Monday, April 9, 2012

Watery Idea

I've a simple idea. Yup, its about water.

Any movement = energy. Water flow = energy.
We use water for daily reasons, showering, cleaning the dishes, et al.

Why won't any engineer build a dynamo that could store the daily water usage energy by the flowing water so that we can use them for a small scale device?

R&D is not cheap but this shit is simple, i guess, since i do not have the expertise on this matter. If you have the expertise on this matter, it's a golden opportunity to at least build that device, and let the whole world use it for free, if u're generous enough lah. But hey, you can make money too if you can mass produce this shit and sell it to the whole wide world. M sure this shit will be a pisang goreng panas product. It'd be better if the installation of this shit is as easy as ABC. Just make sure you own the patent because someone else would've stole the patent from you and claim it theirs.

FYI, we've got all the technologies we need, but most of them are too expensive to materialize moreover when we, the so called developing country got no facilities and expertise to distribute em to the masses. Well, we live in a capitalist system, who wants to do anything for free nowadays? Even the so called volunteer do their volunteering for the sake of the allowance. haha

Chop chop. Time's running out.

Its kinda sad to know that you have all the ideas but u've got less than zero ability, expertise and knowledge to materialize em. Well i should just start approaching the right person for the right reason. That'd be a kickstart.


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Ixxara_says said...

paling mantap pun sekarang, cuma sort-of dynamo yang dipasang dekat laut untuk tangkap tenaga pasang surut ombak.

but that one is kind of a good idea though, since tsunami threat is getting more frequent these days...


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