Friday, July 20, 2012

Industrial Relations Act and Employment Act

Basically, both act on the title emphasize the relations between the employer and the employee.

Perkara berkenaan undang-undang dan peraturan di tempat kerja.

I personally believe that every one of us in Malaysia should learn and know their rights pertaining the subject above. I do believe that subject is important because all of us will employ n be employed someday somehow.

The government should implement this subject as a necessity to every SPM candidates since that is one of the basic qualifications needed for Malaysians to get a job. Why? So that every student who never wish to or don't have the chance to further their studies and working as soon as leaving school after SPM will not be treated as fools who don't know shit about those rules n regulations.

It would be better if every SPM candidates know their rights regarding those shiznit so that no irresponsible employer take them for granted and pinch their energy using their own rules n regulations.

The Ministry of Human Resource in the other hand should be aware and progressive by doing their best in the enforcement of the said act. They have the power to remind every employee and employer to follow the rules and regulations since our Union in Malaysia is not as strong as the scandinavian countries where they have a powerful voice in the society and their demand is highly considered as an ultimate power to change the fate of millions of working class citizen.

Don't let anyone take you for granted. Don't let anybody used you. Know the laws and let them know that u are well versed about all the rules n regulations. This is your bread n butter. That's your lifeline.


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