Friday, December 23, 2011

Transition Period

The world has changed throughout the century. A lot of things changed. The way we communicate, the way we talk, the way our social circle expand.

Whoever lived between 1980's till now lives in a transition period that brings us forwards to a condition where we can compare almost everything with the way we think. The phones, the laptops, the tablets and the internet has brought a new style of living.

If u're old enough, you will remember how having a phonebook for your friends house phone is important enough because thats how we can communicate faster than just texting or tweeting. If u're old enough, you will remember how precious it is to have any amount of coins in your pocket just to call you friends, or girlfriends over the public payphone that rarely is used to call anyone. The mass nowadays only used the public payphone when their batteries are running out of juice.

Man, i can barely remember when is the last time i used a coin to call anyone using the payphone. A lot of ways are used by the teenagers back then to cheat the payphone. Using the cards, using the RM 1 coins that has been projected with a hole in order for us to talk longer on the payphones. I wonder if the younger generations remember having that gold coins valued at RM 1. Feels good back then having that shit in your stash. Think i still have a couple of them. Reminiscing yo.

I still remember having a caller at the end of the lines using the phone house. With all the stupid numbers advertised on the television for this and that. Some parents even put a security measure at the house phone to restrict anyone from overusing the housephone. The only numbers that can be used is 9 and 4 since 999 is surely the police station and 994 is the fire brigade numbers. Thats the only emergency numbers available back then. The bills will soar up high when a long call is made and it will appear on the bills. The culprit will surely be caught.

I used to have the Alcatel big ass cellphone. And oh, the Nokia 3310. If you have used them, you'll surely realized how simplicity wins back then. But still, a lot of us are still using the black and white cellphones because they define whats the basic functions that we all need someway somehow. To text and call. If and only if that nokia 3310 can save more than just 10 messages, i'd still be using them till now. haha. good ol time.The first edition of black and white cellphones costs thousand bucks, and yup, snakes are one of the best games of all time. That thousand bucks now can secure you a very complicated touch screen phones equipped with this and that which people rarely used.

I think most of us are influenced to go along the mainstream flow. Almost all of my friends are using those smartphones yet, they only used it to call, to text, and yeah, to play games. What a waste. And yup, having a smartphones without subscribing the internet is like having a car with no engine. Why the expensive phones when all you do is barely calling and texting? Haha. funny shit. Maybe that is why i am still using the phones equipped with keypads that can fulfill my basic needs that i wanted on a phone like calling, texting, listen to songs and oh, snapping blurry pictures.

Why am i not using them smartphones? I have my broadband and my laptops. Surfing on the phones with that minute screen is depressing. Everything seems too small to enjoy, don't u think so?

Plus, all the social networking. From Hi5, to Friendster, to Tagged, to abandoned Myspace, and now we have Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to enjoy. In this transition period, a lot of things are going to change rapidly. Too fast that some of us will always feel left behind if we didn't catching up on them. Plus one reason why i refuse to spend my G's on the smartphones because your latest version phones will only lasts for what? One year before it will be replace with the new one?

The mobile phones company are still searching for the right ingredients to produce the best phones with all the necessary applications for their consumer. Xperia failed with their touch screen. Samsung seems to have a nice sensitive touchscreen like iphones. Blackberry? Without their BBM functions, they'll be the least phones bought by the customers. Since all i can hear from the Blackberry users are their wildly batteries juice consumed by the phones for a heavy usage, lagging and inefficiency with their apps.

I will someday somehow bought a smartphones, but thats when all the gadgets price drop exponentially and the most important part is they are stable and efficient for heavy usage. Heck i don't care using my present phone because my basic needs are fulfilled. haha

I personally think that internet have equipped us with the urge to feel insecure, haha. The changes are demonically insane.

Drastic change happened day by day. Living in this transition period, everybody have to be aware and not to be consumed by the needs to be and feel hip with what your surrounding have. You have every right to buy anything you wanted but that doesn't mean that you have to follow and bound to go along with what your surrounding wants you to have and be.

Since i am one of the living human that feel the changes happening around me throughout these years, i have the rights to say that human have more channels to express their depression and more channels to feel depressed too. Everything has its own pro and cons. The best way to handle it is by controlling them by yourself. We'll always be the lynchpin of ourselves. Hope y'all do the best for you for the sake of your own self. Don't let the changes change you. Filter them shit under your best supervision and with full scrutiny.

New year's coming. Embrace the end of the 2011 with all the smile u can afford. Live life with no regret. Smile.

Last but not least, think critically.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Reversed Universe

Reversed situation

I should be the one who is mad at you since you should take a good look at the recent past so you'll end up telling yourself "wtf i've done to you my dearest friend that makes you get so mad at me"

Instead, i was the one to blame and you see everything as "this is not my fault, its yours" situation.

What the fuck should i do in order for you to realize that u need to someway somehow blame yourself for all your mistakes and not being melodramatic with me?

I can ignore dumbfucks but i can't ignore a friend. Think thats how it fucking goes.

To be blamed for every shits happening is not cool yo.

The principles of stoicism cannot be implied here. We must do something to regain the balanced yin and yang.

In the end, being exposed wasn't cool, at all.
Skipped metaphor is a blind form of art. Art kepala jubor.


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