Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fitter Happier

I'm the type of guy who'd go for anything no matter how brilliant or stupid it may sound with some lightspeed decision making. Going for a breakfast without having your shower is sumptuous, moreover when it is done with the right person, regardless of their gender and all. All i need is the right amount of every simple things to choke upon the activities. If i had a tent, i'm sure as hell i'll be anywhere, with sands and beaches living a life like a nomad. But since i've goals n objectives to fulfill, i've to stick to it and stop once it is accomplished. Meyh, its a continuous circle or cycle or whatever u'd love to name it.

Everybody needs a routine, so, i'm planning one for myself since i've got nothing to do with myself. My super awesome mom is being awesome to me. I just need to keep up with all the chores and all. Nothing much.

Doing my cardio exercise 6 am alone is, not as fun as doing myself a favour with multiple types of hedonisme act. But still, self satisfaction counts. Plus, the blood circulating in my body seems to pump more ideas and more brilliant ideas. Somebody should invent me a device so that all the things i had in my brain could be recorded coz i'm a forgetful bastard.

Kena makan banyak kismis ke? Shit. Hope my friend would stash lotsa kismis on her way back home, coz i think i need some for myself.

Oh, a dog greeted me with a bark, so i said, hello dog, STFU! I'm not robbing your master's house, can't you see i'm wearing my gear for a jog?
The second time i've passed the same path, the dog barked again, its ok, what else can a tied dog do besides barking on and on.
The third time? He makes no sound. Maybe he have realized that he was barking for a wrong reason. Or maybe his master have told him to STFU too. Well, doesn't matter, i'm done for the day.

M sure as hell my body would ache tomorrow, so, i shoulda embrace the moment when the pain haven't show the fuck off to me.

Suck all the eggs, work the fuck out, run like hell. Yes, i've just found myself a routine for the moment.

I should bring my ipod and listen to fitter happier by Radiohead. No wonder i only lasts for 3 rounds, there's no motivational factors available.

Meyh, i should buy myself a couple bungkus of nasi lemak. I'm relatively hungry.

Remind me to write about my lovely little newfound kitten, she was so fucking cute.
Thats it for now, go and live your pathetic life, or do whatever it is u're supposed to do.


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Anonymous said...

dah kena dakyah radiohead?


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