Monday, January 16, 2012

Hall Of Shame

The corruption in the police department is rampant. The government need to overcome this issue before the rate of corruption rise against the ceilings, again.

I bet everybody who had the experience in dealing with the corrupt officer know this. They are begging for the under the table money like it is apart of the routine that every other police officer need to do. This shit has become a plague amongst the society. I've seen police officer asking for protection money from the brothel, the pirate dvd shops, from anyone who drive any vehicle on the road, etc etc.

Talking about integrity, this shit got no formal syllabus to be learned in any institution. The society is still lack of awareness about this shit. Integrity comes within ourselves. It is how you being honest to urself. Trust me, we're still lacking in this. A lot of political figure who seen and experienced this corruption deflect from the government and go against them in any way they can. This might be the reason why there's a lot, a lot of people vote against the present government in the general election. You can see the results in 2008 general election.

The statistics that shows how the corruption rate decrease is only a fact on a piece of paper, the real deal? Y'all know better.

I can't remember which agency established the Hall Of Shame for the offender but thats quite an interesting move to give a damn for. Its SPRM if m not mistaken.

So, we, as a community can also make the same effort to put them corrupted officer to be listed on the hall of shame too.

If you encounter any corrupted officer, get their number and post it anywhere and everywhere you can afford. Post it on facebook, twitter, myspace, friendster, hi5, tagged, orkut, G+, or any medium you can find. It'd be better if you can capture their number and post it all over the web.

The best way to kick them in the arse is by cooperating with the SPRM, but you know how bureaucracy and redtape works in Malaysia. So, as an alternative, post them shit on the web.

The internet never forgive and never forget.

Lets teach them some lesson. If we can't trust them in taking care of the citizen, who'd we go for if nobody struts and frets the muscle to overcome this shit?

We need a lot of vigilante to at least reduce the amount of corruption. If we never tried to be honest to ourself, who'd be true to us?

For the time being, happy vendetta-ing.


1 comment:

jhnrdzi said...

I totally agree with you dude, those motherfucking corrupted officers really need some lessons.


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