Thursday, January 31, 2013

Post Adult

I've been planning and thinking of buying a house for meself in the future. But upon reading lots of articles about the current issues in properties and wages, aku garu kepala.

Honestly, who wants to live in a small cubicle or flats or apartments with high density population? That, was the first thing buzzing around my head since, you know, lotsa people wanted a house with its own land, right?   But then, i cant say much. The amount of the salary and the need to buy a house seems conflicting with each other.

Dari dulu til now, lotsa people think fresh grads who can earn somewhere around 3k is considered banyak, wahlao. This is insane. This has never changed sampai sekarang. Talking to my mum about this wont work, because she says she only gets 300 bucks monthly as a civil servant, a looooooooong time ago. Not a fruitful conversation but still i love talking to her. Comparing 300 dulu and now is not smart.

I'm foreseeing myself having tons of loans, for important stuff lah, not for credit cards n super duper howzy cars that i know i can't afford, (Bentley, misalnya) And those loans are ranging from 15 to 30 years. Wahlao. I think i'm going to spend most of my times working and paying those loans off. If only i can live and die at my own house that'd be super nice. lol

Plus, i need to buy a woman to please me. Marriage costs a lot nowadays. And women are going to rip off your saving accounts too. Nowadays, most parents are auctioning their kids with a filthy price. So, if you're thinking of marrying someone smarter than you, think twice, coz they're far more expensive than you can afford. Fuck all those featured marriage on Nona and whatnot, tell yourself in front of the mirror  that you cant afford it and held a simple wedding ceremony lah.

Fucker apa, dari nak beli rumah sampai ke kahwin.

Meyh, fuck marriage. i think i'll be going for a career first. climb the ladder. slash a head or two. but then, by the time i am going to be super rich, i'll be super old. dammit.

Everything about life is much more depressing when u get older. You have to think of too many things on your own, and thats quite messy, even though i love thinking.

fuck lah. i dont wanna buy a house. i wanna buy a piece of land, and couple of container. Decorate them inside out and live in them.


Fuck all these bullshits. Hail hedonism!
Kais pagi makan pagi! Kais petang makan petang!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Tentang Lagu lagu Mendatar Yang Diulang-ulang Untuk Kesekian Kalinya di Radio

Aku bukan komposer mahupun penyanyi yang famous menerusi undian undian popular. Lagu yang sedap tak semestinya famous. Kadang kadang lagu tak sedap pun radio mainkan, sebab penyanyi dia famous. Benda benda ni semua memang subjektif. Telinga kau bukan telinga aku. Tapi kita boleh nampak trending dia kat Malaysia. Penyanyi penyanyi yang menyanyi dengan suara mendatar pun boleh famous, tahu? Aku sendiri tak pasti kenapa lagu yang dinyanyikan secara mendatar ni boleh famous. Ada banyak sebab. Aku try list sebab sebab dia kat bawah lah.

1. Mungkin sebab artis kat malaysia ni dah takde pelopor. Semua stock menang sebab famous. Suara tak lunak mana pun, tapi dia famous. Macam penyanyi penyanyi yang famous menerusi youtube. Boleh kira dengan jari mamat mamat n minah minah yang famous menerusi AF yang masih lagi 'famous' sampai sekarang. Depa discontinued AF sebab penerbit pun tau orang bosan, rating makin lama makin tunduk ke bumi. Sekarang pun depa buat benda yang sama. Maharaja lawak sampai muntah. Entah sampai berapa banyak episod/tournament depa nk buat entah. Mungkin sampai penerbit pun rasa nak muntah dengan lawak lawak pelawak ni. Benda sama akan jadi kat maharajalawak ni. Sama macam AF. Sama ja modus operandi.

2. Sebab radio dah tak tau nak main lagu apa. Dok main lagu sama ja sekali setiap 2 jam. Lagu yang tak sedap pun kau boleh sing along bila radio dok main ulang ulang sampai muntah.

3. Penyanyi kat malaysia tak kreatif. Semua tunggu nak kena suap lirik sampai pakaian. Cubalah bawak bawak jadi experimental sikit buat lagu sendiri, rhyme sendiri. Ni tak. Balik balik lirik dengan rhyme orang yang sama buat dari 20 tahun lepas sampai la ni. Betul jugak la. Semua pakai formula yang sama. Memang la lagu macam mana kreatif pun, still, komposer sama penulis lirik orang yang sama. Tak boleh lari jauh.

4. Aku dah tak kenal dah siapa siapa penyanyi baru yang betul betul boleh menyanyi. Mungkin sebab aku jenis dont give a fuck dengan industri celah ni kat Malaysia, but still, lagu kat radio masih lagi ulang lagu lagu dengan suara mendatar dok ulang ulang lirik yang sama lima namploh kali sampai habis. Pukimak jadah haram apa. Memang jangan harap la aku nak dengar radio bahasa melayu. Racist jugak aku ni kadang kadang.

5. Aku nak ulang point 1 kat atas, bila dah takde pelapis, rakyat malaysia cari alternative lagu yang boleh sing along. Mendatar pun mendatar lah janji depa boleh layan. Kalau tanya budak budak hipster memang jangan harap la depa nak layan. Mainstream sangat. Dok kena puja sana sini sebab lagu depa dok kena ulang ulang dekat radio. Sedap pun tak jugak.

6. Sekarang radio bukan lagi main source untuk lagu lagu baru. Kuasa memilih untuk buatkan apa apa famous/viral sikit sikit beralih ke new media. Internet n such. Memang patut la lagu mendatar boleh famous. haha. bodoh.

Ah, pegi mampos lah. Bukan aku dengar radio sangat pun. Aku rela main playlist aku tigapuluhribujuta kali daripada dengar penyanyi penyanyi suara mendatar menyanyi dengan suara mendatarnya. fucker. Sakit telinga aku.


*maybe our community's taste in music is deteriorating (progressively worse).


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