Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to move on

An advice for an advice

There’s a million ways to move on. There’s an endless lists for that.

Stop stalking your exes, they ain’t worth a dime and space in your present and future, unless you wanted them to still be apart of you

Redirect your daily thinking process and chores to something that might benefit you.

Go get a hobby, pet a cat, sing a song, write a song, write a book, go bungee jumping, play video games, get your head out of the phony mind that’d take you deeper into the past. Embrace your present with the things u’d enjoy.

Do not overthink, overthinking brings your feelings to another level of misery in which I certainly certain you don’t wanna conjure into. Who wants to live in a big ass mess you’ve done before?

There’s a various amount of time people take to move on
Some people can move the fuck on in a blink of an eye, while some other take almost their whole life just to move on. This depends on your will of life and the will to find a better picture of tomorrow.

Trust me, Tomorrow won’t only bring you sorrow,  there’s a universe to go for.
Catch that big ass fish in the deep blue sea.

Stop whining and start discovering. Whining is actually a must but over-whining won’t get you nowhere. 

There’s so much to life than just whining about what you past had done to you.

Be fucking optimists. Optimism brings you a big ass smile. Imagine the best part of losing that so called apart of you, I can guarantee you’d found it someway somehow unless u’re a total pain in d arse.

Be oblivious. If Your pasts brings you into the dark cave of horror and sorrow, get them out of your life. Turn over a new leaf. Crop a new picture. Find a new friends, Built a new circle.

Your will of life will determine your effort to move on. Losing isn’t everything, it’s just a game of life.
Why people don’t wanna move on?

Because they’re happy staying in the pain. Or maybe perhaps they’re too wishful. Miracle do happened, but they won’t happen all the time. Those fairy have a limited amount of miracle to glock on you.

Don’t look back in anger, look back, in a big wide smile
It’s ok to remember the past, but don’t do it frequently, do it so that you’ll learn from the past mistakes

The past can teach us a lot of thinky thanky steps on what to and what not to do in order for us not to do the same mistakes again.

Don’t forget the first basic step, the most important thing in this world is your own happiness. How could you be happy when u never try to be happy with your own self? haha

Lesson should be learned, not to be repeated again.

Vladiosa. Ciao…

Well I think honesty is the gravity of that thing called love.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mr Right Ain't Always Right. Unless He Can Make An Offer No One Can Refuse.

Instead of pointing fingers at everybody else except you, it'd be a thrill just to point all the fingers on you and try to point out all the mistakes that should be corrected in the first place.

Better off than feeling good about yourself and keep repeating all the mistakes u've intentionally and unintentionally done before.

Its a phase. U're no longer an immature being that can be excused over and over again. There's a task called responsibility which every living human being will be responsible with. Get real. The rainbow won't last forever without the shining sun and the pouring rain.

The theory needs reality. Practicality is the king of relativity in reality.


Fuck you.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Religion and Respect

Religion and Respect
Most people are governed by the religion and humanity of some sort.  Although there’s a high rate of declining within the people that is loyal and abiding with their religion.

Dalam ramai ramai manusia yang telah diberikan gelaran2 yang agama masing2 berikan untuk orang2 yang dianggap dihormati, dan layak untuk dihormati, tak ramai yang gunakan gelaran2 yang diberikan dengan betul
Orang Islam ada alim ulama, ada ustaz ustazah, Christian ada father and sister, pope, Jews ada rabbi, Buddhists ada Monk, and almost setiap agama ada wakil in some sort sebab mereka ada pengetahuan yang lebih mendalam tentang agama yang mereka anuti. Itu adalah salah satu cara untuk kita hormati agama, dengan melihat secara zahir dan batin apa yang wakil agama mereka lakukan saban hari.

Betul, setiap manusia ada nafsu tak kiralah siapa pun mereka, tapi once mereka dah dimartabatkan dengan gelaran sekian sekian, they should be responsible dengan gelaran tu. Mereka adalah orang2 yang dipertanggungjawabkan untuk menjaga imej agama masing2 kerana mereka lebih mengetahui tentang selok belok agama, lebih dari yang orang orang biasa mampu faham.

So, orang orang yang diberikan gelaran2 yang mampu membuatkan orang biasa hormat, wajib menjaga imej mereka dengan lebih effective and efficient sebab semua orang tahu, mereka tahu lebih banyak tentang agama masing2 at some point of knowledge.

Mungkin gelaran2 yang diberikan adalah salah satu lesen untuk preach tentang agama mereka tanpa diganggu mana mana agensi agama yang ditubuhkan diserata dunia, oleh itu lesen untuk preach tentang agama itu adalah satu Tanggungjawab yang besar kerana mereka diberikan kepercayaan untuk jadi contoh kepada orang2 biasa yang mahu contohi sifat sifat mulia yang sewajibnya ditunjukkan kepada mass society.

This respect we’re talking about is what differentiates a person with their little knowledge about religion and those who knows more about religion, yes?

So, mereka haruslah dan sepatutnya menjaga imej yang diberikan, penghormatan yang diberikan dengan penuh tanggungjawab kerana someway somehow mereka diberikan knowledge yang lebih tentang agama masing2 dan lebih berhak untuk bersuara dalah hal hal yang melibatkan agama.

Since they have been given the right to be respected due to their title that their religious body have given, they should be responsible for it because they are the person that mass society will go and seek for an advice whenever there’s dispute or anomalies occurred.

But recently, you can hear or read or see by yourself how all those so called religious people swindling their title for profit motive and shit. How in hell the mass society would respect them for what they are if they misused their title for their own benefit?

Memang manusia tak boleh lari dari buat kesalahan, manusia biasa tak maksum, tak lari dari buat dosa no matter how small it is, but hey, they are what they are because there’s a reason behind it.  So, jaga lah reputasi masing2 dengan penuh tanggungjawab, siapa lagi mass society nak respect kalau depa pun dua kali lima, and kadang kala lagi jahat dari saitan?

Ustaz rogol budak, liwat budak, cabul budak, pope jadi paedophile etc etc. Macam mana society nak respect your religion kalau ahli ahli agama sendiri tak jaga reputasi masing2?

In knowledge society, a doctor with a PhD is respected because they earned the title due to their research and stuff until they earned the title. We respect them because they have gone thru the process of gaining the knowledge with all the hardships  they’ve been thru. We respect them because they have more knowledge than us in their fields. Kita hormat mereka bukan sebab semata mata depa ada PhD, tapi sebab depa tahu lebih banyak tentang apa yang mereka sudah belajar. This is someway somehow the similarities that resembled them religious peeps and those people who possessed the knowledge in their certain fields. That’s my justification.

Agama apa yang tak ajak manusia lakukan kebaikan? Mana ada. Semua ajak benda baik2 je. Tak tau la kalau atheist ada ajak berbuat kebaikan, tapi I believe they have high spirit in humanity and shit. Tu kebaikan jugak.

In the end, Siapa lagi yang kita nak hormat kalau orang orang yang sepatutnya kita hormat tak hormat dengan title yang telah diberikan kepada mereka untuk dihormati?

Let’s discuss this whole shit in a civilized manner.  This is an opinion, not a fact. Press your opinion, justify my view, I’d love to hear it from all of you.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kerja Gila

Sepanjang bulan October hingga November, aktiviti aktiviti hedonism rancak diperlakukan dengan jayanya.
Here's the pictures, chronologically

Le Jungle

Le waterfall

Its all starts with a celebration. We're all celebrating life the way they should have been.

1st Act Gunung Ledang Waterfall
Been to a waterfall with a group of le crazy friend. 
Tido dekat batu batu air terjun tu best jugak sebenarnya. Walaupun sakit kepala, kerana ketiadaan bantal empuk. haha. The view was filled with serenity and joy. Tiada gangguan makhluk halus dilaporkan walaupun turun masa maghrib. Gila gelap sial.

Le After BBQ

Second Act Flat Pendatang Haram
Barbeque. Seekor ayam berjaya dilahap. Sekor je. Yang keluar duit tak ramai, yang makan boleh tahan ramai. Tapi aktiviti seterusnya dipentaskan oleh orang orang siuman yang berlagak tak siuman. Background music bagi second act ialah music dubstep yang dipasang dengan max volume. The fire. Ya, kami semua tanpa segan silu lompat atas api yang marak tu. The after-barbeque was Hella fun. Plus sedikit kecederaan dari si gila yang agak kesian. And oh, bulu kaki masing2 hampir terbakar, kaki bau sotong bakar. kahkahkah

Kerja Gila. N yeah, thats me.

Third Act Melaka
Le mall. Sekali sekala buat kerja gila dekat melaka. Bukan Ali Rustam marah pun. Scene lepas kacau semua orang yang tengah tekun tak bekerja sebab takde pelanggan yang berpotensi untuk beli barang jualan depa. Apehal panjat tiang bodoh tu pulak? Tu semua kesan the aftermall. Sama macam the after-barbeque act tadi. Sayang sekali, limit untuk panjat tiang besar gedabak sampai situ sahaja. Tanpa dipengaruhi mana mana bet, the crazy act commence. And there i am, alone on not so on top of the stupid shaft. 100% crazy + stupid act.

Le Mist

Le Us

Fourth Act. So Called haunted building + tourists attraction 
We had joy, we had fun, we had season in the sun.... Oh wait, in the Mist. Its cold, so cold. The best thing when a plan is cancelled, multiple plan occurs. Tak jadi ke pulau, ke tanah tinggi pun ngam. I seriously had fun with all the crazy people. All 5 of us had a good time + all the useless and educational conversation ongoing.  We shall hang out together again some other time dude and dudettes.

Banyak lagi benda boleh isi. Tapi untuk menjaga nama baik sendiri and anonymity, biar kita dan circle kita sahaja yang tahu. Plus, i am fucking proud of myself because i've gone thru a stupid phase successfully with a great success.Thanks to all the culprit and friends, I've made it to this point of life.

To le bestfriend, good luck n all the best for your final exam. Let the struggle begin. May the force be with you.

P/S : Cik Karma jangan malas malas. Rajin rajin la buat kerja ye.


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