Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Newborn Neko On Tape!

Remember the last time i wrote about  hamster fucking each other?
This time, its going to be Cats! Giving birth. hahahaha

Last night my brother told my mom the pregnant cat is being extra peculiar. Nak beranak la tu kot.
Then i get down and check the cat. Just to see if it really wants to give birth. But everything seems normal. I let the cat sleep in the boxes we've provided downstairs so that if she really wants to give birth to its next generation, she can do it in it.

Cut the shit into pieces, after browsing and all, my body asked me to sip some smoke then put myself in bed.
Then i heard a mew. Obviously lah from a kitten which is weird since mana ada anak kucing dekat rumah ni. I don't know how to classify anak kucing. is there any age range to specify if they are still anak kucing or an adult cat? Forget it.

To my amazement, i found a kitty with her mom in the box. One kitty. that furry little bastard makes me go happy and all. Ya lah, anak kucing comel la gila! But then its more weird to see only one kitty. Coz the cat's tummy is still big and i think there's more than just that in it.

I decided to play my role. haha. Bidan kucing for the umpteenth time!

here we go, browse n play them videos to feel amazed.
And yarh, it'll involved a lot of things you might not enjoy if u're having your meal, kinda gross if u're not the i-play-doctor type of person.

Let the scrolling begin

 Its first newborn

second little shit. haha

black n white

obviously, she's kinda exhausted.
but nevemind, aku tolong picit2 perut dia sambil jerit push push push walaupun aku tau dia tak paham literally.

the third one. alien like right?

Last but not least, i'll give you the footage of the last newborn kitty. Embrace...

That poor furry little bastard almost drowned for a second there i guess. Scary shit. I thought she's going to die but she's alive n kicking! haha
That cat took her time in settling the last kitten. So, aku tolong dia keluarkan uri dari cipap dia. Tarik je natang tu lalu voila! bagi dia makan! yum. Take a good look at the second video

I love the scent of the newborn neko. Idky but it seems like i'm addicted to it. haha. weirdo.

This is them. Tak lawa langsung kaler depa. Kucing jalanan je pun. Tapi senang nak jaga, tak payah sibuk takut kena curi n stuff. haha

Sorry for all the blurry shit and all. Aku guna camera phone murah je weyh. 3gp jelah jawabnya. haha

Btw, selamat hari raya aidilfitri people.
Have fun. Don't blowjob n drive. kahkahkah



리타 (Rita) 에릭 said...

Boleh pulak tlg kucing beranak, nasib x terbantut dia nak beranak. hahaha. kucing aku dulu xleh ditgk, tgk je dia nak keluar kotak, last2 dh beranak je senyap2..

puteri jalanan a.k.a annur said...

sy bloglist kan blog awk.jgn marah ek.hehe

Aujinz said...

Cayalah Helly.. takpe, baru lahir tak comel, tunggu dia beso sikit..

platipus said...

omey omey!...

sakinahsharif said...

i did this before..
yg best nye i ve 3 ekor kucing and all of it are female~ boleh pulak semuanya nk prgnnt. mula the eldest yg beranak, she want me to be with her, klu i x de dia kejar even the baby is coming out tu yg jd nye beranak atas tangga. terpaksa jd bidan terjun.. and also the next day, tapi yg ni i daa kurung kan dia dlm sgkar, luckily yg last tu beranak a month after, so x payah rsau ttg tmpat..

Affan said...

What say you about kucing makan anak sendiri kalau ada bau manusia?

Just wondering sbb rilek je ko pegang kucing tu. Haha~

Anonymous said...


erry edz said...

salam perkenalan :) nice blog!
do follow me yah +_+V

Zakwan said...

first time tengok kucing beranak! oooo, macam ni.... haha.

Anonymous said...

boleh jadi bidan nih

Anonymous said...

boleh jadi bidan nih


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