Thursday, August 4, 2011

Individualism Mismatch

Have u ever heard of the advice that wants you to keep doing something for yourself and u did it but then someone else told you that you are being selfish because you never think of the others?

Slimy words like that makes you go saying "yes, do it for your own self" in front of the mirror and look good and feel good about it.

This is individualism and it should work for everybody since u are on your own no matter what happens since it's "you" is the subject that matters.

I'd love to go around and do everything for myself and be proud of it because i did it for myself. More accurately i am not trying to impress anybody with what i'm doing but its for myself, my own good. To make me proud of myself, that is.

I'd also love to be ignorant and never cares with what other people had in my mind as long as i knew what i am doing and hope it wont bother anyone else in my life. Thats more to life since it is always "you" we've been talking about here. Imply 'stoic' in that box of context.

But all and all, we just can't. I can't. You can't. Because we all live not all alone in this world full of high and low, dark and bright world full of sensitive people who always think its for them and them only.

See, people, everybody, me, you, them, the society is selfish. They consume themselves for themselves. Have all the people in this world ever think of us? By Us i mean your own self. You, individually.

Being caring have its own faulty consequences since not everybody will think twice on why we did something in the first place. That is someway somehow sucks.

But then i found out that we just have to put all of that thing together at the right place at the right time to ensure a good balance of life.

Since thinking only about you and yourself will be considered selfish and thinking aout everybody else is mischievous since we didn't try to put our own self at the first sight. Being caring is too much when you have no idea whats best for you right in the first place.

So, i'll stick on doing whats best for myself 'first' before letting any other stupid or non stupid option kill me in my way on doing whats best for me.



aiko kato said...

agreed!!put ur self first then other people..ya..ppl might called u selfish but come on, who cares??at the end of the day, it is us who shud bear all the consequences, but u said, sometimes mayb we hav to tolerate with other ppl.
toleransi itu penting, but it all depends on situation..;)

Ms. Dyla Qistina said...

what u said and share here is true. it's not like sometimes but there are lots of time the expectations of others make us feel uneasy or sometimes not able to choose what is best for us.

if we are in the same shoe or situation, i will choose to put myself head up, and will care for them only if they too care for me.

love ur entry. have a nice day!


oda narwida said...

you're so right and i just love it, reading things that is hard for me to explain it in a detail writing. it is depressing aite, to both fulfil yourself wants n needs, and everyone else's wants and needs. i got that


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