Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Kalau nak cerita pasal sabar, macam macam cerita aku nak tulis.

Tapi sabar tu bukan hakmilik kau sorang. Semua orang pun ada limit. Ada barometer sendiri. Walaupun aku rasa indicator aku tak pernah lagi sampai tinggi kelangit, tapi jangan buat haru macam kau sorang je ada tahap sabar kau.

Kau nak main masa? Kau punya kerja ikut masa aku ke? Duit nak cepat, buat kerja lambat macam pantat. Kalau aku masuk bab kutuk orang berdasarkan kaum ni, mau esok aku kena saman dengan perkasa.

Come on. Dunia ni bukan ceritanya pasal kau sorang. Orang lain pun ada cerita depa sendiri. Kau ingat Matahari bersinar atas kepala kau sorang? Jangan la berlagak rockstar sangat. Kau nak layanan cantik, kau layan orang lain cantik sikit.

Babi tenan betullah.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Newborn Neko On Tape!

Remember the last time i wrote about  hamster fucking each other?
This time, its going to be Cats! Giving birth. hahahaha

Last night my brother told my mom the pregnant cat is being extra peculiar. Nak beranak la tu kot.
Then i get down and check the cat. Just to see if it really wants to give birth. But everything seems normal. I let the cat sleep in the boxes we've provided downstairs so that if she really wants to give birth to its next generation, she can do it in it.

Cut the shit into pieces, after browsing and all, my body asked me to sip some smoke then put myself in bed.
Then i heard a mew. Obviously lah from a kitten which is weird since mana ada anak kucing dekat rumah ni. I don't know how to classify anak kucing. is there any age range to specify if they are still anak kucing or an adult cat? Forget it.

To my amazement, i found a kitty with her mom in the box. One kitty. that furry little bastard makes me go happy and all. Ya lah, anak kucing comel la gila! But then its more weird to see only one kitty. Coz the cat's tummy is still big and i think there's more than just that in it.

I decided to play my role. haha. Bidan kucing for the umpteenth time!

here we go, browse n play them videos to feel amazed.
And yarh, it'll involved a lot of things you might not enjoy if u're having your meal, kinda gross if u're not the i-play-doctor type of person.

Let the scrolling begin

 Its first newborn

second little shit. haha

black n white

obviously, she's kinda exhausted.
but nevemind, aku tolong picit2 perut dia sambil jerit push push push walaupun aku tau dia tak paham literally.

the third one. alien like right?

Last but not least, i'll give you the footage of the last newborn kitty. Embrace...

That poor furry little bastard almost drowned for a second there i guess. Scary shit. I thought she's going to die but she's alive n kicking! haha
That cat took her time in settling the last kitten. So, aku tolong dia keluarkan uri dari cipap dia. Tarik je natang tu lalu voila! bagi dia makan! yum. Take a good look at the second video

I love the scent of the newborn neko. Idky but it seems like i'm addicted to it. haha. weirdo.

This is them. Tak lawa langsung kaler depa. Kucing jalanan je pun. Tapi senang nak jaga, tak payah sibuk takut kena curi n stuff. haha

Sorry for all the blurry shit and all. Aku guna camera phone murah je weyh. 3gp jelah jawabnya. haha

Btw, selamat hari raya aidilfitri people.
Have fun. Don't blowjob n drive. kahkahkah


Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I've been smoking since god knows when. I lost track.

There's always this unimaginable guilt haunting me whenever i took a puff from every cigarettes i smoke. Although i can't clearly delineate how enjoyable it is, i still felt guilty. Its like doing some sort of crime, without legal punishment whatsover haunting you at the end of the day. But yeah, it is more than just a habit since you'll eventually feel good plus the irrevocable death to the cells in your body. I'm a killer in disguise. hehe

So, the idea of compensation comes. To kill this guilt i've been having, i think i should do something. For a compensation, i think it's going to be handy if i could donate 10 cents or 1 dollar to the donation box i can find for every puff, or cigarette, or box i consumed.

This strategy will, in my clustered mind balance the equalization to all guilt in my mind.

For the very least, i did something good everytime i take a puff from every cigarettes i smoke.

I think everybody should've adopt this style of execution if and only if they, like me, felt guilty from having this bad habit that'll surely deteriorate the bodies in a long shot. Besides contributing to the government tax, you'll sideline it with something good.

It doesn't matter what type of compensation you should been doing but i guess it'd be better off than doing nothing to reciprocate all the things u've been doing. haha

That's it for now.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Of Suffocated Mind

Terlalu banyak berfikir meningkatkan lagi peratus manusia untuk bebas dari belenggu ketuhanan.

Logik akal menolak kewujudan tuhan.

Tell me, how far fetched your logical reasoning n explanation could possibly go anyway?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Industrial Relations Act and Employment Act

Basically, both act on the title emphasize the relations between the employer and the employee.

Perkara berkenaan undang-undang dan peraturan di tempat kerja.

I personally believe that every one of us in Malaysia should learn and know their rights pertaining the subject above. I do believe that subject is important because all of us will employ n be employed someday somehow.

The government should implement this subject as a necessity to every SPM candidates since that is one of the basic qualifications needed for Malaysians to get a job. Why? So that every student who never wish to or don't have the chance to further their studies and working as soon as leaving school after SPM will not be treated as fools who don't know shit about those rules n regulations.

It would be better if every SPM candidates know their rights regarding those shiznit so that no irresponsible employer take them for granted and pinch their energy using their own rules n regulations.

The Ministry of Human Resource in the other hand should be aware and progressive by doing their best in the enforcement of the said act. They have the power to remind every employee and employer to follow the rules and regulations since our Union in Malaysia is not as strong as the scandinavian countries where they have a powerful voice in the society and their demand is highly considered as an ultimate power to change the fate of millions of working class citizen.

Don't let anyone take you for granted. Don't let anybody used you. Know the laws and let them know that u are well versed about all the rules n regulations. This is your bread n butter. That's your lifeline.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Of Royalties And Invincibility

Been following this uncle seekers story for weeks.
Until 30 org johor yang mengaku taat setia kepada raja yang berdaulat (wow) buat laporan polis, baru polis ambil tindakan tahan dia, sebab banyak statement yang agak berani dibuat dalam blog dia.

See, Kalau nak ikutkan, banyak sangat libel, defamation and slander yang uncle seekers tu dah buat. Siap ada sokongan testimoni yang lawyer tu bagi. Betul ke tak ini belakang kira sebab kalau nak ikutkan undang undang yang terpakai di Malaysia, sekelip mata je Sultan and kerabatnya boleh saman uncle seekers atas semua penulisan yang dia buat dalam blog.

Tapi all in all, rakyat johor yang taat setia dekat raja jugak yang buat laporan polis. Wouldn't this wow-ing you in a lot of ways?

Skandal itu skandal ini bayar itu bayar ini seleweng itu seleweng ini tapi takde sorang pun manusia yang berani buat blog berani macam uncle seekers. Memang la dia ada reputasi dalam kerja dia dalam cari hantu and all. Banyak lagi putar belit yang buat orang rasa dia ni kuat menipu. Yang aku perasan sangat, every manusia yang claim diri sendiri tangkap hantu and all ni selalu rasa depa ni above all manusia lain yang boleh buatkan hantu cirit birit bila jumpa depa, amazing sangat (sarcastically).

Aku dah lama tunggu orang yang berani buat statement macam tu dekat blog sebab kalau kau orang perasan, sistem beraja kat Malaysia ni memang invincible habis, tak boleh usik langsung, ade je yang melenting nanti.

Kalau hampa semua perasan, even politician dekat malaysia rajin saman orang bila ada orang buat statement yang mampu merosakkan reputasi mereka. This is indeed a good thing sebab kita memang takde hak nak cakap benda yang takde bukti kukuh, so, saman menyaman ni terbukti berkesan dalam membuktikan kebenaran and all walaupun alat yang dipanggil justice ni seringkali disalahguna oleh orang orang yang berkepentingan dan berkuasa. Upah Lawyer je dah makan ribu ribu, sebab tu orang di Malaysia tak kisah sangat kalau kena fitnah ke apa, sebab takde duit nak upah lawyer, what a joke.

Tapi sultan and kerabatnya bukan takde duit, every month pun depa dapat gratuity and whatnot dari consolidated fund. Lagi lagi baru baru ni dia beli plate number yang harganya setengah juta ringgit yang tak tau la apa sebabnya. Mungkin sebab nak teruskan legasi keturunan sebelumnya. Kalau sultan and kerabatnya tak buat salah, kenapa depa tak saman je awal awal? Kenapa takde siapa pun ambil tindakan lagi lagi dari pihak yang terlibat sampai la ade orang yang concern nak buat laporan polis, barulah dia kena tangkap and all.

Months ago few tweeps kena soal siasat dengan polis, sebab putera buat laporan polis atas satu account twitter anonymous yang aku confirm kes dia tak settle, sebab takde langsung press conference dari pihak polis menyatakan ada apa apa tangkapan yang melibatkan trial disebabkan laporan polis yang putera buat. Pantang kena kacau kat twitter terus buat laporan polis.

Tapi bila uncle seekers buat blog yang dah defame and slander sejak dari bulan tiga takde sorang pun kerabat yang berani buat laporan polis. Ple?

Kenapa tak buat laporan polis laju laju macam time ada orang buat pedajal kat twitter tu?

Setakat bising dari twitter apa lah sangat. Tapi bila dah ada pihak yang nyata sudah terang lagi bersuluh buat statement macam tu since march lagi, satu tindakan pun tak diambil. Haha.

Kita selalu nampak kes kes yang melibatkan kerabat diraja tak dibicarakan di mahkamah. Too many of them. Nak sebut satu satu pun dah naik menyampah. Commoners macam aku kau dan mereka yang lain pun dah naik berbulu menyampah bila kes kes tu tak diambil tindakan. I mean, its true, in theory, no one is above the law. Tak kira la kau siapa, tapi secara praktikalnya, most royalties and politician is already standing above the law. Apa guna special court dalam artikel 182 perlembangaan persekutuan tu? Buat ada ada nak sedapkan hati rakyat Malaysia? Nak harapkan siapa kalau takde pihak berkuasa yang ambil tindakan? Lagi lagi bila kau rakyat biasa yang kalau kau mati nazak hilang kena bakar pun tak ada media yang kisah. Jangan marah rakyat sebab marah polis, sebab kalau polis tak buat kerja, rakyat nak mengharapkan siapa lagi?

Cuba hampa bayangkan kalau satu hari nanti hampa kena pijak dengan depa buta buta sesuka hati, tak ke hampa semua rasa menyampah yang amat bila tiada tindakan diambil?

All in all aku salute uncle seekers tu sebab dia berani cakap benda yang dia rasa betul. Siapa lagi yang ada telur macam dia nak dedahkan apa yang selama ni terbuku dalam hati setiap rakyat malaysia yang rasa banyak sangat  grey areas dalam pelaksanaan undang undang di Malaysia ni?

Akhir kata, kau buat lah apa apa yang kau rasa betul lagi lagi bila benda tu ada bukti kukuh dan sahih. Sekarang la masanya untuk lawyer lawyer yang terpekik terlolong jerit pasal hak asasi manusia buat kerja. Ini la limelight yang diperlukan. Bukan berlagak lawyer je bila parti or orang orang yang ada kepentingan buat huru hara sana sini cakap pasal federal constitution and all. Ini la masanya untuk bertindak. Bila lagi anda nak bongkarkan semua salahgunakuasa yang orang orang 'invincible' ni buat?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Masa Depan Yang Anda Dambakan

It's almost 5 am in the morning and i can't sleep.
Then, my mind wandering off in this little insignificant things i've been enjoying within the past few weeks

We, a lot of people, including me loves the future. We're always keen on knowing what's going to happen next. Wanting to know what the future looks like, or feels like.

All these while, i probably think i wanted to be in the future. Of course, gradually we're going to that exact future we've been imagining of, but we can never really understand what future is unless we enjoy the moment, now, the present.

When i was under eighteen, i always wanted to be eighteen. A lot of reasons wants me to be eighteen. When i'm eighteen, i can smoke anywhere and everywhere i wanted to without having to be afraid of being seen by the police or your parents, or anyone related to you. I don't really know why but smoking seems like some sort of criminal back then where we have to sneak out every now and then just for fuck sake, to smoke.

I still remember back then where i was almost being expelled from my high school coz the warden found a box of cigarettes. Fuck, this brings back the memory.

Another reason? I wanted to have a license to ride a motorcycle, driving a car, and wanted to act all adult in this and that, you know, the activity only adult people have the so called privilege to do. Besides that, i want my rights to vote for the right candidates or the right government too.

I want my right to watch porn. Seriously, i don't get it why i have to be an adult to watch porn. hahaha. I remember back then when one of my siblings if i'm not mistaken reveal my activity watching porn. This is kinda embarrassing but it happened, so wtf. (embaRRaSSing - i googled this). I can't precisely remember how all of this 'kantoi' back then, but it might be the blue cd's or the history on the browser. Either one. Blue cd's, fuck yeah, thats reminiscing. hahaha. Why the fuck am i telling u guys all of these stories anyway? Oh, ya, the future and being adult and all.

Yes, now i am an adult, considering i can work and am working and i can support myself with my 'kaput' salary.

Now, i am an adult. Now i have my driving license, i can smoke anywhere and everywhere i wanted to, (not in my house, with all due respect since none in my family members are smoking), i can ride motorcycles, i can drive, i can watch porn, i can vote my political representatives, and i have a job, and my salary to provide myself with this and that every now and then.

OH, i forgot. When i was an underage back then, i wanted to work so much, because u know, u've got no handsome allowance when u're still schooling back then and i was a little richer when i'm in high school since my allowance kinda doubled or tripled because you know, my parents cannot visit me weekly just to give me my allowance, so, i'll get my monthly allowances.

Now motherfucker, i'm working my ass off just to get that cukup-cukup makan salary.

Once i'm an adult and i can do all those things i always wanted to do back then when i was younger, things are not getting easier. Yes, i always think its a little bit easier when i am an adult but things are seriously getting complicatedly harder when i grow up. But i'm thankful, i passed phase to phase quite remarkably well. Most of them of course la exams coz thats how i trace back my life's timeline. Haha.

See, the things is, i am what i've been dreaming of back then. I am a little different physically and mentally nowadays, but still, i am what i always wanted to be when i was young, and dangerous, and kinda stupid. Yes, when u were young, that's the right time to become stupid coz if u're stupid when u're an adult, u didn't deserves to be called stupid anymore, you should be called dumbfuck, or anything way serious and meaner than that.

I always think when i'm in my current condition, i'll have my own assets which i bought using my own money but i was wrong, remarkably wrong. Life, as an adult is nowhere easy to start with. You think UPSR, PMR, and SPM is hard? Think again. Being and adult is waaaaaaaaaayyyyy more harder than facing those easy peasy examination. (bila dah besar sumpah semua jadik kacang, i never really know why, haha)

When u're and adult, you have to think about 1001 details u never really have to think of when u're young.

The good thing about being an adult is, it makes me feel thankful for each and everything i had. The moments. The precious moments. You cannot experience childhood twice.

When i'm here, as an adult, where the old 15 years old me furiously wanted to be, i'm feeling so gracefully thankful. I am the future where i used to imagine, to be in.

Now, this is the future. The scenery, the physical, emotional, and mental condition.

U'll realize how precious it is to fully enjoy the present and be thankful with it when u've reached this level of enlightenment. You'll never reach the past again, But, u'll always face the present and the future at the same time without fail.

Embrace each and every second of yours preciously because u'll never know how mentally and emotionally long it takes for you to be in this current condition of yours. (mentally and emotionally because counting moments in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years is not dramatic, at all ; they're lack of feelings, in this case)

Have fun, be crazy, go crazy, be stupid and be happy since every feelings u've been going through is more precious than any diamonds and pearls.

(40 minutes later, this piece of shit is finished)


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Of Being Righteous

To everybody who always thinks they're always right, you're too good to be true.

There's no such thing as i was always right and you were always wrong, Unless you yourself are God.

If and only if you have this particular scope of thinking, trust me, there's a unicorn swimming in the ocean called narwhal and high likely god is mad at you because u're being more than righteous than Him.

Yes, i'm insinuating you to realize that being righteous about each and every single thing u've had in your mind when you speak with your mouth is obnoxiously insane.

Even an absolute truth is perceived and deductive.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Of Radio and Endless Song Played In Loop

You probably know what it feels like to found out a new song, or most probably is a hits on every other country and you happened to like it so much.

Me? If i found one, i'll be listening to it endlessly until i felt sick of it. I used to listen to the same songs every now and then whenever i get the chance to. And still doing it till now. Sometimes it counts to almost a hundreds of times. An average song would lasts up to 4 or 5 minutes. So, yeah, i might've waste hundreds of minutes or so in a session of this obsession that i believed, didn't only plight on me, alone, since there's billions of people all over the world.

This makes me wanna make a hypothesis and making me wanna put myself on the dj's place. Working is a boring way to make money if u don't like your job. But that's not my point here.

My point is, the Dj might've be me, they're addicted to the songs, and wanted to hear the same shit playing over again.

Or perhaps there's countless demands from the listener who also wanted to hear the same song over and over again.

I think i've just explain myself on why all these shit is happening.

Did you have any other empirical proof or probability on why the dj keep on playing the same songs over and over again?

Share with me. Your reasoning might help me clear the question i had in my mind.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Great Depression

Kebanyakan orang tak rasa susah sesusah susahnya. Kebanyakan orang cuma rasa susah yang tak hardkor. Kalau susah pun depa exaggerate, macam la kena jadi prisoner Guantanamo Bay. Hiperbola sana, hiperbola sini. The truth? Depa cuma nak orang tau depa pernah rasa susah gitu gini yang biasa biasa saja. Kalau kesian pun, kesian sikit je. Lain la kalau kena contaminate dengan nuclear radiation lalu jadi cacat tak boleh berak sampai mati.

Orang yang tak pernah rasa susah sesusah susahnya ni jarang ada initiative untuk succeed. Sebab, semua serba serbi cukup. Makan ada, minum ada, pakaian ada, tempat tinggal ada, entertainment sikit, serba serbi jelah. Tapi tak boleh pergi jalan jalan honeymoon dekat tempat tempat ekslusif sebab dia rasa cukup, mediocre lah senang cerita.

Cukup hari memantat, cukup hari menjalang, kira cukup cukup lah. Taknak pergi further dah. Kira apa yang ada tu bersyukur sangat konon konon tuhan nampak and acknowledge lalu boleh masuk syurga bila mati kelak.

Tak susah cakap susah. Senang cakap susah. Cukup cakap tak cukup.

Apakata kau pergi duduk hutan Amazon sana bawak sebilah parang or pisau sahaja. Tengok Kalau kau kau nak cakap hidup kau dulu susah jugak.

Selagi kau rasa selesa dengan keadaan yang tak berapa selesa tu, teruskanlah. Tapi jangan merungut, sebab usaha kau tak berapa nak kental untuk hidup senang macam yang kau lakar dalam kepala hotak kau sekarang ni.

Cuba jadi ambitious macam Jepun. Nak tawan dunia, walaupun gagal satu masa dahulu, tapi depa dah jadi ekonomi ketiga terbesar dunia dah. Dah makan nuklear dekat hiroshima and nagasaki, tapi masih lagi tip top.

Kalau tiba tiba ada incident besar yang mampu buat huru hara dekat malaysia ni, agaknya orang orang dekat sini nak berubah tak? Sebab orang kat sini kekurangan depression yang nak buat depa berubah.

Ah, banyak sangat fikir pasal orang, lepastu lupakan welfare diri sendiri. Bodoh. Bila la kau nak jadi pandai ni. Pegi mampos dengan orang lain. Orang lain bukan kisah sangat dengan kau pun. Kau je yang rasa orang lain kisah. Padahal kat belakang kau depa tengah tunggu kau jatuh, baru depa boleh gelak ramai ramai, macam tengok reality tv show. Pundek

Semua orang perlukan fasa "the great depression". I'm included.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Into The Future And Beyond

Feels like living a life where all you need is simple necessities to live with. Clothes, shelter, food, water and some other bla bla shit.

The only things stopping us from doing all those shit is the urge to own this and that which in the end cause some major financial problems.

If only one could think of all the short distance future rather than thinking about far beyond all the future we've no clue about.

But yeah, besides having all the optimism coming thinking about living for another 30 or 40 years, we stopped enjoying ourselves and embrace the present. This is some serious shit everybody's been ignoring these days. Too busy thinking and planning for the future, inevitably forgetting all the good things, happening right in front of their eyes, waiting to be treasured before it passed.

You can always talk about the good old days but its in the past, it'll never coming back or it'll never happen again with the same bloke, the same situation and the same feelings of joy, or whatever feelings u should have felt before. What stays in the past, stays in the past. 

Another big no no towards all those things i've written above is the ideas of having a family, living together, settling somewhere, multiply and carry all those big responsibilities afterwards.

We're human. Responsibilities is one of our food, besides all the sumptuous food u've got in your mind. When we've got none, we seek one. Pretending to be 'someone' responsible enough for this and that. 

If the only responsibilities we had is for ourselves, we'll surely could care less about all these things that is stopping us from doing this and that in our lives.

Relationship, is one big mistake if u have something else bigger to achieve for yourselves. There's only two roads in relationship. Towards destruction or vice versa. But hey, its a journey, not a pit stop. Although getting married is your first pit stop. Fuck it. I'm a little optimist about all these shit but at the same time can't stop thinking about all the cynicism it brought together.

I don't have to say this is what i have in my mind because clearly, i've written everything that crossed my mind.  Even when its not published every now and then cause sometimes, u just wanted to keep insanity to urself. Thats why we behave in front of others, strangers mostly.  

Seems like pleasing the society is a huge task. A burden to all mankind. 

Lets just pray for a better tomorrow even though we knew tomorrow will eventually lead us towards a dire destruction. 

Do enjoy yourself when you can still breathe the fucking oxygen in.

Fuck out.

Of Being Sad

My cat is finally dead after a long streak of sickness. I don't know why and what sickness he's been struggling with but, yeah, he's officially dead.

Took you to the vet, feed you et al. But i guess thats it for now in this world.

We'll all miss your presence and your clingy behaviour.

Live a good life in heaven ey cat?

See you there.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Occupy Opportunities

Occupy dataran?

You can occupy all the parks in malaysia without being charged for all the things u've been charged with
You're assimilating, no, duplicating, no, plagiarizing the movements from outside malaysia. Bet all you need is publicity, cheap publicity imho.

If you wanna do it big, find a solution, be as rich as Bill Gates, create job opportunities, be a helpful activists.
Don't blame Bill Gates because he's rich and successful in his business. Most of you used his invention to spread all you wanna spread.

You can't just help malaysian people with mere ideologies. Most of them don't get it. All in all, what they need is money. For what? For all the necessities.

Activism needs a lot of money, and sponsorship. That, ain't come easy.

Most of them activists said they're suppressed and oppressed. Oppressed of what?. Oppressed in not having an ample job vacancies?

Well if you do not have a job, create one. Sell things, be an entrepreneur, create a job opportunity. Mere action to make people to think about this and that will get them nowhere. Throw your head on the walls, if it hurts, u're alive. The reality is harsh.

Everybody have this dissatisfaction in every single thing they can't have. Luxury, loads of cash, bling bling, gadgets, cars, property et al. I do have the urge to be rich too. To have all the things i can't afford to have. Thats human. We want everything and anything that could satisfy our endless wants and needs.

You're talking about this opportunity that u don't have and all, that makes me feel bloated. Bloated with whine. an Endless one. Why won't you just grab one and climb the stairs. Nothing comes easy, unless u comes from a wealthy family and could afford all the things everybody wants and need. Nobody can satisfy their wants within a blink of an eye. Unless you can plant gold on a pot of dirt. but Thats too good to be true.

Be realistic. In the end, u'll be talking about the resources to live. Money? Thats just a currency. What's money without all the resources you want and need? Zero.

Go start a business on food and stuff. Malaysia got no sufficient supply of meat. The NFC? Those corrupted lot only think about their asses instead of thinking about everybody's asses. Herd a cow, or two, or three. Sell them. Create a job opportunity. Our market is so vast that every intelligent opportunist will take advantage of when they DO things, not talking about things. Look at the Air Asia owner, he seize an opportunity and make things big. He did something. And now? he's filthy rich, i might say.

Don't be such a whiny little bitch who only knew how to whine over and over again over the same thing over and over again. Everybody will eventually get sick of hearing about it over and over again and start leaving you all alone.

Life's too short to just think about things and not doing it. And if by occupying dataran will make you feel happy and hip, go ahead, be my guests, but make sure u're doing something useful in which for the time being, u're doing nothing much to save anything.

Someone might be saying, "hey, at least we're doing something, what have you done?". So, what changes have you brought upon the so called oppressed people on the public lot?

Opportunities are everywhere. It depends on you to grab it for good. Don't run around hoping you'll be handsomely paid by any corporation because everybody is going after the same thing. The difference between you and them? They seek, seize and grab the opportunity. Unlike you, being paid with little pay yet u're still working at the same company. Spread your CV. Kill a mockingbird or two. Get paid handsomely or get over it and find a new place to be handsomely paid.

There's no beautiful world like the one u've created in your mind. There's no ideal place for everything. Every place has its high and low. Thats how balanced things are.

Things'll be better if you learn how to share. But are you willing to share? Ask yourself.

And oh, credit cards should be banned from this world. Nobody should feels like having anything when the truth says that they've got nothing.

There you go, telling people that banks are the culprits and all but they're your #1 financial provider. Bullshit.



P/S : your consciousness alone won't help anybody and everybody from anything.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mentality Revolution

          Kita, sebagai generasi Y perlu menukar mentaliti generasi Silent and Powerful (before 1946), Baby boomers (1946-1964), dan juga generasi X (1965-1979) yang selalu menganggap belajar-luar-negara-tu-bagus-gila-babi macam lah semua yang belajar luar negara tu masuk Harvard, Cambridge, MIT, Stanford, Princeton or banyak lagi high ranking universities.

Kau tak rasa berbulu ke bila sedara mara kau mengaku anak depa pegi overseas padahal belajar benda biasa biasa je yang banyak universiti tempatan tawarkan. Kalau belajar benda benda yang betul2 kritikal takde kat malaysia boleh la sembang kencang tapi sebaliknya berlaku. Aku takde la nak diskriminasi orang yang belajar oversea tu tak bagus ke apa, tapi mentaliti asal belajar overseas je bagus tu yang aku nak orang eliminate.

Sebenarnya, zaman sekarang ni kalau kau banyak duit, kau belajar la kat mana mana university overseas. Bersepah university yang berasaskan perniagaan pendidikan nak terima kau. Kalau dulu, ye zaman kalau kau masuk universiti tu orang anggap kau ni dewa dewi, boleh la nak brag itu ini. Sekarang ni, cashier 7 Eleven pun pergi university tau tak?

Kalau kau betul betul dapat biasiswa yang kerajaan and any other institution tawarkan takpe. Bole la nampak bangga sikit sebab kau memang betul betul pandai and deserved dapat apa yang kau dapat. Ni yang gerak sana mak bapak sponsor, chill sudah. Benda ni bukan hanya berlaku dalam kalangan rural folks sahaja, orang orang urban pun sama je, 2 + 2 = 5.

Lagi satu, aku menyampah betul bila orang orang tempatan bangga gila bila ada siapa siapa dalam keluarga depa kawin dengan caucasian. Tak caucasian pun siapa siapa la, asalkan bukan orang malaysia. Nampaknya, mentality kita yang mengagungkan siapa siapa yang berkulit fair. Pemikiran kebanyakan orang kita masih lagi di takuk lama. Kita masih lagi dijajah secara mentally oleh penjajah penjajah yang dah tinggalkan Malaysia lebih 50+ tahun.

Kau pergi je mana mana ASEAN countries, situasi dia lebih kurang sama je.

Ok dah.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


When RPK was bashing the government, PR  supporter said,
"yarh yarh yarh, he was right. He got the information inside out from the government's insider. He doesn't talk cock lah, i know la, i know him. His source is reliable, u'll never get anyone as reliable as he is nowadays, so brave one. Willing to fight for his country eventhough the cops are looking for him and he have to reside at UK. He was our country's saviour from the corrupted government!"

But when RPK was siding with the government, PR supporter said
"Ah. Useless old fart. He was bought by the government. U know la, government got a lot of money, they paid him and now he can stay at Malaysia again without fear. All his talk is rubbish, no one is giving him attention now, nobody gives a shit about him. All his talk is lies meyh. His source is not reliable at all. U know, he just made up all the stories every now and then like isham rais just to be apart of the game. You shouldn't listen to him lah, better off watching Doraemon or something rather than reading all his propaganda from those corrupted BN goons. He's now a cybertrooper meyh. My source tell me he was paid to change side.

Entah mana mana la source kau dapat tu.
Well,this is politics. Everythings on your side of your world is right. But nothing on the otherside of the story is wrong and always perceived merely a propaganda.

I won't expect anyone to say yes yes yes to what i'm writing. Your brain is yours so does the option to be a decision maker.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Study For Straight Ace? | Justified

Dulu mase aku kecik kecik, aku kena paksa belajar. Serius. Kena paksa. Kau bayangkan masa kecik kecik umur baru berapa tahun kat sekolah rendah kena paksa belajar. Tu baru kat sekolah, belum dekat tuition centre lagi. Masa tuition aku kena paksa hafal sifir. Kepala hotak kau la suruh hafal sifir, aku rasa otak aku macam kena cabul pulak sebab suruh hafal sifir. Aku dah la suka benda benda yang mengarut, menulis n sketching misalnya. Tak hafal sifir je sideburn aku kena tarik dengan cikgu tuition tu. PUKIMAK. kau faham tak kena tarik sideburn perasaan dia macam mana? Macam haram, sumpah sampai sekarang aku rasa macam nak bakar je rumah cikgu aku tu. Sakit, sumpah sakit. Kalau nak tau sakit ke tak, p suruh member hang yang takde sifat perikemanusiaan tarik sideburn hang, nanti hang rasa hot hot heat dia, merah muka beb. Aku dulu kureng sikit matematik ni, sebab aku suka english. Aku cenderung kat arts aku rasa. Benda benda otak belah kiri aku kurang sikit. Kiri ni banyak benda kira kira kan? Tak silap aku lah.

So, lepas kena torture physically n mentally, aku punya result pun kira, okay la. 4a1b. Masuk la sekolah menengah yang cam power sikit dekat tempat aku. Sekolah yang power sikit ni student dia tak ramai macam sekolah sekolah biasa. Kira kalau kau cakap kau sekolah kat situ orang pandang tinggi jugak la, walaupun kau tak tinggi. Sebab? Memang budak budak pandai je masuk situ. 4A ke atas memang selalu masuk situ la kalau tak dapat mrsm or sbp. Kalau kau 3A, ada kabel pun boleh masuk, standard lah main kabel kabel ni.

Masa kat sekolah menengah ni aku duduk sampai pmr je. Kat sini pun aku kena torture jugak. Lagi teruk.  Sane sini aku belajar. Kat sekolah jangan cerita la, lagi gilababi. Kau bayangkan sekolah dari pagi pukul 7 balik pukul 5 petang. Dah macam kerja ofis dah. Malam ada lagi. malam naik basikal pergi tuition. Aku dah macam ape dah struggle, ni semua kena paksa, ye, kena paksa. Nasib baik kat tuition ramai member satu kepala, takdehal sangat la. Tapi penat bodo. Malam sambung overtime pulak. Abeh kerja rumah berlambak tu bila pulak aku nak buat? Masa ni memang aku rasa macam, apebende sial mak bapak aku ni. Ingat aku ni robot ke kerja hari hari belajar.

Tapi tu semua sekejap je rasa, ni tak masuk lagi cerita pasal gaduh dengan cikgu math aku lagi, bapak aku dok bising bising lagi, tension beb. Dah la satu hari suntuk tu duit belanja aku seringgit je. Kau bayangkan miskin tak miskin aku masa tu. Rasa nak lari rumah ada, tapi masa tu aku dah boleh agak benda ni tak rasional and tak boleh bertahan lama. Walaupun aku pernah try lari kejap, lepak entah mana mana, tapi budak lagi, mana boleh tahan lama. Last last aku balik rumah jugak. Attempt2 lepastu aku lupakan, campak dalam tong sampah. Masa ni aku pasang niat nak belah dari sini, nak p tempat lain, nak berdikari kononya.

Hajat aku tuhan perkenan. Masa pmr aku dapat straight ace. 8A bai. Mase tu boleh la nak berlagak kehulu kehilir cakap dengan orang aku dapat 8A. Bangga la bodo, penat aku berusaha, ceyh, padahal kena paksa. Tapi kira aku berusaha jugak la nak dapat 8A sebab nak blah dari current condition masa tu. Siap naik pentas bagai dapat hadiah apebende tah, yang aku ingat dapat duit la. Bape sen tah, aku tak ingat.

Dapat je 8A, benda pertama yang aku target memang nak masuk mana mana boarding school. Boarding school la, nampak macam educated sikit. Memang melekat, aku tak banyak bunyi, aku jalan terus. Takde pandang belakang. Kalau pandang je muka cikgu math aku yang aku gaduh tu, dalam hati aku cakap, "babai celaka, aku nak belah dari sini, tak payah aku nak mengadap muka kau celaka". Marah betul aku. Ye la, kes dia takde la bende sangat, tapi dok sibuk nak besar besarkan. Macam gampang. Nyusahkan hidup aku je.

Sampai je boarding school tu, kira dah hidup sendiri kan. Semua aktiviti2 yang budak sekolah asrama buat memang aku buat la. Setakat fly tu kira macam rutin lah. Masa nak fly merangkak sebelah ular pun dah rasa, memang thrill habis, tapi fun. Kat sini aku paksa diri sendiri belajar, kalau tak kau bodoh sorang sorang. Gila apa, budak budak kat sini semua kepala hotak macam robot. Ade member aku baca buku sejarah tu dah lebih dari 5 kali dia khatam. Aku baca sekali sekala pun malas. Memang gila. Budak sbp memang gila. Yang perangai macam barua setan semua pun pandai, aku je rasa macam bodoh, sebab dah semua budak pandai pandai. Kalau setiap kali trial pun nama aku mesti kena cari dari bawah, dah jumpa aku cakap, "hmm, bagus. ada peningkatan", padahal naik berapa je pun dari the whole batch. Memang barua. Tapi disebabkan aku rasa macam loser je, aku belajar la jugak.

Result spm? Okay lah. Tengok tengok aku punya ranking SPM dengan the whole batch, aku dekat tengah tengah. PANDAI SIAL AKU! hahahahahahahahahahahahaaha. Yang dulu dok pandang rendah kat aku semua aku tak pandang dah. Result aku pun lagi tinggi dari skandal skandal skank aku.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. aku lagi pandai dari kau la bodo.

Habis je spm aku duduk rumah, parents aku suruh buat stpm. kepala hotak. taknak aku masuk sekolah balik, gila tak cool. Lepas habis sekolah 17tahun nak gak aku merasa jadi budak university. Masa aku banyak aku habiskan dengan buat lagu, ye masa tu aku dah ada band. poyo poyo nak buat band sebab perasan suara sedap. Tapi tu cerita lain. Banyak sangat dah ni.


Kau perasan tak macam mana aku kena paksa belajar dari kecik sampai la ni aku masih belajar lagi. Perasan tak macam mana mak bapak aku memang paksa pun aku dapat straight Ace. Memang, tu salah satu kayu pengukur kau punya kepala hotak tu berfungsi dengan betul ke tak.

Kalau aku tak kena paksa, aku tak boleh bangga dengan result aku yang cun tu. Aku tak jadi aku sekarang ni. Aku tak merasa duduk sbp. Aku tak merasa jadi budak university kalau result spm aku macam haram.

Memang mak bapak kau orang semua paksa kau dapat straight Ace. memang. Tapi benefit dia in the end dekat siapa? Dekat diri kau sendiri. Siapa yang senang bila nak dapat tempat dekat university, kau sendiri. Kau, bukan mak bapak kau. Mak bapak kau dah puas dah marah kau suruh belajar. Dorang suruh kau jadi pandai untuk diri sendiri, bukan untuk depa. Depa nak tinggalkan kita dengan knowledge, tak kisah la kau kena paksa ke apa. Kalau kau pandai, bukan ke kau yang senang?

Masa kecik kecik aku marah betul dengan makbapak aku. Tapi bila aku dah besar, dah berotak sikit, aku rasa bersyukur betul ada mak bapak macam makbapak aku. Kalau depa tak paksa aku belajar aku rasa aku jadi mat pet je sial sekarang ni. Hidup takde pedoman.

Kau nampak tak kenapa mak bapak kau suruh kau dapat straight Ace dekat sekolah? Nampak tak kesan dia kat diri sendiri? nampak tak impact dia dekat siapa?

Sekarang ni aku tanya kau, salah ke mak bapak kau suruh kau dapat straight A dekat sekolah? Salah ke mak bapak kau suruh kau belajar pandai pandai supaya kau jadi pandai?

Ibu aku kadang kadang dia baca blog ni, tu pasal aku restrict sikit nak publish nonsensical items kat sini. hahahahahaha. Kalau ibu baca, Thanks mom. Cakap dengan ayah terima kasih banyak banyak sebab paksa belajar dulu. Ngahahahahahahahaha.

Bila dah besar baru kau rasa bersyukur sebab kena paksa belajar. Mak bapak kau, dorang tau ape yang terbaik untuk kau. Selagi mana boleh ikut, ikut la. Dorang hidup lagi lama dari kau. Jangan dok pertikai sangat kalau mak bapak nak anak dapat straight A je. Memang nampak macam keputusan tu je depa nak tengok, tapi inside out kau tak tau. Kau tak tau ape yang depa sebenarnya dok fikir untuk kebajikan hang. Jangan dok lagak sangat, respect tu letak tinggi sikit nah.


The Blame Game

Ah engkau, kutuk kutuk najib. At least dia tu Najib, perdana menteri malaysia, engkau tu siapa?

Meanwhile at the otherside of the la la land.

Ah engkau, kutuk kutuk Anwar. At least dia tu Anwar, ketua pembangkang, engkau tu siapa?

At least depa buat something, hampa semua buat apa?

Semua orang tengah cari jalan nak letak blame dekat orang lain. Semua orang nak berlagak innocent. Semua orang nak salahkan orang lain.

Berhutang salahkan ptptn, bank komersial, bank negara.
Bangsa kau tak maju salahkan umno.
CGPA kau macam haram salahkan lecturer
Miskin salahkan kerajaan
Tak kaya salahkan kapitalis

At least entiti entiti kat atas tu buat something, bukan macam kau, kerja nak whine macam kuda manjang.

Taknak ke salahkan diri sendiri sebab pemalas macam celaka sebab tu kau bodoh. nak ptptn free p la dapatkan cgpa 3.5 sana. Sah sah terus jadi biasiswa. Kau tau kan bangsa kau punya mentaliti macam mana? Pemalas, Buat kerja tak siap, kerja mengulor je. Tapi still nak salahkan orang lain. Orang suruh pergi kelas malas, suruh buat assignment last minute baru buat, result macam haram, suruh study p clubbing lah, dating lah, last last sijil kau tu lagi sayur dari sayur. Dah tau miskin rajin la sikit. Kau ingat orang kaya tu semua pemalas macam kau ke? Kau salahkan orang lain kau boleh jadi kaya ke?

Bila masa lah kau nak kerja keras n rasa bersyukur dengan apa yang ada.

Orang kalau dah ada semua benda, nanti dia akan cari satu benda lain untuk rasa tak bersyukur. Bagi proton saga nak ford fiesta. bagi ford fiesta nak rx8. Bagi rx8 nak porsche 911. bagi porsche 911 nak bentley.

Cuba kau berhenti kejap, nikmati apa yang ada kat sekeliling kau. Hargai apa yang kau ada. Kang dah takde baru nak menangis melalak merayu menyesal. Macam lahanat.

Aku tak kisah kau nak merungut, siapa tak merungut dalam dunia ni? Tapi kalau kau merungut memanjang, tapi tak pernahnye nak berusaha untuk kurangkan rungutan kau, ingat ada benda berubah ke? Ni memanjang merungut dapat apa?

Balik balik salahkan kapitalis la, itu la, ini la, tapi kau tak buat ape pun. Last last kau jugak yang merayu mintak simpati dekat kapitalis kapitalis tu tadi. Ni apa keldai punya perangai aku pun tak tau.

Cuba kau beli cermin besar besar, kalau miskin sangat p cari kertas a4 sehelai, tulis n fikir balik semua benda yang kau dah buat untuk dapat ape yang kau nak, cukup ke usaha kau untuk dapat semua benda yang kau nak tu? Dah keluar 100% effort belum?

Bila kau dah capai tahap rasa bersyukur tu, kau akan kurang merungut, kurang complain sana sini macam anjing menyalak depan cermin.

Kalau taknak jugak, kau memang suka ada dalam keadaan terdesak tu, kau selesa jadi miskin, kau selesa jadi bodoh, kau selesa jadi tukang complain 24/7. Memang tempat kau kat situ jelah. Orang lain makan kaviar, kau masih lagi ikat perut makan megi tiap hari.

hahahaha (hilang tension tak tengok aku gelak sorang sorang?)


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pencuci Epidermis

Aku tak tau kenapa tapi aku rasa seronok betul pakai benda alah ni.
Macam soak muka dekat ais, refreshing. Tapi bukan macam pakai ice cool. Effect dia tak sama.

Ni bukan iklan berbayar ye. Post ni dibuat semata mata nak meluahkan rasa inzal bila basuh muka pakai menatang ni. hahaha


Monday, April 9, 2012

Watery Idea

I've a simple idea. Yup, its about water.

Any movement = energy. Water flow = energy.
We use water for daily reasons, showering, cleaning the dishes, et al.

Why won't any engineer build a dynamo that could store the daily water usage energy by the flowing water so that we can use them for a small scale device?

R&D is not cheap but this shit is simple, i guess, since i do not have the expertise on this matter. If you have the expertise on this matter, it's a golden opportunity to at least build that device, and let the whole world use it for free, if u're generous enough lah. But hey, you can make money too if you can mass produce this shit and sell it to the whole wide world. M sure this shit will be a pisang goreng panas product. It'd be better if the installation of this shit is as easy as ABC. Just make sure you own the patent because someone else would've stole the patent from you and claim it theirs.

FYI, we've got all the technologies we need, but most of them are too expensive to materialize moreover when we, the so called developing country got no facilities and expertise to distribute em to the masses. Well, we live in a capitalist system, who wants to do anything for free nowadays? Even the so called volunteer do their volunteering for the sake of the allowance. haha

Chop chop. Time's running out.

Its kinda sad to know that you have all the ideas but u've got less than zero ability, expertise and knowledge to materialize em. Well i should just start approaching the right person for the right reason. That'd be a kickstart.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fitter Happier

I'm the type of guy who'd go for anything no matter how brilliant or stupid it may sound with some lightspeed decision making. Going for a breakfast without having your shower is sumptuous, moreover when it is done with the right person, regardless of their gender and all. All i need is the right amount of every simple things to choke upon the activities. If i had a tent, i'm sure as hell i'll be anywhere, with sands and beaches living a life like a nomad. But since i've goals n objectives to fulfill, i've to stick to it and stop once it is accomplished. Meyh, its a continuous circle or cycle or whatever u'd love to name it.

Everybody needs a routine, so, i'm planning one for myself since i've got nothing to do with myself. My super awesome mom is being awesome to me. I just need to keep up with all the chores and all. Nothing much.

Doing my cardio exercise 6 am alone is, not as fun as doing myself a favour with multiple types of hedonisme act. But still, self satisfaction counts. Plus, the blood circulating in my body seems to pump more ideas and more brilliant ideas. Somebody should invent me a device so that all the things i had in my brain could be recorded coz i'm a forgetful bastard.

Kena makan banyak kismis ke? Shit. Hope my friend would stash lotsa kismis on her way back home, coz i think i need some for myself.

Oh, a dog greeted me with a bark, so i said, hello dog, STFU! I'm not robbing your master's house, can't you see i'm wearing my gear for a jog?
The second time i've passed the same path, the dog barked again, its ok, what else can a tied dog do besides barking on and on.
The third time? He makes no sound. Maybe he have realized that he was barking for a wrong reason. Or maybe his master have told him to STFU too. Well, doesn't matter, i'm done for the day.

M sure as hell my body would ache tomorrow, so, i shoulda embrace the moment when the pain haven't show the fuck off to me.

Suck all the eggs, work the fuck out, run like hell. Yes, i've just found myself a routine for the moment.

I should bring my ipod and listen to fitter happier by Radiohead. No wonder i only lasts for 3 rounds, there's no motivational factors available.

Meyh, i should buy myself a couple bungkus of nasi lemak. I'm relatively hungry.

Remind me to write about my lovely little newfound kitten, she was so fucking cute.
Thats it for now, go and live your pathetic life, or do whatever it is u're supposed to do.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Something something something

Kenapa ni? Tak nampak cahaya ke? Nak aku suluh spotlight kat muka kau? Nak aku suluh spotlight sepanjang perjalanan hidup kau?

Kau pandang belakang pasal apa? Ke kau tak puas pandang depan, kau nak yang kat belakang jugak? Kau nak ape ni sebenarnya? Kau nak Semua orang suluh spotlight kat kau? Kau nak dunia sembah kau? Kau nak semua orang merengek mintak simpati dari kau? Kau ingat aku ni macam semua orang? Kau ingat kau siapa?

Kalau ada satu lubang kat kepala kau, dengan izin tuhan yang maha ghaib, kau mati. Serius kau mati. Kau bela lah ape babi hantu jembalang serigala garuda buaya beruang naga harimau katak mentadak mentaduk pun, kalau dah nak sampai masa kau mati, kau mati jugak.

Kau nak menyesal celah mana? Celah pantat?

Berpijak la kat bumi yang nyata wahai setan. Kau tu perangai memang serupa kimak. Kimak. Tau kimak tu apa? Kimak tu kau. Pukimak tu puki mak kau. sekarang aku cerita pasal kimak, pasal kau la.

Jangan dok merewang lagi dah, kau baik ada dalam kubur je. Untung untung aku ziarah kau, aku kencing atas kubur kau. Paham?

Barua level 99 punya lahanat.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Financial Procedure Act 1957

Section 17
Minister in respect of public moneys, revenues & stores of Federation, or Menteri Besar can write off losses / deficiencies / abandon irrecoverable amounts of revenues, debts, and overpayment


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Idealistically Insane

The best idea always come when u're taking a shit, showering or when u're in the place where u wash yourself up. The place where u've no proper gadget to sketch your ideas deliberately. This shit is inevitable. Maybe i should install a laptop in the toilet where they can stand the wet condition.

I'm having this sensation of writing novels. I actually had them in one of the file in the microsoft word. But as usual, deadlocked. My ideas was too complicated to be put into writing and this is not helping, at all.

I had this idea of writing about the perfect life, and yes, it comes when i'm taking my glorious shit down into the manhole.

Now, i'm thinking of leaving this poorly constructed ramblings in the saved section. There's tons of writing unpublished due to this  feelings.

Maybe i'm just too lazy to finish every writings up because i found them stupid, even for myself to read OR i don't feel like finishing it because the mood to write on that particular topic has long gone.

I need to get rid of this uncertainty at once, it is unhealthy, For me and my future. For sure, i need a deadline. Dammit. There's no more discipline in me. Maybe its time for me to deliberately understand and learn the japs culture so that i can be inspired to be more disciplined. Maybe i will have to commit harakiri if i ain't meet my deadline. But i'm not a samurai. I'm dedicated to myself, and the entity i can't see, but i'm not investing it to anybody else but me. This attitude is some kind of abomination too. Fuck.

I need, yes, need to steal all the time i can afford to steal so that i can finish all the things i've started. I can't allow procrastination to be my permanent companion, i'm getting older every single second that passes me by.

Too many maybe and need in the sentences above. Maybe, see, another maybe comes up. Maybe i need to change the need to want after this. I've got all the things i need, so i have to pursue all the things i wanted.

Lets start with optimistically 3000 of words daily?
Yeah right, start working on it, stop hoping that all these 26 magical alphabets to be finished constructively by themselves.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Dari Mulut Member

"Kenapa cari perbezaan bila boleh cari persamaan?"

Abang borak panjang malam tu. Apebende tah aku borak dengan dia tapi kalau borak dengan dia memang keje nak deep je. Mungkin sebab dia matang. Takdenye keje nak borak pasal perempuan sane, perempuan sini doploh pat jam sehari. Buang masa sial. Pasal tu kalau jumpa dengan dia aku boleh tahan sampai pagi. Susah sebenonye nak cari member buat borak borak deep ni. Lagi satu, kalau borak dengan dia pasal politik pun dia relax je. Disulami muka takde masalah, sama sama mengaku kerajaan ka, pembangkang ka, dua dua sama bangang. Takde nak tension tension muka ketat pertahankan ideologi masing masing. Yang paling best, dua dua nak duit, tapi bukan nak duit sebab suka suka nak duit, tapi sebab ada benda nak buat. Bisnes ka, apa ka, itu belakang cerita. Yang penting dapat. Tapi time belajar ni mana nak dapat mulah tebal buku teks? Masing masing layan lawak bodoh masing masing. Gelak macam haram. Orang kanan kiri pergi mampos. Ini kalau borak semeja sembang asyik nak tegang urat je pun payah jugok. Kalau macam tu gayanya, baik aku dok layan spongebob sampai subuh.

Dah, aku nak tulis satu ayat kat atas tu je sebenarnya. Yang banyak banyak kat bawah tu saje je tulis. Pasal apa aku tulis? P mampos pak mertua hang la sibuk nak tau kenapa aku tulis paseipa?

Lama jugak tak jumpa mamat ni. Habis program kita dok sembang lagi na?


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bangang Squared

Orang hisap dadah cakap,
"Jangan minum arak, nanti amalan kau tak diterima 40 hari"

Tapi orang yang minum arak cakap
"baik aku minum arak, kalau aku ambik dadah, kantoi dengan polis, naya wey!"

Orang hisap dadah pulak cakap
"Baik hisap dadah wey, kat holy book takde cakap pasal amalan tak diterima pun?"

Orang minum arak cakap
"Baik kau minum arak. Halal pun halal. Polis nak tangkap kau ape sebab? Lain la kalau kau drink n drive. Kat Malaysia jual arak sepah sepah, kira halal la tu. Kalau urine pun lepas"

Tapi orang kuat romen cakap
"Baik kau beromen, bodoh. Sedap pun sedap, layan pun layan, nak risau urine padia?"

Orang hisap dadah dengan orang minum arak cakap serentak
"Kau nak mampos? Kalau kena HIV, AIDS, Syphilis bagai padan muka kau! Mampos kau esok aku call JAKIM serbu rumah kau"

Orang hisap rokok pulak menyampuk
"hisap rokok sudah lahanat. Paling paling kau rosakkan paru paru kau. Untung untung boleh bunuh orang sekeliling kau sekali. Tak payah nak risau urine lah, Jakim lah, amalan tak diterima lah. Menyusahkan kepala hotak je, tahu? Kau pernah tengok orang kena tangkap sebab hisap rokok?"

Penagih, kaki botol, kaki romen dengan perokok tegar pun hisap rokok sama sama. Fikirkan pasal semua persoalan persoalan bangang yang mereka bangkitkan.

P/S : Hati hati hisap rokok kat melaka, silap haribulan kena saman. kahkahkah. Good shit.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Reason

I've been resisting myself from writing about this and that recently.

There's a voice in my head telling me that every opinion i've had is obsolete. It feels like... this

Inner voice : Dude, you've been writing craps every now and then. Don't you feel stupid doing that on regular basis?
Me : Yeah, i've been thinking about this shit too.
Inner voice : So?
Me : So what?
Inner voice : Stop crapping lah?
Me : I'm deliberately trying to. Don't force me to kill you on a regular basis, you won't like it when i'm mad coz i'm rarely mad at anyone.
Inner voice : Try me, i'm immortal dude. You need me. Everybody have a piece of me in their head. You can't see me, but you can hear me every now and then.
Me : Whatever. I'll hire another you to kill you. Ha!
Inner voice : Fuck you! I'M IMMORTAL!
Me : Is this an attempt to provoke me? Dude, try harder please? I'm expressionless, for the time being. You have to accept the fact that i have no grip on feelings now. My face will always provide you a smirk every now and then.
Inner voice : Okay then. I'll be there when i'll be there. I'll be there when you needed me the most. I'll be there when u're vulnerable. I'll be there when you...
Me : Stop it. I am controlling you now, u're predictably out of words. STFU and die.

Yes, thats one of the scene joyously shooting in my head.
Nope. I don't have another me. That inner voice? Everybody had them. Most of your inner voice is shy. That's why they keep on playing in your head mercilessly over and over again. Or u'll prolly put them somewhere else, preferably visible, like your facebook status, or twitter.

So long. May the lord of Unicorn lend me its wings to fly to the land of death, filled with all the regrets coated with the darkness.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pain is inevitable suffering is optional

pain is inevitable suffering is optional
pain is inevitable suffering is optional
pain is inevitable suffering is optional
pain is inevitable suffering is optional
pain is inevitable suffering is optional
pain is inevitable suffering is optional
pain is inevitable suffering is optional
pain is inevitable suffering is optional

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We're all some kinda lab rat to start with. We try this. We try that. We eat this. We eat that.
All of you are my lab rats too. I need to know why people are doing this and that to structure my understanding of each and every one of you. Well, that's life the way it goes.

I've made my hypothesis to sort out the conclusion. Nothing is permanent and still. Life's as dynamic and progressive no matter how stagnant we are.  We did everything through our own explanation and reasons. Conclusions have a lot of strings too. Self reflect of what we'll be doing to prevent any fatality that might be happening. Sometimes, the end justify the means. No matter how good or bad you are. Self explanatory is the best explanation. Although some people might find it too complicated to comprehend.

Well lets get back to the lab rat thingy. I believe that even our imagination is limited. We are bound to think on the basis of  logical phenomenon. Not everybody have the ability to think beyond the scope of normal regulated minds. Some people got no questions left to ask. That is how their mind died. They stopped seeking for multiple options/reasons/choice on why this and that happens. Enigmatically, every shit in this world reside in its own box of questions. The answer? Lies within you.

Pragmatic approach will only care to explain on why it happens logically. Rare minds never think alike. The rest of you just wanna be apart of the 'yes sir' community whose opinion and stand relies with the masses. Afraid of being different to know the indifference.

Meyh. This white screen is killing me. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Satisfactory Feedback

Kalau servis celcom efficient macam ni, bayar mahal sikit pun aku tak kisah. Baguslah, kalau tak memang aku maki je korang pagi pagi ni.

Oh, harga makanan aku lagi murah dari harga minuman aku pagi ni. Tu pasal aku suka nasi lemak tepi jalan, puas perut aku makan. tak payah nak grand grand sangatlah, makanan tu last last jadi taik jugak. hahahahahahaha

For you i will not wait till i die because i have a limited amount of time to live.

Robert Mayer cakap liquor can be good and bad at the same time. Aku bukan kaki botol, tapi dia bagi perspektif yang sangat mudah dihadam. Aku tengah baca buku on How to win any argument without raising your voice, losing your cool or coming to blows. Baca sikit sikit sudah, nak baca banyak banyak sekaligus tak feel nanti.

Tapi haritu aku ade jugak naikkan suara.Tak master lagi ni. Kena tiru pelakon Hakeem Kae-kazim masa dia watakkan Awolowa Odusami. Relax je dia borak. Cool habis.

Oh, pergi tengok cerita The Fourth Kind. Seram gampang. lagi seram dari exorcist kot. Agak agak tak mampu beli dvd pegi download dekat torrent berdekatan. Tapi tanggung sendiri la. Aku cuma promote filem ni je. Seronok sebenarnya layan benda benda misteri ni.

Dah, aku nak cari ketenangan hidup. Jumpa lagi bila bila masa. Yang penting, sila dapatkan sekurang kurangnya RM5000. Aku nak beli barang. Barang ape? Information sekarang ni lagi mahal dari emas permata. Agak2 nak tau aku nak beli ape, bayar lah! Kalau kau nak derma pun boleh jugak. Malas la letak email kat sini. Nanti site2 porno ambik email aku hantar spam. menyampah aku nak layan. Papehal comment je. Kalau aku tak layan sila buat aduan dekat KPDNHEP. Harap harap lepas kau buat aduan aku akan ambil tindakan sewajarnya.

Pok amai amai belalang kupu kupu. Jangan jadi bangang pergi baca buku.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Premium Rollah Coastah 2

At the same time, i've met a typical lady who doesn't like the mainstream view of life. oh, life's back on being normal and balanced, again.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Premium Rollah Coastah

I don't know if i'm lucky or not but i knew this girl who realized that she's a bimbo but will/might/would/could question what bimbo is. I'm not saying this shit by an assumption neither by my own judgment, but its her confession all along. Life, you've gotta be kidding me. Are you happy now?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bread and Butter

Setiap hari dalam masa yang singkat harga barang naik macam lelaki kena rangsang dengan perempuan perempuan bogel setiap masa dekat tepi jalan.

Tepung campur gula campur garam campur mentega campur susu campur air campur keringat yang menguli pun dah naik harga. Memang patut la kita semua kena makan roti canai sebulan sekali. Itu kuantiti ideal yang salah seorang manusia terdekat aku cakap. Aku percaya sebab dia memang kerja dalam bidang kesihatan. Mungkin, mungkin satu hari nanti ada statistik yang menunjukkan warga malaysia obes sebab hari hari makan roti canai sampai pecah urat saraf sebab tak mampu nak menampung lemak lemak yang gagal dinyahtinjakan oleh badan yang tak efisien dengan kehidupan seharian yang terbukti tak produktif.

Ada penganalisis politik kata bread and butter bukan masalah orang orang bandar. Tapi aku berpendapat sebaliknya. Orang bandar (urban) lah manusia yang paling terjejas dengan kenaikan setiap harga barang yang berlaku setiap saat berlalu. Manusia habiskan hampir 50% gaji yang diterima untuk makan. Orang bandar sekali makan habis RM10. Tu baru sekali makan. Cuba kalau dia makan breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, n supper. Tak ke habis kira kira RM35 setiap hari hanya untuk makan? Tu anggaran kasar. Aku tak cukup masa and kepakaran nak buat statistik statistik bombastik yang mampu buatkan siapa siapa beliakkan bijik mata.

35 darab 30 = RM1050.
Kepala bana apa? Minimum wages pun tak sampai seribu. Tu baru makan. Belum cerita pasal kereta, minyak, pakaian branded, rumah, anak bini (kalau ada), hiburan, alcohol, dadah, peruntukan untuk berfoya foya, main snooker & pool, hobi, main golf, etc etc.

Memang patut lah gaji RM3000 tu dikira miskin tegar kat malaysia untuk warga warga urban. Acap kali harga barang naik takde warning. Tapi gaji segan segan nak naik selalu. Kalau minyak naik pun dapat lah depa semua isi minyak sampai meletup tank untuk kali terakhir, sebab kalau minyak naik harga, satu malaysia kecoh. Lagi kecoh dari berita Bik mama habiskan duit rakyat beli barang barang keperluan dan kemahuan dia.

Ni aku nak bagitau satu benda yang sepatutnya semua orang tau. Tax tu semua orang bayar. Jangan ingat income tax je sumber tax yang kerajaan dapat untuk tampung perbendaharaan negara. Tu hah makan kat kfc mcd palancau semua tu kena 6% tax. Kalau aku habiskan RM100, buta buta je aku derma RM6 untuk tax. Jangan ungkal sangat nak ikut cakap diri sendiri je, tau la awak tu dah tua, tapi jangan ingat semua orang tua tau semua benda.

Mungkin sebab tu jugak politik matang tak berlaku kat malaysia bilamana kerajaan malaysia masih lagi mengekalkan pemerintahan separa kuku besi bagi mengelakkan kebangkitan rakyat yang sekian lamanya dimomok-momokkan dengan "Malaysia aman, takde masalah, harmoni, lu chillax je bro" yang hari hari confirm gedegang telinga lu dengar.

Pemerintahan sedia ada masih lagi mengamalkan corak pemerintahan British pada suatu masa dahulu dimana resident resident yang berkuasa mengawal pentadbiran tidak melatih atau membimbing orang tempatan untuk turut serta mentadbir negara. Atas alasan? Nanti kalau orang malaya sudah pandai, depa naik kepala, nak merdeka lah, nak itulah, nak inilah. So far itu yang aku nampak sebab interaksi antara pemimpin dengan pengundi pengundi masih lagi ditahap, entahlah, jujur aku cakap aku sendiri tak pernah jumpa ahli parlimen or adun kawasan aku. Macam mana depa nak tau ape yang tengah bermain main dalam kepala hotak aku? Takkan aku kena join pemuda umno, pemuda pas, pemuda pkr, or pemuda dap untuk bagi depa a piece of my mind? Aku tak bersedia lagi untuk jadi taksub macam tu.

Dah start nak masuk politik dah pulak. Malas aku nak tulis lebih lebih. Tak pasal pasal aku kena cop barua parti itu parti ini. Aku lagi rela kena cop barua diri sendiri sebab kalau aku tak buat semua untuk diri sendiri, siapa nak buatkan untuk diri sendiri?

Kesimpulannya, tulisan kali ni takde kesimpulan, pandai pandai lu orang lah nak simpul simpulkan apa apa yang patut.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Its been 50+ years we've been ruled under the same government.
The whole process of decolonization went without any big wars. A peaceful means are chosen. There's pro and cons to it since conflict actually promote the understanding between the communities. Who wants and endless conflict? That'd be total chaos and all.

Yes, one might say that the establishment of the federal constitution was being ploted by them and their cronies to actually gain control of the government. Conspiracies, ba ba black sheep, kung kang kung kang happened all the way down.

Perlembagaan rakyat cease to exist.
Perlembagaan persekutuan established.

Still, we're all under control of them elites under the tones of "i'm the ruler because u've controlled the economy". But hey, should we blame our ancestor for it?

The mixed feelings is there. Who doesn't want to see changes since Malaysia is being controlled under the monotone dictatorship of the so called righteous race.

Barisan Nasional under the core of UMNO has reign this country ever since it gained independence.
The longest strive of government controlled state of all time. Under the disguise of the so called democracy.

Yup, i'd love to see what'd foreseeably happened if and only if the government change. For the time being, that hope is still covered with fogs since most Malaysians is not aware and not politically matured to pave a path/course towards a transparent government.

If i want to see it in my point of view, most urban areas constituencies are supporting the opposition while the rural areas are still supporting the current government. I believe that such things happened for a reason.

Here's a trivia, 50% of the world populations is populated by the human whose age is 30 years old and under.

There's a big gap between the older generations and the younger generation. Most older generation still feel owed to the current government because no other government is in power and of course, a lot of help was given to them that makes them who they are today. The younger generations? Most of us were confused and thinks that politics are dirtier than sin. Though we sinned all day and night long.

Even Zaid Ibrahim thanks the current government for all the things they've done. But i believe this man is a man of principles. Thats why he leaves both BN and PR. Formed Parti KITA and support the opposition mainly because he can see all the swindling happening in the current government. Heard about that "i'd vote anything but UMNO, maybe because they've witnessed the corruption.

Did you know that a lot of people joined BN due to its high composure of business interconnectivity?

My friend told me that his father would support any current government since they've been given a mandate to rule the country.

But still, i wanted to see and feel the changes that PR's coalitions promised for. Corruption? That'd surely happens no matter what parties ruled the government. But how bad the corruption rate will be is still undecided. Both BN and PR is a very good manipulator. Money and power is the essence of politics. Put scandals and moral high ground aside.

Anwar and his endless route to Putrajaya. A place that the opposition members put snide remarks upon is the place where they're fighting to stay. Fucking ironic.
Telling the world BN is all about crony monopoly but he vetoed azmin ali to become PKR's vice president.

Cut the crap. Throw them useless corrupted liabilities to a place they deserved.
Khir Toyo is just another minute offender out of the galaxy. The rest is still roaming around waiting for a time to pinch every coins from the masses.

The point is, what changes can and will the opposition bring forward if and only if they're in charge. I don't wanna hear just another news on corruption and all but to what extends the change will take place?

All i can see is childish act. That party badmouthed the other party and the other party do the same to the other party. Endless stupid cycle. Why won't y'all just focused on highlighting what u've done to serve the masses so that the masses can see what y'all have done to secure urself a vote from us?

Well, the next general election? BN will still reign Malaysia. Wanna bet? Haha

I'd love to analyse what happens in the opposition ruled state. Johor? This is BN's playground.  But It's kinda hard to see any changes if the representatives is comfortable with their own constituencies.

Meyh, I might just have to embrace what'd be happening and laugh at the politicians jokes since they're one of the best comedian born out of mindless speech and policies.

Till then, whenever the general election shows up, VOTE, jangan tido.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Definition of Human Behaviour

Kalau kat dunia ni ada pangkat tuhan, nescaya berebut-rebut manusia berlumba-lumba nak attain and maintain pangkat tuhan.

Manusia celah mana yang betul betul rasa puas dengan semua benda?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hall Of Shame

The corruption in the police department is rampant. The government need to overcome this issue before the rate of corruption rise against the ceilings, again.

I bet everybody who had the experience in dealing with the corrupt officer know this. They are begging for the under the table money like it is apart of the routine that every other police officer need to do. This shit has become a plague amongst the society. I've seen police officer asking for protection money from the brothel, the pirate dvd shops, from anyone who drive any vehicle on the road, etc etc.

Talking about integrity, this shit got no formal syllabus to be learned in any institution. The society is still lack of awareness about this shit. Integrity comes within ourselves. It is how you being honest to urself. Trust me, we're still lacking in this. A lot of political figure who seen and experienced this corruption deflect from the government and go against them in any way they can. This might be the reason why there's a lot, a lot of people vote against the present government in the general election. You can see the results in 2008 general election.

The statistics that shows how the corruption rate decrease is only a fact on a piece of paper, the real deal? Y'all know better.

I can't remember which agency established the Hall Of Shame for the offender but thats quite an interesting move to give a damn for. Its SPRM if m not mistaken.

So, we, as a community can also make the same effort to put them corrupted officer to be listed on the hall of shame too.

If you encounter any corrupted officer, get their number and post it anywhere and everywhere you can afford. Post it on facebook, twitter, myspace, friendster, hi5, tagged, orkut, G+, or any medium you can find. It'd be better if you can capture their number and post it all over the web.

The best way to kick them in the arse is by cooperating with the SPRM, but you know how bureaucracy and redtape works in Malaysia. So, as an alternative, post them shit on the web.

The internet never forgive and never forget.

Lets teach them some lesson. If we can't trust them in taking care of the citizen, who'd we go for if nobody struts and frets the muscle to overcome this shit?

We need a lot of vigilante to at least reduce the amount of corruption. If we never tried to be honest to ourself, who'd be true to us?

For the time being, happy vendetta-ing.



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