Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Occupy Opportunities

Occupy dataran?

You can occupy all the parks in malaysia without being charged for all the things u've been charged with
You're assimilating, no, duplicating, no, plagiarizing the movements from outside malaysia. Bet all you need is publicity, cheap publicity imho.

If you wanna do it big, find a solution, be as rich as Bill Gates, create job opportunities, be a helpful activists.
Don't blame Bill Gates because he's rich and successful in his business. Most of you used his invention to spread all you wanna spread.

You can't just help malaysian people with mere ideologies. Most of them don't get it. All in all, what they need is money. For what? For all the necessities.

Activism needs a lot of money, and sponsorship. That, ain't come easy.

Most of them activists said they're suppressed and oppressed. Oppressed of what?. Oppressed in not having an ample job vacancies?

Well if you do not have a job, create one. Sell things, be an entrepreneur, create a job opportunity. Mere action to make people to think about this and that will get them nowhere. Throw your head on the walls, if it hurts, u're alive. The reality is harsh.

Everybody have this dissatisfaction in every single thing they can't have. Luxury, loads of cash, bling bling, gadgets, cars, property et al. I do have the urge to be rich too. To have all the things i can't afford to have. Thats human. We want everything and anything that could satisfy our endless wants and needs.

You're talking about this opportunity that u don't have and all, that makes me feel bloated. Bloated with whine. an Endless one. Why won't you just grab one and climb the stairs. Nothing comes easy, unless u comes from a wealthy family and could afford all the things everybody wants and need. Nobody can satisfy their wants within a blink of an eye. Unless you can plant gold on a pot of dirt. but Thats too good to be true.

Be realistic. In the end, u'll be talking about the resources to live. Money? Thats just a currency. What's money without all the resources you want and need? Zero.

Go start a business on food and stuff. Malaysia got no sufficient supply of meat. The NFC? Those corrupted lot only think about their asses instead of thinking about everybody's asses. Herd a cow, or two, or three. Sell them. Create a job opportunity. Our market is so vast that every intelligent opportunist will take advantage of when they DO things, not talking about things. Look at the Air Asia owner, he seize an opportunity and make things big. He did something. And now? he's filthy rich, i might say.

Don't be such a whiny little bitch who only knew how to whine over and over again over the same thing over and over again. Everybody will eventually get sick of hearing about it over and over again and start leaving you all alone.

Life's too short to just think about things and not doing it. And if by occupying dataran will make you feel happy and hip, go ahead, be my guests, but make sure u're doing something useful in which for the time being, u're doing nothing much to save anything.

Someone might be saying, "hey, at least we're doing something, what have you done?". So, what changes have you brought upon the so called oppressed people on the public lot?

Opportunities are everywhere. It depends on you to grab it for good. Don't run around hoping you'll be handsomely paid by any corporation because everybody is going after the same thing. The difference between you and them? They seek, seize and grab the opportunity. Unlike you, being paid with little pay yet u're still working at the same company. Spread your CV. Kill a mockingbird or two. Get paid handsomely or get over it and find a new place to be handsomely paid.

There's no beautiful world like the one u've created in your mind. There's no ideal place for everything. Every place has its high and low. Thats how balanced things are.

Things'll be better if you learn how to share. But are you willing to share? Ask yourself.

And oh, credit cards should be banned from this world. Nobody should feels like having anything when the truth says that they've got nothing.

There you go, telling people that banks are the culprits and all but they're your #1 financial provider. Bullshit.



P/S : your consciousness alone won't help anybody and everybody from anything.

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kurosagi said...

i am agree with you~ these people, (i mean PTPTpu borrower) should take the burden as a motivation to improve their life~ OK, if somehow PTPTpu is abolished, what about their real life ?? financial crisis is everywhere, consumer prices hikes up~ inflation rate keep increasing every year~ (if they invest in precious metal like me they will realize how fast their money decrease in value~)

"Someone might be saying, "hey, at least we're doing something, what have you done?". So, what changes have you brought upon the so called oppressed people on the public lot?"

hahaha~ the real fact is they changed NOTHING~ they must learn how to be financially freedom~ not living on some others money (well, they say wang rakyat, they may forget a lot more "less intelligent " people that also deserve the wang rakyat too~)

thanks god,that i am just a drop out of some bachelor degree~ now, i am in business, while having salary only RM1200 per months, i am doing a lot of business gains(mentally & materially, which focused on my hobby thus made me happy doing it even though i suffer from some $$$ losses too~)in the same time, having RM14000 PTPTpu debt as a motivation to be FREE~

the true world, as the mahasiswa never live in(so,that they dont know anything), is never stable, with up & down at anytime~ thus, what we need is BE PREPARED~ that one of my keyword~

credit card abandonment~ most view, i do agree except if you are too rich that you need cash more than RM1000 per day~ well, i never seen this kind of people in malaysia~ haha~

the banks are culprit, yes, but only if you are allowing yourself to be swindled by them~ they can cari makan, only with financially ignorant people~ i have 3 bank account, only keep maybank has balance because of easier to trade with malaysian seller/buyer via credit cards ?? others services ?? except maybank's bureau de change, sorry, no interest~

"Opportunities are everywhere. It depends on you to grab it for good. Don't run around hoping you'll be handsomely paid by any corporation because everybody is going after the same thing."

cant agree more about that~ corporation, its their job to cut cost, pay as little as possible~ i dont look for 'handsomely paid jobs' because it is certain that is not what i need, i need management skill, which what am i doing right now, managing my own business, learning by "thinking & doing but not yet having" like the person directly above me(managing director)~

"it is not how many you make, it is how many you keep"

"1st THINK like businessman, 2nd DO like businessman & LASTLY HAVE things like businessman"
(that should be done in that priority order)

last but not least :
as said as dr fadzilah kamsah~
"untuk banyak menerima, kita kena banyak memberi" jangan tau nak menerima je~

btw, thanks a lot bro, baca artikel lu ni buat gua rasa semangat giler~ maklum la,saya tak educated macam budak2 U tu~


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