Thursday, January 26, 2012


Its been 50+ years we've been ruled under the same government.
The whole process of decolonization went without any big wars. A peaceful means are chosen. There's pro and cons to it since conflict actually promote the understanding between the communities. Who wants and endless conflict? That'd be total chaos and all.

Yes, one might say that the establishment of the federal constitution was being ploted by them and their cronies to actually gain control of the government. Conspiracies, ba ba black sheep, kung kang kung kang happened all the way down.

Perlembagaan rakyat cease to exist.
Perlembagaan persekutuan established.

Still, we're all under control of them elites under the tones of "i'm the ruler because u've controlled the economy". But hey, should we blame our ancestor for it?

The mixed feelings is there. Who doesn't want to see changes since Malaysia is being controlled under the monotone dictatorship of the so called righteous race.

Barisan Nasional under the core of UMNO has reign this country ever since it gained independence.
The longest strive of government controlled state of all time. Under the disguise of the so called democracy.

Yup, i'd love to see what'd foreseeably happened if and only if the government change. For the time being, that hope is still covered with fogs since most Malaysians is not aware and not politically matured to pave a path/course towards a transparent government.

If i want to see it in my point of view, most urban areas constituencies are supporting the opposition while the rural areas are still supporting the current government. I believe that such things happened for a reason.

Here's a trivia, 50% of the world populations is populated by the human whose age is 30 years old and under.

There's a big gap between the older generations and the younger generation. Most older generation still feel owed to the current government because no other government is in power and of course, a lot of help was given to them that makes them who they are today. The younger generations? Most of us were confused and thinks that politics are dirtier than sin. Though we sinned all day and night long.

Even Zaid Ibrahim thanks the current government for all the things they've done. But i believe this man is a man of principles. Thats why he leaves both BN and PR. Formed Parti KITA and support the opposition mainly because he can see all the swindling happening in the current government. Heard about that "i'd vote anything but UMNO, maybe because they've witnessed the corruption.

Did you know that a lot of people joined BN due to its high composure of business interconnectivity?

My friend told me that his father would support any current government since they've been given a mandate to rule the country.

But still, i wanted to see and feel the changes that PR's coalitions promised for. Corruption? That'd surely happens no matter what parties ruled the government. But how bad the corruption rate will be is still undecided. Both BN and PR is a very good manipulator. Money and power is the essence of politics. Put scandals and moral high ground aside.

Anwar and his endless route to Putrajaya. A place that the opposition members put snide remarks upon is the place where they're fighting to stay. Fucking ironic.
Telling the world BN is all about crony monopoly but he vetoed azmin ali to become PKR's vice president.

Cut the crap. Throw them useless corrupted liabilities to a place they deserved.
Khir Toyo is just another minute offender out of the galaxy. The rest is still roaming around waiting for a time to pinch every coins from the masses.

The point is, what changes can and will the opposition bring forward if and only if they're in charge. I don't wanna hear just another news on corruption and all but to what extends the change will take place?

All i can see is childish act. That party badmouthed the other party and the other party do the same to the other party. Endless stupid cycle. Why won't y'all just focused on highlighting what u've done to serve the masses so that the masses can see what y'all have done to secure urself a vote from us?

Well, the next general election? BN will still reign Malaysia. Wanna bet? Haha

I'd love to analyse what happens in the opposition ruled state. Johor? This is BN's playground.  But It's kinda hard to see any changes if the representatives is comfortable with their own constituencies.

Meyh, I might just have to embrace what'd be happening and laugh at the politicians jokes since they're one of the best comedian born out of mindless speech and policies.

Till then, whenever the general election shows up, VOTE, jangan tido.


comic reader said...

...politik untuk kuasa, ekonomi untuk kewangan, kuasa untuk wang untuk kuasa. - (20120125, teh tarik gelas besar)

permainan ni ada kat mana-mana parti pun, hatta parti tupperware. cuma masa yang dapat merubah secara SEMENTARA kegilaan2 seperti di atas.
pilihlah parti anda jika ia sedang menuju jalan yang betul, setidaknya buat masa sekarang..hahhaa

comic reader said...
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