Monday, February 18, 2013

To Change or Not To Change

Truth be told, i'm the guy who'd be telling things straight to your face.
I dislike the idea of thinking about how you feel, moreover when it involves an advice seeking, from a friend to a friend. I am loud when it comes to this particular subject matter.

But yeah, a lot of negative vibes will arise later on whether we like it or not because honesty never really please the fuck out of any sane mind.

The mind won't work that well if we are in our defensive mode.

Anything and everything anybody say, even though it is in a very calm situation will be misplaced and misunderstood abhorrently if you set your mind to be as defensive as fuck.

So i tried, i changed, converting into someone who would be listening to problems, yappings and mumble jumble to understand the situation. Friends do what friends supposed to do. This is one of the social responsibility i've been practicing all my life, to be there when you need, and to help when you need.

Still, people think i'm not giving attention to whatever the fuck they're trying to say to me although i'm all ears.

The thing is, you will never satisfy anyone the way they want it. Nothing is good enough for anybody. Doesn't matter who the fuck you think you are.

You can never recover the cost of a friendship, if you are the type of a person who'd treat friendship as something more precious than any objects in this world.

To those who stayed loyal, godspeed.
To those who betrayed, still, godspeed.

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