Friday, October 7, 2011


I'm happy with myself. For the time being. And i hope for eternity, till the day i die.
I'm happy with my messy hair, my outfit, my sneakers, my belongings, my family, my friends, and ultimately with my life. I'm happy with what i have. Even though i'm whining every now and then.
We're humans. Normal human whine every now and then.

I've once tweeted this,
"U're not being thankful everytime u whine and shit"
But hey, i'm no god nor something powerful to change the course of my  life in a blink of an eye.
So, yeah,we whine. An utter pleasure from something we never really gain anything from.
Just a matter of pure satisfaction from a dreaded heart.
The fear that makes u abide the laws, rules, and regulations people been created since mankind exists.

Why should i be happy for you when u're not happy for me?


The fact that we live at the same place, drink the same water, breath the same air, use the same thing from the same resources, the earth,  reminds me on how small we are on this small small world.
The difference? Its just a matter place and time.

The fact that royalties, elitists, middle class citizen,working class citizen and all the bullshit level we've created triggers me.
We're all the same.

U aint breath the fresh air brought to you from anywhere special. You still drink the same water manufactured from the different company and shit.

Imagine how small we are. Imagine how we live in a colony of ants. A small community that can easily be destroyed by the vicious weather and shit.

U're of no special class world citizen.
U're just where u are, where u belongs despite all the inequalities and shits happening all around the globe.
We were all exactly the same species of homosapiens. U're no special than me nor from the other human being. Grind it to your mind.

Lucky me i' wasn't born somewhere in somalia.
I should be thankful for that.
I can crawl on the net with my lappy on the floor, laughing on your stupidity and intolerance towards others.
I should be thankful for that. U should too. The moment u read this blog, u need to realize that you are one lucky mafakka who had the connection to the otherside of the reality and was not born in poverty someplace, where poverty is killing each and every cell within you.

Yeah, the title should be thankful. I've been searching for a title when i typed this sentence.

Be thankful. Be very thankful.
U'll never know when u're gonna fall down to the core of troubles.


Syara Mohammad said...

I do... Always being thankful.

Still, thank you for reminding.

maibrenhed said...

"I can crawl on the net with my lappy on the floor, laughing on your stupidity and intolerance towards others."

me too, huohuohuo


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