Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Dear Johnny Depp,
I don't have second choices.

What should i do?


bujal X said...

ada satu pun suda cukup bagus.keh keh~

fatinizzati said...

haha. really? never been in love with 2 people in 1 time. crush ade la.
setia pada yang 1

kalau takde second choice itu lebih baik. stick to the one la :)

Abang Zam said...

yeah.aku dah tengok kt 9gag

Anonymous said...

ahahahaha.. ada betulnya kata-kata Jack Sparrow ini.. heh! :)

Diyana said...

Depends on the situation, I'd go for the first one because despite falling for the second one, sometimes the first wins hands down. If the first one is found not to be love, I'd choose the second.

zey said...

hey, u got the same post like me. haha!

if u dun huv any second choices, go for the first..tu baru betul, truely love!

kurosagi said...

dear johnny depp~ "i fall in love in 2 guys but i cant remember which one is the first one~ any idea ??"


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