Friday, March 23, 2012

The Reason

I've been resisting myself from writing about this and that recently.

There's a voice in my head telling me that every opinion i've had is obsolete. It feels like... this

Inner voice : Dude, you've been writing craps every now and then. Don't you feel stupid doing that on regular basis?
Me : Yeah, i've been thinking about this shit too.
Inner voice : So?
Me : So what?
Inner voice : Stop crapping lah?
Me : I'm deliberately trying to. Don't force me to kill you on a regular basis, you won't like it when i'm mad coz i'm rarely mad at anyone.
Inner voice : Try me, i'm immortal dude. You need me. Everybody have a piece of me in their head. You can't see me, but you can hear me every now and then.
Me : Whatever. I'll hire another you to kill you. Ha!
Inner voice : Fuck you! I'M IMMORTAL!
Me : Is this an attempt to provoke me? Dude, try harder please? I'm expressionless, for the time being. You have to accept the fact that i have no grip on feelings now. My face will always provide you a smirk every now and then.
Inner voice : Okay then. I'll be there when i'll be there. I'll be there when you needed me the most. I'll be there when u're vulnerable. I'll be there when you...
Me : Stop it. I am controlling you now, u're predictably out of words. STFU and die.

Yes, thats one of the scene joyously shooting in my head.
Nope. I don't have another me. That inner voice? Everybody had them. Most of your inner voice is shy. That's why they keep on playing in your head mercilessly over and over again. Or u'll prolly put them somewhere else, preferably visible, like your facebook status, or twitter.

So long. May the lord of Unicorn lend me its wings to fly to the land of death, filled with all the regrets coated with the darkness.

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