Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Everybody’s  been searching in their whole life. Searching for the right thing for themselves to be with. To embrace. To feel satisfied. To feed the hunger in them. To actually fulfill their endless wants and needs.

Searching for religion. Searching for god. Searching for the right girl. Searching for the right house, the right phones, the right friends, the right everything they think is right for them. To eventually feed their lust.

And finally, I’ve found the right answer for the right situation I’ve been watching and experiencing.

Its been written all over these blog I’ve been reading for the past 6 months.

Read this or u’ll miss the reason why I wrote this whole shit up

After u read the whole shit, u can go back to your perfect little life. Or try to realize that your emotion is lack of rational judgement.  You choose. You fuckin’ choose.

But hey, the right thing wouldn't always fit you most of the times. The fact that human is not a puzzle is intricating yet mind challenging because everybody wants to find the right person to complete the loop they had in them.


Kitab Terfaktab #1

Maybe tak ramai tau gwa tulis dekat terfaktab.
Mungkin sebab gwa tak pulun letak link dekat every entry yang gwa tulis kat sana sebab genre blog ni dengan terfaktab berbeza. Bagai langit dan bumi. Kat sini hardkor tetibe tulis kat terfaktab tulis pasal hal ehwal relationship. yucks. LOL~

Ah, hardkor tak hardkor kat sana gwa tulis hardkor hardkor gak. peduli apa gwa tu blog genre ape. Janji gwa puas hati.

Untuk Perhatian anda semua, gwa secara langsung terlibat dalam penulisan kitab terfaktab edisi pertama yang bakal dilancaukan, eh? Dilancarkan di Uya Distro 1 October 2011. Tapi dah start jual awal dah kat event astro @ stadium merdeka. 17 septermber. Nak tau apekejadahnya semua ini? Beli, then baca.

So, kalau nak dapatkan early copy boleh la beli kat event tu. Tak pun kalau malas buat je pre order. Setel.
Kalau rasa explanation gwa ni mcm haram je tak paham pi klik ni hah. depa terang panjang lebar kat sana.

Selamat membaca.


Friday, September 9, 2011


I used to be a teenager who wants to be a psychiatrists. Check
But when I grow older, than just a teenager.  I still believe I can be a psychiatrists.

But the only barrier of becoming a psychiatrists is, my poor performance in core science.  I was kinda good with biology but physics and chemistry fuck the hell out of me.

No, all of the statements above is not the reason why  I am writing all of these bullshits.
I found out that writing is a therapy. The same to cursing, tweeting, screaming, singing, vandalizing and tons of other self-therapeutic session I’ve been conducting to myself all of these years I lived.

I am a very patient human being. The cons of being a patient guy like me is I rarely get angry with everything, and I cool off as fast as the iceberg touch the very core of the heat, deep inside my mind.

If and only if it seems like I am angry, I’m not angry at all. Most probably I’m just annoyed. That’s all.

So, I have problems with telling people all the shits I’ve been through. The bad moments mostly because most of the subjugated problems I’ve gone through was always been used as the pinhead on me. I know, nobody likes it when their attitude or confession of any subject that they’ve utter becomes the analytical ways that’ll eventually kill themselves off the hook. It’s just plain stupid and useless. Maybe that’s why I stopped story telling shits to anyone even to my close relatives n friends.

I find it hard when people rarely trying to understand and start telling me I am all the problem that I had. It just sounds wrong and I can’t take it in a chunk of poisonous meal on my throat.

I should call or perhaps telling u I’m sorry personally because i never mean to hurt you

Fuck it.

The thing is, we all need a stranger or anyone we knows to listen to all of our problem.
Maybe that’s why wimmenz never really wants any of our solution whenever they’re sharing their problems with us, guys.

But sometimes I can’t help but to question them. Why on earth would u share your problems with us if u don’t even want to solve them or at least consider our solution to you.

I think, I just think, if you, wimmenz out there don’t want us, guys, to help solving ur problems, just say it out loud in the first place so that we can stop trying to find a solution for you and we can continue listening attentively to you consecutively understands your situation and be a good listener by lending our ears to you.

The thing is, do i need a psychiatrists?


Thursday, September 8, 2011


I wanted to be so rich so much that I forget the values i should have been enjoyed in life.
I don’t wanna grow up being an old man who’d be regretting my action when I was young. But that’s life. We’ll someway somehow end up regretting almost everything we did in our life. The only difference it’d make is how we learn from the lesson from our regret.

So, since I am still a young hopeful chap who’s been trying to cope up with life, I am writing this to remind myself about all the values I should enjoy before it is all too late to realize that there’s life beneath every life.

“hey young guy, live your life!”
That’s me talking to myself.
I need a refreshing shower.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Susah Hati

Semalam saya rasa susah hati.
Lepas itu saya call ibu saya. Kira kejadian once in a blue moon jugak lah ni.
Saya cakap dengan dia, "Saya susah hati. Doakan agar saya tak susah hati ya wahai bonda?"
Bangun bangun pagi sahaja, saya rasa senang hati.
Tapi senang hati tak tahan lama...

Malam ni saya rasa susah hati lagi.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Solar Vs Nuclear

Absolute choice. If and only if u’re an optimistic guy with an optimistic vision
Solar power is clearly renewable and nuclear power isn’t.

One is harmful and one is not

The fact that the government is making a selfish approach to still want to invest in developing nuclear power as an alternative energy is a fool’s approach.

Even Germany, a developed country with lotsa specialists prefer solar than nuclear energy as their alternative source of power (@j_h84) even though they receive less than sun exposure than us.

But Malaysia, with endless shine of sunshine prefer nuclear to be the next project-for-crony to be developed.
Bet you can catch my drift now. The government is acting behalf of their pocket more than listening to the people’s voice. 

Malaysia is a fucking small country with almost zero wasteland to start with. Why nuclear energy?

Even the infamous bakun dam is a total waste with billions of public money wasted. They can’t even finish that stupid thing now they’re turning their back on that hydro project and considering a nuclear project? What the fuck do they had in their mind?

I can remember the last time reading about this topic. The government had already distribute the concession for the nuclear project development to their cronies.

Stop blinking for a second and give a deep thinking session in your head.
Who wants to be the next victim with our nuclear project?

Don’t tell me we have to sacrifice something for something. This is no longer a collateral damage we’re talking about since we already had the alternatives to the stuff we’re talking about. Its solar power.

Although the government thru one of their ministry had conduct their early project since 2006 till now for an experiment of solar power that includes 1000 participant, that is not enough since today, its 2011 coming 2012. How many years wasted? 6 fucking years for as little as only thousands of experiment conducted. 

Good job government.
U haven’t secure my vote.

One of the biggest setback for solar energy power is they are still expensive and the investment for it might take years to reap. But still, for a long investment, they worth every single penny every Malaysian can imagine.

Kudos for the solar powered industrial in Melaka but is that all?

It’d be a good step to use all your means for propaganda to inject some serum of wake up call to all the citizens. Solar energy is a free energy. They are Safe and they produce almost zero harmful by product unlike  coal, petroleum and totally nuclear. Nuclear waste will be a big issue if and only if the government still wants to implement their greedy needs to develop nuclear energy as the next source of power.

Contrary to popular beliefs, you won’t get mutated once you’ve been contaminated with nuclear waste like all the cartoons in the comics u’ve read, but u’ll be an impaired creature with thousands of defects here and there. Costs all the lives and all the money to reciprocate the condition with all the medical bills aint they?

I hate to have to act like an activists but the truth is the truth. You can’t just say yes without considering all the contra of that particular thing in its long term. 

Say hi to optimists view and kill that selfish thought in your damn bloody head. You're not doing it for us, you're doing it for you. for your own pathetic selfish benefit.


Berhenti Berharap

Aku berhenti, berharap.


Aku berhenti berharap.

Cuba pilih salah satu atau kedua duanya.

tiba tiba rasa useless. Sebab hold on to hope.
Hope is for losers. phew...

Tunggu tuhan reply harapan harapan manusia. Macam nak tunggu kiamat.

Tak bagus sebenarnya kalau berharap banyak sangat. Nanti orang jadi malas. Harapan tinggi gunung everest tapi effort tarak. Memang tinggal harapan jela.

So, gwa syak manusia kena tanam harapan lepas effort dibuat.
Takde la macam mengharap pokok ganja tu tumbuh sendiri. At least kena tanam dulu. Sampai dah metafora shroom untuk hari ni.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Realiti Dunia

Budak gemuk loser yang takde awek and tak pernah ada awek itu mengharapkan gadis freehair 36’30’38’  yang putih dan gebu di depan matanya akan jadi miliknya. Hari hari dia berharap miracle akan dating menjemput takdirnya.

Lelaki metrosexual berbadan sasa yang mekapkan mukanya untuk ke pejabat itu rupa rupanya gay. Perempuan perempuan monggel yang mengharapkan kasih sayang lelaki metrosexual itu berasa hampa lalu bertanyakan tuhan “mengapa ini terjadi!!!”

Jejaka yang rasa dirinya terlalu tampan sambil berulang ulang kali mengakui dirinya hensem di depan cermin hanya mampu mengharapkan ada manusia yang perasan kehadirannya dimana mana setiap ketika.

Mamat yang rasa dirinya playboy, buaya darat, dan pengeluar utama ayat ayat manis terhadap perempuan perempuan disekelilingnya merancang untuk nail semua perempuan perempuan yang tampak menggiurkan untuk disantap atas katil katil hotel di seluruh bandaraya Kuala Lumpur.

Lelaki biasa yang tak pernah rasa superior dengan dirinya sendiri selalu gagal untuk dapatkan perempuan yang sifatnya sama seperti lelaki itu. Hari hari dia berharap justice will prevail.

Mamat playboy di atas juga mengharapkan perempuan bertudung comel yang masih lagi virgin untuk dijadikan isteri. Harapan la brader.

Karma jahat masih lagi menghantui semua orang yang rasa dirinya baik.

Potret Kejam itu hari hari tertawa. Mengenangkan kemenangan kejahatan di seluruh dunia.

Malaikat kiri dan kanan sibuk mencatat segala perilaku si polan untuk dipersembahkan kepada yang sangat agung. Tak pernah berehat. Tak pernah lagi berhenti melainkan seisi alam ini ditakdirkan untuk musnah dalam kejadian kiamat yang acap kali disebut sebut di bibir bibir manusia.

Semua orang mengeluh. Mengeluh atas segala musibah yang berlaku ke atas dirinya. Tak pernah sekali pun toleh kebelakang untuk muhasabah diri.

Kaya pun susah, miskin pun susah.

Bahagia tak pernah ditulis atas kertas kepala agong yang kau gunakan untuk beli kebahagiaan sementara. Yang nyata, itu semua kebendaan.

Kau boleh beli hati, tapi kau tak boleh beli perasaan.

Hedonisme menguasai akal yang cetek. Secetek kolam mandi kanak kanak di kondominium dan apartment berdekatan.

Kalau kau boleh berikan maksud setiap patah perkataan yang kau tuturkan, aku akan gelarkan kau super saiya.

Kejap lagi nak basuh baju. Banyak sangat baju kotor sampai tak tahu nak pakai ape lepas ni. Kalau malas hantar dobi. Kalau rajin basuh sendiri. *cek wallet untuk kepastian. Duit main peranan.
Bak kata setan dalam badan aku, “no money no food bro”.

Rambut belakang aku panjang, tapi aku bukan rempit. Bapak kau yang hari hari naik motor pergi kerja pun bukan rempit. Dia Cuma penunggang motosikal yang tak bersalah. Nak buat mullet, tak jadi. Rambut aku degil macam perangai aku. 



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