Friday, March 30, 2012

Financial Procedure Act 1957

Section 17
Minister in respect of public moneys, revenues & stores of Federation, or Menteri Besar can write off losses / deficiencies / abandon irrecoverable amounts of revenues, debts, and overpayment


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Idealistically Insane

The best idea always come when u're taking a shit, showering or when u're in the place where u wash yourself up. The place where u've no proper gadget to sketch your ideas deliberately. This shit is inevitable. Maybe i should install a laptop in the toilet where they can stand the wet condition.

I'm having this sensation of writing novels. I actually had them in one of the file in the microsoft word. But as usual, deadlocked. My ideas was too complicated to be put into writing and this is not helping, at all.

I had this idea of writing about the perfect life, and yes, it comes when i'm taking my glorious shit down into the manhole.

Now, i'm thinking of leaving this poorly constructed ramblings in the saved section. There's tons of writing unpublished due to this  feelings.

Maybe i'm just too lazy to finish every writings up because i found them stupid, even for myself to read OR i don't feel like finishing it because the mood to write on that particular topic has long gone.

I need to get rid of this uncertainty at once, it is unhealthy, For me and my future. For sure, i need a deadline. Dammit. There's no more discipline in me. Maybe its time for me to deliberately understand and learn the japs culture so that i can be inspired to be more disciplined. Maybe i will have to commit harakiri if i ain't meet my deadline. But i'm not a samurai. I'm dedicated to myself, and the entity i can't see, but i'm not investing it to anybody else but me. This attitude is some kind of abomination too. Fuck.

I need, yes, need to steal all the time i can afford to steal so that i can finish all the things i've started. I can't allow procrastination to be my permanent companion, i'm getting older every single second that passes me by.

Too many maybe and need in the sentences above. Maybe, see, another maybe comes up. Maybe i need to change the need to want after this. I've got all the things i need, so i have to pursue all the things i wanted.

Lets start with optimistically 3000 of words daily?
Yeah right, start working on it, stop hoping that all these 26 magical alphabets to be finished constructively by themselves.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Dari Mulut Member

"Kenapa cari perbezaan bila boleh cari persamaan?"

Abang borak panjang malam tu. Apebende tah aku borak dengan dia tapi kalau borak dengan dia memang keje nak deep je. Mungkin sebab dia matang. Takdenye keje nak borak pasal perempuan sane, perempuan sini doploh pat jam sehari. Buang masa sial. Pasal tu kalau jumpa dengan dia aku boleh tahan sampai pagi. Susah sebenonye nak cari member buat borak borak deep ni. Lagi satu, kalau borak dengan dia pasal politik pun dia relax je. Disulami muka takde masalah, sama sama mengaku kerajaan ka, pembangkang ka, dua dua sama bangang. Takde nak tension tension muka ketat pertahankan ideologi masing masing. Yang paling best, dua dua nak duit, tapi bukan nak duit sebab suka suka nak duit, tapi sebab ada benda nak buat. Bisnes ka, apa ka, itu belakang cerita. Yang penting dapat. Tapi time belajar ni mana nak dapat mulah tebal buku teks? Masing masing layan lawak bodoh masing masing. Gelak macam haram. Orang kanan kiri pergi mampos. Ini kalau borak semeja sembang asyik nak tegang urat je pun payah jugok. Kalau macam tu gayanya, baik aku dok layan spongebob sampai subuh.

Dah, aku nak tulis satu ayat kat atas tu je sebenarnya. Yang banyak banyak kat bawah tu saje je tulis. Pasal apa aku tulis? P mampos pak mertua hang la sibuk nak tau kenapa aku tulis paseipa?

Lama jugak tak jumpa mamat ni. Habis program kita dok sembang lagi na?


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bangang Squared

Orang hisap dadah cakap,
"Jangan minum arak, nanti amalan kau tak diterima 40 hari"

Tapi orang yang minum arak cakap
"baik aku minum arak, kalau aku ambik dadah, kantoi dengan polis, naya wey!"

Orang hisap dadah pulak cakap
"Baik hisap dadah wey, kat holy book takde cakap pasal amalan tak diterima pun?"

Orang minum arak cakap
"Baik kau minum arak. Halal pun halal. Polis nak tangkap kau ape sebab? Lain la kalau kau drink n drive. Kat Malaysia jual arak sepah sepah, kira halal la tu. Kalau urine pun lepas"

Tapi orang kuat romen cakap
"Baik kau beromen, bodoh. Sedap pun sedap, layan pun layan, nak risau urine padia?"

Orang hisap dadah dengan orang minum arak cakap serentak
"Kau nak mampos? Kalau kena HIV, AIDS, Syphilis bagai padan muka kau! Mampos kau esok aku call JAKIM serbu rumah kau"

Orang hisap rokok pulak menyampuk
"hisap rokok sudah lahanat. Paling paling kau rosakkan paru paru kau. Untung untung boleh bunuh orang sekeliling kau sekali. Tak payah nak risau urine lah, Jakim lah, amalan tak diterima lah. Menyusahkan kepala hotak je, tahu? Kau pernah tengok orang kena tangkap sebab hisap rokok?"

Penagih, kaki botol, kaki romen dengan perokok tegar pun hisap rokok sama sama. Fikirkan pasal semua persoalan persoalan bangang yang mereka bangkitkan.

P/S : Hati hati hisap rokok kat melaka, silap haribulan kena saman. kahkahkah. Good shit.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Reason

I've been resisting myself from writing about this and that recently.

There's a voice in my head telling me that every opinion i've had is obsolete. It feels like... this

Inner voice : Dude, you've been writing craps every now and then. Don't you feel stupid doing that on regular basis?
Me : Yeah, i've been thinking about this shit too.
Inner voice : So?
Me : So what?
Inner voice : Stop crapping lah?
Me : I'm deliberately trying to. Don't force me to kill you on a regular basis, you won't like it when i'm mad coz i'm rarely mad at anyone.
Inner voice : Try me, i'm immortal dude. You need me. Everybody have a piece of me in their head. You can't see me, but you can hear me every now and then.
Me : Whatever. I'll hire another you to kill you. Ha!
Inner voice : Fuck you! I'M IMMORTAL!
Me : Is this an attempt to provoke me? Dude, try harder please? I'm expressionless, for the time being. You have to accept the fact that i have no grip on feelings now. My face will always provide you a smirk every now and then.
Inner voice : Okay then. I'll be there when i'll be there. I'll be there when you needed me the most. I'll be there when u're vulnerable. I'll be there when you...
Me : Stop it. I am controlling you now, u're predictably out of words. STFU and die.

Yes, thats one of the scene joyously shooting in my head.
Nope. I don't have another me. That inner voice? Everybody had them. Most of your inner voice is shy. That's why they keep on playing in your head mercilessly over and over again. Or u'll prolly put them somewhere else, preferably visible, like your facebook status, or twitter.

So long. May the lord of Unicorn lend me its wings to fly to the land of death, filled with all the regrets coated with the darkness.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pain is inevitable suffering is optional

pain is inevitable suffering is optional
pain is inevitable suffering is optional
pain is inevitable suffering is optional
pain is inevitable suffering is optional
pain is inevitable suffering is optional
pain is inevitable suffering is optional
pain is inevitable suffering is optional
pain is inevitable suffering is optional

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We're all some kinda lab rat to start with. We try this. We try that. We eat this. We eat that.
All of you are my lab rats too. I need to know why people are doing this and that to structure my understanding of each and every one of you. Well, that's life the way it goes.

I've made my hypothesis to sort out the conclusion. Nothing is permanent and still. Life's as dynamic and progressive no matter how stagnant we are.  We did everything through our own explanation and reasons. Conclusions have a lot of strings too. Self reflect of what we'll be doing to prevent any fatality that might be happening. Sometimes, the end justify the means. No matter how good or bad you are. Self explanatory is the best explanation. Although some people might find it too complicated to comprehend.

Well lets get back to the lab rat thingy. I believe that even our imagination is limited. We are bound to think on the basis of  logical phenomenon. Not everybody have the ability to think beyond the scope of normal regulated minds. Some people got no questions left to ask. That is how their mind died. They stopped seeking for multiple options/reasons/choice on why this and that happens. Enigmatically, every shit in this world reside in its own box of questions. The answer? Lies within you.

Pragmatic approach will only care to explain on why it happens logically. Rare minds never think alike. The rest of you just wanna be apart of the 'yes sir' community whose opinion and stand relies with the masses. Afraid of being different to know the indifference.

Meyh. This white screen is killing me. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Satisfactory Feedback

Kalau servis celcom efficient macam ni, bayar mahal sikit pun aku tak kisah. Baguslah, kalau tak memang aku maki je korang pagi pagi ni.

Oh, harga makanan aku lagi murah dari harga minuman aku pagi ni. Tu pasal aku suka nasi lemak tepi jalan, puas perut aku makan. tak payah nak grand grand sangatlah, makanan tu last last jadi taik jugak. hahahahahahaha

For you i will not wait till i die because i have a limited amount of time to live.

Robert Mayer cakap liquor can be good and bad at the same time. Aku bukan kaki botol, tapi dia bagi perspektif yang sangat mudah dihadam. Aku tengah baca buku on How to win any argument without raising your voice, losing your cool or coming to blows. Baca sikit sikit sudah, nak baca banyak banyak sekaligus tak feel nanti.

Tapi haritu aku ade jugak naikkan suara.Tak master lagi ni. Kena tiru pelakon Hakeem Kae-kazim masa dia watakkan Awolowa Odusami. Relax je dia borak. Cool habis.

Oh, pergi tengok cerita The Fourth Kind. Seram gampang. lagi seram dari exorcist kot. Agak agak tak mampu beli dvd pegi download dekat torrent berdekatan. Tapi tanggung sendiri la. Aku cuma promote filem ni je. Seronok sebenarnya layan benda benda misteri ni.

Dah, aku nak cari ketenangan hidup. Jumpa lagi bila bila masa. Yang penting, sila dapatkan sekurang kurangnya RM5000. Aku nak beli barang. Barang ape? Information sekarang ni lagi mahal dari emas permata. Agak2 nak tau aku nak beli ape, bayar lah! Kalau kau nak derma pun boleh jugak. Malas la letak email kat sini. Nanti site2 porno ambik email aku hantar spam. menyampah aku nak layan. Papehal comment je. Kalau aku tak layan sila buat aduan dekat KPDNHEP. Harap harap lepas kau buat aduan aku akan ambil tindakan sewajarnya.

Pok amai amai belalang kupu kupu. Jangan jadi bangang pergi baca buku.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Premium Rollah Coastah 2

At the same time, i've met a typical lady who doesn't like the mainstream view of life. oh, life's back on being normal and balanced, again.


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