Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to move on

An advice for an advice

There’s a million ways to move on. There’s an endless lists for that.

Stop stalking your exes, they ain’t worth a dime and space in your present and future, unless you wanted them to still be apart of you

Redirect your daily thinking process and chores to something that might benefit you.

Go get a hobby, pet a cat, sing a song, write a song, write a book, go bungee jumping, play video games, get your head out of the phony mind that’d take you deeper into the past. Embrace your present with the things u’d enjoy.

Do not overthink, overthinking brings your feelings to another level of misery in which I certainly certain you don’t wanna conjure into. Who wants to live in a big ass mess you’ve done before?

There’s a various amount of time people take to move on
Some people can move the fuck on in a blink of an eye, while some other take almost their whole life just to move on. This depends on your will of life and the will to find a better picture of tomorrow.

Trust me, Tomorrow won’t only bring you sorrow,  there’s a universe to go for.
Catch that big ass fish in the deep blue sea.

Stop whining and start discovering. Whining is actually a must but over-whining won’t get you nowhere. 

There’s so much to life than just whining about what you past had done to you.

Be fucking optimists. Optimism brings you a big ass smile. Imagine the best part of losing that so called apart of you, I can guarantee you’d found it someway somehow unless u’re a total pain in d arse.

Be oblivious. If Your pasts brings you into the dark cave of horror and sorrow, get them out of your life. Turn over a new leaf. Crop a new picture. Find a new friends, Built a new circle.

Your will of life will determine your effort to move on. Losing isn’t everything, it’s just a game of life.
Why people don’t wanna move on?

Because they’re happy staying in the pain. Or maybe perhaps they’re too wishful. Miracle do happened, but they won’t happen all the time. Those fairy have a limited amount of miracle to glock on you.

Don’t look back in anger, look back, in a big wide smile
It’s ok to remember the past, but don’t do it frequently, do it so that you’ll learn from the past mistakes

The past can teach us a lot of thinky thanky steps on what to and what not to do in order for us not to do the same mistakes again.

Don’t forget the first basic step, the most important thing in this world is your own happiness. How could you be happy when u never try to be happy with your own self? haha

Lesson should be learned, not to be repeated again.

Vladiosa. Ciao…

Well I think honesty is the gravity of that thing called love.


maibrenhed said...

tidak berfikiran negatif > bersikap optimistik
and and
optimistik way better than pesimist!

inspired entry! tak seperti before[tak rasa entry kali ni will bring hatred or what so ever.]

keep on writing hellioz!
and ill keep on reading ur stuffs! :D


Miss Cakap Banyak [MCB] said...

can't agree more. especially on 'looking at the past' thing. =)


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