Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Of Things That Crossed My Mind

At some point of life, i feel like i'm losing everything. Feels like a loser. Though i rarely give up on anything. Anything worth to fight for. But yeah, the feeling of being a loser comes every now and then, and i can't help it. To feel helpless, is human. I don't know any magics nor chants to keep everything works impeccably in my life. I think i'll let my effort and time to do the chores. The rest? I need to go with the flow. I just have to.

You need to feel proud of your own self. Having the courage to be left behind, feeling rejected occurs at any moment throughout you short time span of the life.You need to be proud of yourself even though u've been rejected because u have said and done what ever it is u wanted to. Move on, there is a lot of things that would be proud of you the way u are. Do not let the sufferings devour you, instead, devour the suffering so it'll be afraid of your courage to set aside all the suffering that u've been through.

I can't pin point any big achievement in my life. Think i need to do something to at least be proud of myself. Its not a bad thing to brag to yourself when u've achieved something meaningful in your life.
I think i need to embrace all the things i've said and done. Prolly there's achievement in it without me realizing it. Start being optimistic. Start doing something worth for you to feel good about yourself.\


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