Wednesday, April 18, 2012


When RPK was bashing the government, PR  supporter said,
"yarh yarh yarh, he was right. He got the information inside out from the government's insider. He doesn't talk cock lah, i know la, i know him. His source is reliable, u'll never get anyone as reliable as he is nowadays, so brave one. Willing to fight for his country eventhough the cops are looking for him and he have to reside at UK. He was our country's saviour from the corrupted government!"

But when RPK was siding with the government, PR supporter said
"Ah. Useless old fart. He was bought by the government. U know la, government got a lot of money, they paid him and now he can stay at Malaysia again without fear. All his talk is rubbish, no one is giving him attention now, nobody gives a shit about him. All his talk is lies meyh. His source is not reliable at all. U know, he just made up all the stories every now and then like isham rais just to be apart of the game. You shouldn't listen to him lah, better off watching Doraemon or something rather than reading all his propaganda from those corrupted BN goons. He's now a cybertrooper meyh. My source tell me he was paid to change side.

Entah mana mana la source kau dapat tu.
Well,this is politics. Everythings on your side of your world is right. But nothing on the otherside of the story is wrong and always perceived merely a propaganda.

I won't expect anyone to say yes yes yes to what i'm writing. Your brain is yours so does the option to be a decision maker.


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