Monday, February 4, 2013

The Day People Become More Than Just Materialistic

I live in the millenia in which it is so frustrating to have no cash in your stash.

Unlike my mom n my dad's time in which they can buy a 5cents nasi lemak that could fill their stomach properly. I kinda hate the current nasi lemak. Nasi lemak nowadays costs me 10bucks. From 5cents to 10bucks, how worst can they be? The ingredient and its proportions is nowhere near grandeur yet i have to pay the premium price. Fuck. i wouldnt whine much if it is sumptuous but some of them does not tasted like nasi lemak, at all. What, u can't afford to fill in a proper coconut milk in it?

My mom once told me money is not everything. I beg to differ and told her that the sentence she told me is not pragmatic the day we're living in now.

I have to crush my brain to have to think of how she can happily live eventhough there's no luxury surrounding her and her sibling. I sure have a lot of uncles and aunties coz yeah, what do you expect from them oldies? I highly respect some of them for having the will, courage n financial ability to have dozens of children and can still feed them. That, was amazing and is still amazing to me. Imagine a current families having 12 children these days. I bet some of them will be crooks. Seriously. That's some of the reasons why i'm against polygamy and i'm up for controlled pregnancy.

I had these conversation of how i am against polygamy with her and she told me she is amazed, because i'm a guy and i'm against the idea of polygamy. I don't know mom, things are not that easy nowadays, so i have to stand upon my principles (yeah right, wait till u get filthy rich and be one of them, son).

Ah fuck it. I'm going to be rich tomorrow.
Ah fuck tomorrow. Don't fill my tomorrow with sorrow.

If you cant find any sense in this shit, go read something else. I seriously am here now for myself.

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amer akat said...

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