Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Occupy Opportunities

Occupy dataran?

You can occupy all the parks in malaysia without being charged for all the things u've been charged with
You're assimilating, no, duplicating, no, plagiarizing the movements from outside malaysia. Bet all you need is publicity, cheap publicity imho.

If you wanna do it big, find a solution, be as rich as Bill Gates, create job opportunities, be a helpful activists.
Don't blame Bill Gates because he's rich and successful in his business. Most of you used his invention to spread all you wanna spread.

You can't just help malaysian people with mere ideologies. Most of them don't get it. All in all, what they need is money. For what? For all the necessities.

Activism needs a lot of money, and sponsorship. That, ain't come easy.

Most of them activists said they're suppressed and oppressed. Oppressed of what?. Oppressed in not having an ample job vacancies?

Well if you do not have a job, create one. Sell things, be an entrepreneur, create a job opportunity. Mere action to make people to think about this and that will get them nowhere. Throw your head on the walls, if it hurts, u're alive. The reality is harsh.

Everybody have this dissatisfaction in every single thing they can't have. Luxury, loads of cash, bling bling, gadgets, cars, property et al. I do have the urge to be rich too. To have all the things i can't afford to have. Thats human. We want everything and anything that could satisfy our endless wants and needs.

You're talking about this opportunity that u don't have and all, that makes me feel bloated. Bloated with whine. an Endless one. Why won't you just grab one and climb the stairs. Nothing comes easy, unless u comes from a wealthy family and could afford all the things everybody wants and need. Nobody can satisfy their wants within a blink of an eye. Unless you can plant gold on a pot of dirt. but Thats too good to be true.

Be realistic. In the end, u'll be talking about the resources to live. Money? Thats just a currency. What's money without all the resources you want and need? Zero.

Go start a business on food and stuff. Malaysia got no sufficient supply of meat. The NFC? Those corrupted lot only think about their asses instead of thinking about everybody's asses. Herd a cow, or two, or three. Sell them. Create a job opportunity. Our market is so vast that every intelligent opportunist will take advantage of when they DO things, not talking about things. Look at the Air Asia owner, he seize an opportunity and make things big. He did something. And now? he's filthy rich, i might say.

Don't be such a whiny little bitch who only knew how to whine over and over again over the same thing over and over again. Everybody will eventually get sick of hearing about it over and over again and start leaving you all alone.

Life's too short to just think about things and not doing it. And if by occupying dataran will make you feel happy and hip, go ahead, be my guests, but make sure u're doing something useful in which for the time being, u're doing nothing much to save anything.

Someone might be saying, "hey, at least we're doing something, what have you done?". So, what changes have you brought upon the so called oppressed people on the public lot?

Opportunities are everywhere. It depends on you to grab it for good. Don't run around hoping you'll be handsomely paid by any corporation because everybody is going after the same thing. The difference between you and them? They seek, seize and grab the opportunity. Unlike you, being paid with little pay yet u're still working at the same company. Spread your CV. Kill a mockingbird or two. Get paid handsomely or get over it and find a new place to be handsomely paid.

There's no beautiful world like the one u've created in your mind. There's no ideal place for everything. Every place has its high and low. Thats how balanced things are.

Things'll be better if you learn how to share. But are you willing to share? Ask yourself.

And oh, credit cards should be banned from this world. Nobody should feels like having anything when the truth says that they've got nothing.

There you go, telling people that banks are the culprits and all but they're your #1 financial provider. Bullshit.



P/S : your consciousness alone won't help anybody and everybody from anything.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mentality Revolution

          Kita, sebagai generasi Y perlu menukar mentaliti generasi Silent and Powerful (before 1946), Baby boomers (1946-1964), dan juga generasi X (1965-1979) yang selalu menganggap belajar-luar-negara-tu-bagus-gila-babi macam lah semua yang belajar luar negara tu masuk Harvard, Cambridge, MIT, Stanford, Princeton or banyak lagi high ranking universities.

Kau tak rasa berbulu ke bila sedara mara kau mengaku anak depa pegi overseas padahal belajar benda biasa biasa je yang banyak universiti tempatan tawarkan. Kalau belajar benda benda yang betul2 kritikal takde kat malaysia boleh la sembang kencang tapi sebaliknya berlaku. Aku takde la nak diskriminasi orang yang belajar oversea tu tak bagus ke apa, tapi mentaliti asal belajar overseas je bagus tu yang aku nak orang eliminate.

Sebenarnya, zaman sekarang ni kalau kau banyak duit, kau belajar la kat mana mana university overseas. Bersepah university yang berasaskan perniagaan pendidikan nak terima kau. Kalau dulu, ye zaman kalau kau masuk universiti tu orang anggap kau ni dewa dewi, boleh la nak brag itu ini. Sekarang ni, cashier 7 Eleven pun pergi university tau tak?

Kalau kau betul betul dapat biasiswa yang kerajaan and any other institution tawarkan takpe. Bole la nampak bangga sikit sebab kau memang betul betul pandai and deserved dapat apa yang kau dapat. Ni yang gerak sana mak bapak sponsor, chill sudah. Benda ni bukan hanya berlaku dalam kalangan rural folks sahaja, orang orang urban pun sama je, 2 + 2 = 5.

Lagi satu, aku menyampah betul bila orang orang tempatan bangga gila bila ada siapa siapa dalam keluarga depa kawin dengan caucasian. Tak caucasian pun siapa siapa la, asalkan bukan orang malaysia. Nampaknya, mentality kita yang mengagungkan siapa siapa yang berkulit fair. Pemikiran kebanyakan orang kita masih lagi di takuk lama. Kita masih lagi dijajah secara mentally oleh penjajah penjajah yang dah tinggalkan Malaysia lebih 50+ tahun.

Kau pergi je mana mana ASEAN countries, situasi dia lebih kurang sama je.

Ok dah.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


When RPK was bashing the government, PR  supporter said,
"yarh yarh yarh, he was right. He got the information inside out from the government's insider. He doesn't talk cock lah, i know la, i know him. His source is reliable, u'll never get anyone as reliable as he is nowadays, so brave one. Willing to fight for his country eventhough the cops are looking for him and he have to reside at UK. He was our country's saviour from the corrupted government!"

But when RPK was siding with the government, PR supporter said
"Ah. Useless old fart. He was bought by the government. U know la, government got a lot of money, they paid him and now he can stay at Malaysia again without fear. All his talk is rubbish, no one is giving him attention now, nobody gives a shit about him. All his talk is lies meyh. His source is not reliable at all. U know, he just made up all the stories every now and then like isham rais just to be apart of the game. You shouldn't listen to him lah, better off watching Doraemon or something rather than reading all his propaganda from those corrupted BN goons. He's now a cybertrooper meyh. My source tell me he was paid to change side.

Entah mana mana la source kau dapat tu.
Well,this is politics. Everythings on your side of your world is right. But nothing on the otherside of the story is wrong and always perceived merely a propaganda.

I won't expect anyone to say yes yes yes to what i'm writing. Your brain is yours so does the option to be a decision maker.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Study For Straight Ace? | Justified

Dulu mase aku kecik kecik, aku kena paksa belajar. Serius. Kena paksa. Kau bayangkan masa kecik kecik umur baru berapa tahun kat sekolah rendah kena paksa belajar. Tu baru kat sekolah, belum dekat tuition centre lagi. Masa tuition aku kena paksa hafal sifir. Kepala hotak kau la suruh hafal sifir, aku rasa otak aku macam kena cabul pulak sebab suruh hafal sifir. Aku dah la suka benda benda yang mengarut, menulis n sketching misalnya. Tak hafal sifir je sideburn aku kena tarik dengan cikgu tuition tu. PUKIMAK. kau faham tak kena tarik sideburn perasaan dia macam mana? Macam haram, sumpah sampai sekarang aku rasa macam nak bakar je rumah cikgu aku tu. Sakit, sumpah sakit. Kalau nak tau sakit ke tak, p suruh member hang yang takde sifat perikemanusiaan tarik sideburn hang, nanti hang rasa hot hot heat dia, merah muka beb. Aku dulu kureng sikit matematik ni, sebab aku suka english. Aku cenderung kat arts aku rasa. Benda benda otak belah kiri aku kurang sikit. Kiri ni banyak benda kira kira kan? Tak silap aku lah.

So, lepas kena torture physically n mentally, aku punya result pun kira, okay la. 4a1b. Masuk la sekolah menengah yang cam power sikit dekat tempat aku. Sekolah yang power sikit ni student dia tak ramai macam sekolah sekolah biasa. Kira kalau kau cakap kau sekolah kat situ orang pandang tinggi jugak la, walaupun kau tak tinggi. Sebab? Memang budak budak pandai je masuk situ. 4A ke atas memang selalu masuk situ la kalau tak dapat mrsm or sbp. Kalau kau 3A, ada kabel pun boleh masuk, standard lah main kabel kabel ni.

Masa kat sekolah menengah ni aku duduk sampai pmr je. Kat sini pun aku kena torture jugak. Lagi teruk.  Sane sini aku belajar. Kat sekolah jangan cerita la, lagi gilababi. Kau bayangkan sekolah dari pagi pukul 7 balik pukul 5 petang. Dah macam kerja ofis dah. Malam ada lagi. malam naik basikal pergi tuition. Aku dah macam ape dah struggle, ni semua kena paksa, ye, kena paksa. Nasib baik kat tuition ramai member satu kepala, takdehal sangat la. Tapi penat bodo. Malam sambung overtime pulak. Abeh kerja rumah berlambak tu bila pulak aku nak buat? Masa ni memang aku rasa macam, apebende sial mak bapak aku ni. Ingat aku ni robot ke kerja hari hari belajar.

Tapi tu semua sekejap je rasa, ni tak masuk lagi cerita pasal gaduh dengan cikgu math aku lagi, bapak aku dok bising bising lagi, tension beb. Dah la satu hari suntuk tu duit belanja aku seringgit je. Kau bayangkan miskin tak miskin aku masa tu. Rasa nak lari rumah ada, tapi masa tu aku dah boleh agak benda ni tak rasional and tak boleh bertahan lama. Walaupun aku pernah try lari kejap, lepak entah mana mana, tapi budak lagi, mana boleh tahan lama. Last last aku balik rumah jugak. Attempt2 lepastu aku lupakan, campak dalam tong sampah. Masa ni aku pasang niat nak belah dari sini, nak p tempat lain, nak berdikari kononya.

Hajat aku tuhan perkenan. Masa pmr aku dapat straight ace. 8A bai. Mase tu boleh la nak berlagak kehulu kehilir cakap dengan orang aku dapat 8A. Bangga la bodo, penat aku berusaha, ceyh, padahal kena paksa. Tapi kira aku berusaha jugak la nak dapat 8A sebab nak blah dari current condition masa tu. Siap naik pentas bagai dapat hadiah apebende tah, yang aku ingat dapat duit la. Bape sen tah, aku tak ingat.

Dapat je 8A, benda pertama yang aku target memang nak masuk mana mana boarding school. Boarding school la, nampak macam educated sikit. Memang melekat, aku tak banyak bunyi, aku jalan terus. Takde pandang belakang. Kalau pandang je muka cikgu math aku yang aku gaduh tu, dalam hati aku cakap, "babai celaka, aku nak belah dari sini, tak payah aku nak mengadap muka kau celaka". Marah betul aku. Ye la, kes dia takde la bende sangat, tapi dok sibuk nak besar besarkan. Macam gampang. Nyusahkan hidup aku je.

Sampai je boarding school tu, kira dah hidup sendiri kan. Semua aktiviti2 yang budak sekolah asrama buat memang aku buat la. Setakat fly tu kira macam rutin lah. Masa nak fly merangkak sebelah ular pun dah rasa, memang thrill habis, tapi fun. Kat sini aku paksa diri sendiri belajar, kalau tak kau bodoh sorang sorang. Gila apa, budak budak kat sini semua kepala hotak macam robot. Ade member aku baca buku sejarah tu dah lebih dari 5 kali dia khatam. Aku baca sekali sekala pun malas. Memang gila. Budak sbp memang gila. Yang perangai macam barua setan semua pun pandai, aku je rasa macam bodoh, sebab dah semua budak pandai pandai. Kalau setiap kali trial pun nama aku mesti kena cari dari bawah, dah jumpa aku cakap, "hmm, bagus. ada peningkatan", padahal naik berapa je pun dari the whole batch. Memang barua. Tapi disebabkan aku rasa macam loser je, aku belajar la jugak.

Result spm? Okay lah. Tengok tengok aku punya ranking SPM dengan the whole batch, aku dekat tengah tengah. PANDAI SIAL AKU! hahahahahahahahahahahahaaha. Yang dulu dok pandang rendah kat aku semua aku tak pandang dah. Result aku pun lagi tinggi dari skandal skandal skank aku.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. aku lagi pandai dari kau la bodo.

Habis je spm aku duduk rumah, parents aku suruh buat stpm. kepala hotak. taknak aku masuk sekolah balik, gila tak cool. Lepas habis sekolah 17tahun nak gak aku merasa jadi budak university. Masa aku banyak aku habiskan dengan buat lagu, ye masa tu aku dah ada band. poyo poyo nak buat band sebab perasan suara sedap. Tapi tu cerita lain. Banyak sangat dah ni.


Kau perasan tak macam mana aku kena paksa belajar dari kecik sampai la ni aku masih belajar lagi. Perasan tak macam mana mak bapak aku memang paksa pun aku dapat straight Ace. Memang, tu salah satu kayu pengukur kau punya kepala hotak tu berfungsi dengan betul ke tak.

Kalau aku tak kena paksa, aku tak boleh bangga dengan result aku yang cun tu. Aku tak jadi aku sekarang ni. Aku tak merasa duduk sbp. Aku tak merasa jadi budak university kalau result spm aku macam haram.

Memang mak bapak kau orang semua paksa kau dapat straight Ace. memang. Tapi benefit dia in the end dekat siapa? Dekat diri kau sendiri. Siapa yang senang bila nak dapat tempat dekat university, kau sendiri. Kau, bukan mak bapak kau. Mak bapak kau dah puas dah marah kau suruh belajar. Dorang suruh kau jadi pandai untuk diri sendiri, bukan untuk depa. Depa nak tinggalkan kita dengan knowledge, tak kisah la kau kena paksa ke apa. Kalau kau pandai, bukan ke kau yang senang?

Masa kecik kecik aku marah betul dengan makbapak aku. Tapi bila aku dah besar, dah berotak sikit, aku rasa bersyukur betul ada mak bapak macam makbapak aku. Kalau depa tak paksa aku belajar aku rasa aku jadi mat pet je sial sekarang ni. Hidup takde pedoman.

Kau nampak tak kenapa mak bapak kau suruh kau dapat straight Ace dekat sekolah? Nampak tak kesan dia kat diri sendiri? nampak tak impact dia dekat siapa?

Sekarang ni aku tanya kau, salah ke mak bapak kau suruh kau dapat straight A dekat sekolah? Salah ke mak bapak kau suruh kau belajar pandai pandai supaya kau jadi pandai?

Ibu aku kadang kadang dia baca blog ni, tu pasal aku restrict sikit nak publish nonsensical items kat sini. hahahahahaha. Kalau ibu baca, Thanks mom. Cakap dengan ayah terima kasih banyak banyak sebab paksa belajar dulu. Ngahahahahahahahaha.

Bila dah besar baru kau rasa bersyukur sebab kena paksa belajar. Mak bapak kau, dorang tau ape yang terbaik untuk kau. Selagi mana boleh ikut, ikut la. Dorang hidup lagi lama dari kau. Jangan dok pertikai sangat kalau mak bapak nak anak dapat straight A je. Memang nampak macam keputusan tu je depa nak tengok, tapi inside out kau tak tau. Kau tak tau ape yang depa sebenarnya dok fikir untuk kebajikan hang. Jangan dok lagak sangat, respect tu letak tinggi sikit nah.


The Blame Game

Ah engkau, kutuk kutuk najib. At least dia tu Najib, perdana menteri malaysia, engkau tu siapa?

Meanwhile at the otherside of the la la land.

Ah engkau, kutuk kutuk Anwar. At least dia tu Anwar, ketua pembangkang, engkau tu siapa?

At least depa buat something, hampa semua buat apa?

Semua orang tengah cari jalan nak letak blame dekat orang lain. Semua orang nak berlagak innocent. Semua orang nak salahkan orang lain.

Berhutang salahkan ptptn, bank komersial, bank negara.
Bangsa kau tak maju salahkan umno.
CGPA kau macam haram salahkan lecturer
Miskin salahkan kerajaan
Tak kaya salahkan kapitalis

At least entiti entiti kat atas tu buat something, bukan macam kau, kerja nak whine macam kuda manjang.

Taknak ke salahkan diri sendiri sebab pemalas macam celaka sebab tu kau bodoh. nak ptptn free p la dapatkan cgpa 3.5 sana. Sah sah terus jadi biasiswa. Kau tau kan bangsa kau punya mentaliti macam mana? Pemalas, Buat kerja tak siap, kerja mengulor je. Tapi still nak salahkan orang lain. Orang suruh pergi kelas malas, suruh buat assignment last minute baru buat, result macam haram, suruh study p clubbing lah, dating lah, last last sijil kau tu lagi sayur dari sayur. Dah tau miskin rajin la sikit. Kau ingat orang kaya tu semua pemalas macam kau ke? Kau salahkan orang lain kau boleh jadi kaya ke?

Bila masa lah kau nak kerja keras n rasa bersyukur dengan apa yang ada.

Orang kalau dah ada semua benda, nanti dia akan cari satu benda lain untuk rasa tak bersyukur. Bagi proton saga nak ford fiesta. bagi ford fiesta nak rx8. Bagi rx8 nak porsche 911. bagi porsche 911 nak bentley.

Cuba kau berhenti kejap, nikmati apa yang ada kat sekeliling kau. Hargai apa yang kau ada. Kang dah takde baru nak menangis melalak merayu menyesal. Macam lahanat.

Aku tak kisah kau nak merungut, siapa tak merungut dalam dunia ni? Tapi kalau kau merungut memanjang, tapi tak pernahnye nak berusaha untuk kurangkan rungutan kau, ingat ada benda berubah ke? Ni memanjang merungut dapat apa?

Balik balik salahkan kapitalis la, itu la, ini la, tapi kau tak buat ape pun. Last last kau jugak yang merayu mintak simpati dekat kapitalis kapitalis tu tadi. Ni apa keldai punya perangai aku pun tak tau.

Cuba kau beli cermin besar besar, kalau miskin sangat p cari kertas a4 sehelai, tulis n fikir balik semua benda yang kau dah buat untuk dapat ape yang kau nak, cukup ke usaha kau untuk dapat semua benda yang kau nak tu? Dah keluar 100% effort belum?

Bila kau dah capai tahap rasa bersyukur tu, kau akan kurang merungut, kurang complain sana sini macam anjing menyalak depan cermin.

Kalau taknak jugak, kau memang suka ada dalam keadaan terdesak tu, kau selesa jadi miskin, kau selesa jadi bodoh, kau selesa jadi tukang complain 24/7. Memang tempat kau kat situ jelah. Orang lain makan kaviar, kau masih lagi ikat perut makan megi tiap hari.

hahahaha (hilang tension tak tengok aku gelak sorang sorang?)


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pencuci Epidermis

Aku tak tau kenapa tapi aku rasa seronok betul pakai benda alah ni.
Macam soak muka dekat ais, refreshing. Tapi bukan macam pakai ice cool. Effect dia tak sama.

Ni bukan iklan berbayar ye. Post ni dibuat semata mata nak meluahkan rasa inzal bila basuh muka pakai menatang ni. hahaha


Monday, April 9, 2012

Watery Idea

I've a simple idea. Yup, its about water.

Any movement = energy. Water flow = energy.
We use water for daily reasons, showering, cleaning the dishes, et al.

Why won't any engineer build a dynamo that could store the daily water usage energy by the flowing water so that we can use them for a small scale device?

R&D is not cheap but this shit is simple, i guess, since i do not have the expertise on this matter. If you have the expertise on this matter, it's a golden opportunity to at least build that device, and let the whole world use it for free, if u're generous enough lah. But hey, you can make money too if you can mass produce this shit and sell it to the whole wide world. M sure this shit will be a pisang goreng panas product. It'd be better if the installation of this shit is as easy as ABC. Just make sure you own the patent because someone else would've stole the patent from you and claim it theirs.

FYI, we've got all the technologies we need, but most of them are too expensive to materialize moreover when we, the so called developing country got no facilities and expertise to distribute em to the masses. Well, we live in a capitalist system, who wants to do anything for free nowadays? Even the so called volunteer do their volunteering for the sake of the allowance. haha

Chop chop. Time's running out.

Its kinda sad to know that you have all the ideas but u've got less than zero ability, expertise and knowledge to materialize em. Well i should just start approaching the right person for the right reason. That'd be a kickstart.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fitter Happier

I'm the type of guy who'd go for anything no matter how brilliant or stupid it may sound with some lightspeed decision making. Going for a breakfast without having your shower is sumptuous, moreover when it is done with the right person, regardless of their gender and all. All i need is the right amount of every simple things to choke upon the activities. If i had a tent, i'm sure as hell i'll be anywhere, with sands and beaches living a life like a nomad. But since i've goals n objectives to fulfill, i've to stick to it and stop once it is accomplished. Meyh, its a continuous circle or cycle or whatever u'd love to name it.

Everybody needs a routine, so, i'm planning one for myself since i've got nothing to do with myself. My super awesome mom is being awesome to me. I just need to keep up with all the chores and all. Nothing much.

Doing my cardio exercise 6 am alone is, not as fun as doing myself a favour with multiple types of hedonisme act. But still, self satisfaction counts. Plus, the blood circulating in my body seems to pump more ideas and more brilliant ideas. Somebody should invent me a device so that all the things i had in my brain could be recorded coz i'm a forgetful bastard.

Kena makan banyak kismis ke? Shit. Hope my friend would stash lotsa kismis on her way back home, coz i think i need some for myself.

Oh, a dog greeted me with a bark, so i said, hello dog, STFU! I'm not robbing your master's house, can't you see i'm wearing my gear for a jog?
The second time i've passed the same path, the dog barked again, its ok, what else can a tied dog do besides barking on and on.
The third time? He makes no sound. Maybe he have realized that he was barking for a wrong reason. Or maybe his master have told him to STFU too. Well, doesn't matter, i'm done for the day.

M sure as hell my body would ache tomorrow, so, i shoulda embrace the moment when the pain haven't show the fuck off to me.

Suck all the eggs, work the fuck out, run like hell. Yes, i've just found myself a routine for the moment.

I should bring my ipod and listen to fitter happier by Radiohead. No wonder i only lasts for 3 rounds, there's no motivational factors available.

Meyh, i should buy myself a couple bungkus of nasi lemak. I'm relatively hungry.

Remind me to write about my lovely little newfound kitten, she was so fucking cute.
Thats it for now, go and live your pathetic life, or do whatever it is u're supposed to do.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Something something something

Kenapa ni? Tak nampak cahaya ke? Nak aku suluh spotlight kat muka kau? Nak aku suluh spotlight sepanjang perjalanan hidup kau?

Kau pandang belakang pasal apa? Ke kau tak puas pandang depan, kau nak yang kat belakang jugak? Kau nak ape ni sebenarnya? Kau nak Semua orang suluh spotlight kat kau? Kau nak dunia sembah kau? Kau nak semua orang merengek mintak simpati dari kau? Kau ingat aku ni macam semua orang? Kau ingat kau siapa?

Kalau ada satu lubang kat kepala kau, dengan izin tuhan yang maha ghaib, kau mati. Serius kau mati. Kau bela lah ape babi hantu jembalang serigala garuda buaya beruang naga harimau katak mentadak mentaduk pun, kalau dah nak sampai masa kau mati, kau mati jugak.

Kau nak menyesal celah mana? Celah pantat?

Berpijak la kat bumi yang nyata wahai setan. Kau tu perangai memang serupa kimak. Kimak. Tau kimak tu apa? Kimak tu kau. Pukimak tu puki mak kau. sekarang aku cerita pasal kimak, pasal kau la.

Jangan dok merewang lagi dah, kau baik ada dalam kubur je. Untung untung aku ziarah kau, aku kencing atas kubur kau. Paham?

Barua level 99 punya lahanat.


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