Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friendship Reality Check

Circle reality check

1. Open your phonebook. Kira berapa ramai contact list that u have in it.
2. Browse thru it and count how many of them are your regular contact.
3. Narrow them down and count how many of them are dependable.
4. Check how many of them would come to help you when u are deeply truly in need whenever u are stranded in nowhere eg: your car is having a breakdown or u need to bail out for anything u did last night.
 5. Imagine how many would come and how many would help u and advice u like a real best friend did.
6. How many of them are dependable when u are in a grave mess? Are you sure they’ll come when u’re in need?
7. Thiz, izreal.

Keep in touch with your real world. They are real. They are, what’s happening. They could be your lifeline when u’re in need.

Now call your lost long friend and whatever shit and ignite the bond. Don’t call them only and if and only if u’re in a grave mess. They are friends. Treat friends like a friends. A real friend will help u like what a real friend did.

And oh, when u’re in a middle of a corky situation, u’ll know who’d help and who’ll ignore. That’s the only way on how to detect real peeps u should hang out with.



miss nina said...

a friend in need is a friend indeed

kurosagi said...

at number 3, mine become zero!

in corky situation, i have only God, hmm~ i should hang out with Him more~

#forever alone.jpg

.::WaNiE::. said...


Siti Nur Aminah said...

thnks for the useful advice :)

Miziey said...

#DamnThisIsTrue ! wheres my phone, gotta call my homies.. ahahahahah.. nice entry hellioz666.. :)

maibrenhed said...

err, member aku datang cari and call aku selalunya during their birthday.

Free call lah katakan.

Pathetic :D


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