Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mr Right Ain't Always Right. Unless He Can Make An Offer No One Can Refuse.

Instead of pointing fingers at everybody else except you, it'd be a thrill just to point all the fingers on you and try to point out all the mistakes that should be corrected in the first place.

Better off than feeling good about yourself and keep repeating all the mistakes u've intentionally and unintentionally done before.

Its a phase. U're no longer an immature being that can be excused over and over again. There's a task called responsibility which every living human being will be responsible with. Get real. The rainbow won't last forever without the shining sun and the pouring rain.

The theory needs reality. Practicality is the king of relativity in reality.


Fuck you.


Cob Nobbler said...

banyak tengok godfather lu ni bro

maibrenhed said...

sweet entry, sister !

Anonymous yang disukai Hellioz said...

owh, dia perempuan ke? referring to the comment above.

Anonymous said...

I consider this is a outlook. I moderately regularly interact with people who prefer speak scarcely the things which they think i would like to consider. Fine then highly constructed! I most definitely will grow back to your blog no doubt!

As a final note , allow me thank you for your understanding with my English as (I'm confident you have figured this at this time ,), English is not my head tongue consequently I am utilizing Google Translate to figure out what to jot down what I actually have in mind to voice.

↻ inglip said...

gua nak bantai lu.


takpe la.

gua tengok lu macam orang berpendirian.

peh best jugak tinggal komen kat blog pemes. kehkeh

tiadasiapa said...

eh, tetiba kena f*** you.


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