon a time, adam and eve was living happily at heaven for I don’t know how long coz it was not important to me the least.

After adam was built, god wants the devil to bow upon the human which the devil think was in lower caste than him, which is fire.  So, devil refuse to bow or something like that to human since they are fire, and they think they are more special than us, the dirt. And so, the devil was banished to the earth because of their stubborn-ness for not following the order from god.

This is the  level I created in my mind since I was too lazy to make more research on this shit. There is

God – no creatures know what he’s made up of.
Angels – made from light
Human – made from the dirt, the soil.
Devil – made from fire
And last but not least,
Animals – I don’t know what they’re made up of. Lol

Before the devil was banished to earth, they sworn to keep on influencing human with their decision making till the day they die. Which eventually told us that in each and every human choice and results, we will always be influenced by the devil. That’s why human can never be a best judge because of the reasons given above.
Starting point is when the devil was banished to earth.

The devil can still afford to influence adam and eve from far using their telephatic ability.
There’s this tree and its stupid fruit that made us all living in this hellhole called the earth.
The devil influenced eve to persuade adam into plucking that stupid fruit from that stupid tree. God have already told them human to get the fuck out from the tree or they’ll be punished, to be banished to earth too.
U know how women can influence everything with their ability to persuade shit and stuff. Adam then pluck the fruit and they ate them together.

I don’t know if this is a fact or another make up story but now men had adam’s apple on our throat and ladies had that beautiful twin boobies on their chest.

Which conjure me to think that eve V 1.0 is uglier than eve V 2.0 since eve version 2.0 had that boobies on their chest and that’s one of their assets. Normal man love boobies. We sure do.

But the fact that we’re all banished to earth is the prove that life is a circle.
There’s no safe place anywhere in the world not even on heaven since that stupid tree was soiled on heaven.

We live, we breath, we did good or bad things, We die. We’ll end up either on heaven or hell. And in hell u stay. Exception to muslim, u’ll be granted a pardon and get the hell out of the hell and stays in heaven.  In heaven you still have the possibilities to be banished because u might someway somehow end up wanting to eat that stupid fruit from that stupid tree.

I do have the urge and curiousity to eat that fruit. Don’t blame me. I’m just a human. A curious one.

Is this the flaw? Is this the loophole? Are there such trees on heaven? And if it is, then, we’ll all prolly end up living on earth for the rest of our life since that’s the circle I see.

Fucked up ey?
Yeah, my mind is currently fucked up, the day I wrote this shit.
Let’s discuss this shit down below. #serbanistas are welcomed.

But please, answer my question, don’t preach me like u’ll surely end up fucking and snogging with all those beautiful angels in heaven.

11.03 P.M 18/8/2011


Ampuan Awang said...

Sabar, sahabat ...

aLepfugazi said...


Anonymous said...

hahaha..dude, u;re fucked up...

Anonymous said...

lol..seriously u r dat fucked up? no loophole la. the tree was merely a test.

han said...

i heard about men having adam's throat but never about women having boobies because of the fruit. i heard that women menstruate because of it though.

we'll never know for sure huh.

yui92 said...

sometimes there are questions better left unanswered...

kau tahu pasal syaitan berusaha menyesatkan manusia.. antara cara syaitan menyesatkan manusia ialah dengan membisik2kan persoalan begini..

aku doakan ada orang mampu bagi kau jawapan yg kau harap.. sori sbb xjawab soalan dan menyemak je kat sini =p=p=p

Anonymous said...

i think theres a difference between satan and devil, and i thought its satan who influenced eve?

in my dicktionary (typo disengajakan)

Satan = Setan

Devil = Iblis (which is ex-angel)

Anonymous said...

"God – no creatures know what he’s made up of."

Every creation has its own creator. God is not a creation. So He doen't have Creator. That's why He's God.

you got the issues bro. serbanistans means what? people who come up Quran and hadith when they want to advise you and claiming they're just hypocrites?

we're unable to acknowledge what's on their mind and heart bro, so how can we judge them? Only God can. so just appreciate their reminders, not digging up their flawless. You feel annoying when they give you verses from Quran or hadith, it's actually from God.

chekodok said...

aku pernah fikir macam kau fikir, dulu.

Anonymous said...

mind blowing


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