Sunday, December 18, 2011

Reversed Universe

Reversed situation

I should be the one who is mad at you since you should take a good look at the recent past so you'll end up telling yourself "wtf i've done to you my dearest friend that makes you get so mad at me"

Instead, i was the one to blame and you see everything as "this is not my fault, its yours" situation.

What the fuck should i do in order for you to realize that u need to someway somehow blame yourself for all your mistakes and not being melodramatic with me?

I can ignore dumbfucks but i can't ignore a friend. Think thats how it fucking goes.

To be blamed for every shits happening is not cool yo.

The principles of stoicism cannot be implied here. We must do something to regain the balanced yin and yang.

In the end, being exposed wasn't cool, at all.
Skipped metaphor is a blind form of art. Art kepala jubor.

1 comment:

Orked said...

da last haram...hahaha..btw, i'd faced da same probs wif u...friendship probs...kwn lau marah, kang lari lak...telan je laa pahit, wak muka selamba daaa....even lam hati cam neraka...huhuhu...


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