Saturday, May 12, 2012

Into The Future And Beyond

Feels like living a life where all you need is simple necessities to live with. Clothes, shelter, food, water and some other bla bla shit.

The only things stopping us from doing all those shit is the urge to own this and that which in the end cause some major financial problems.

If only one could think of all the short distance future rather than thinking about far beyond all the future we've no clue about.

But yeah, besides having all the optimism coming thinking about living for another 30 or 40 years, we stopped enjoying ourselves and embrace the present. This is some serious shit everybody's been ignoring these days. Too busy thinking and planning for the future, inevitably forgetting all the good things, happening right in front of their eyes, waiting to be treasured before it passed.

You can always talk about the good old days but its in the past, it'll never coming back or it'll never happen again with the same bloke, the same situation and the same feelings of joy, or whatever feelings u should have felt before. What stays in the past, stays in the past. 

Another big no no towards all those things i've written above is the ideas of having a family, living together, settling somewhere, multiply and carry all those big responsibilities afterwards.

We're human. Responsibilities is one of our food, besides all the sumptuous food u've got in your mind. When we've got none, we seek one. Pretending to be 'someone' responsible enough for this and that. 

If the only responsibilities we had is for ourselves, we'll surely could care less about all these things that is stopping us from doing this and that in our lives.

Relationship, is one big mistake if u have something else bigger to achieve for yourselves. There's only two roads in relationship. Towards destruction or vice versa. But hey, its a journey, not a pit stop. Although getting married is your first pit stop. Fuck it. I'm a little optimist about all these shit but at the same time can't stop thinking about all the cynicism it brought together.

I don't have to say this is what i have in my mind because clearly, i've written everything that crossed my mind.  Even when its not published every now and then cause sometimes, u just wanted to keep insanity to urself. Thats why we behave in front of others, strangers mostly.  

Seems like pleasing the society is a huge task. A burden to all mankind. 

Lets just pray for a better tomorrow even though we knew tomorrow will eventually lead us towards a dire destruction. 

Do enjoy yourself when you can still breathe the fucking oxygen in.

Fuck out.

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geeds said...

If people think about death every now and then, they'll know how to think about the future better.


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