Friday, September 9, 2011


I used to be a teenager who wants to be a psychiatrists. Check
But when I grow older, than just a teenager.  I still believe I can be a psychiatrists.

But the only barrier of becoming a psychiatrists is, my poor performance in core science.  I was kinda good with biology but physics and chemistry fuck the hell out of me.

No, all of the statements above is not the reason why  I am writing all of these bullshits.
I found out that writing is a therapy. The same to cursing, tweeting, screaming, singing, vandalizing and tons of other self-therapeutic session I’ve been conducting to myself all of these years I lived.

I am a very patient human being. The cons of being a patient guy like me is I rarely get angry with everything, and I cool off as fast as the iceberg touch the very core of the heat, deep inside my mind.

If and only if it seems like I am angry, I’m not angry at all. Most probably I’m just annoyed. That’s all.

So, I have problems with telling people all the shits I’ve been through. The bad moments mostly because most of the subjugated problems I’ve gone through was always been used as the pinhead on me. I know, nobody likes it when their attitude or confession of any subject that they’ve utter becomes the analytical ways that’ll eventually kill themselves off the hook. It’s just plain stupid and useless. Maybe that’s why I stopped story telling shits to anyone even to my close relatives n friends.

I find it hard when people rarely trying to understand and start telling me I am all the problem that I had. It just sounds wrong and I can’t take it in a chunk of poisonous meal on my throat.

I should call or perhaps telling u I’m sorry personally because i never mean to hurt you

Fuck it.

The thing is, we all need a stranger or anyone we knows to listen to all of our problem.
Maybe that’s why wimmenz never really wants any of our solution whenever they’re sharing their problems with us, guys.

But sometimes I can’t help but to question them. Why on earth would u share your problems with us if u don’t even want to solve them or at least consider our solution to you.

I think, I just think, if you, wimmenz out there don’t want us, guys, to help solving ur problems, just say it out loud in the first place so that we can stop trying to find a solution for you and we can continue listening attentively to you consecutively understands your situation and be a good listener by lending our ears to you.

The thing is, do i need a psychiatrists?



geeds said...

you ARE annoyed. go talk to a strangers. you need someone to vent it out!

al-jambz said...

nice entry. i have klik ur nuff anyway. xoxo

Puteri. said...

now spill em to me, bitch. you know that I love you ;)

Wan Perlis said...

hg patut buat 2 dan bi
org mcm aku susah nak baca bi


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