Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We're all some kinda lab rat to start with. We try this. We try that. We eat this. We eat that.
All of you are my lab rats too. I need to know why people are doing this and that to structure my understanding of each and every one of you. Well, that's life the way it goes.

I've made my hypothesis to sort out the conclusion. Nothing is permanent and still. Life's as dynamic and progressive no matter how stagnant we are.  We did everything through our own explanation and reasons. Conclusions have a lot of strings too. Self reflect of what we'll be doing to prevent any fatality that might be happening. Sometimes, the end justify the means. No matter how good or bad you are. Self explanatory is the best explanation. Although some people might find it too complicated to comprehend.

Well lets get back to the lab rat thingy. I believe that even our imagination is limited. We are bound to think on the basis of  logical phenomenon. Not everybody have the ability to think beyond the scope of normal regulated minds. Some people got no questions left to ask. That is how their mind died. They stopped seeking for multiple options/reasons/choice on why this and that happens. Enigmatically, every shit in this world reside in its own box of questions. The answer? Lies within you.

Pragmatic approach will only care to explain on why it happens logically. Rare minds never think alike. The rest of you just wanna be apart of the 'yes sir' community whose opinion and stand relies with the masses. Afraid of being different to know the indifference.

Meyh. This white screen is killing me. 

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