Monday, March 25, 2013

Godspeed Malaysia.

The fight amongst political parties in malaysia is mostly about race and religion.
The malays, chinese, indians, and other fraction of race and ethnics in malaysia is still the trump card for all the politicians involved. The federal constitution favours malays since they're the majority and its pretty obvious that those who didn't have 'melayu' on their identity card suffers some kind of oppression in a lot of ways.

I believe that all of them will stick together once the immigrants are flooding malaysia just like what happened to most european countries.

But looking at different side of views, this race and ethnics game will be be one of the most depressing issues that the government will have to tackle since favouritism have its on ways to reach to the top.

One of the way to see the structure of this race and ethnicity is the big companies' and our very own country's ministers.

Spare the Malaysian Malaysia bullshit since that connotation is only suitable in the theory of racial blending. Its like dreaming for an utopia.  Accept the fact that the minority will always usually be oppressed. its happening around the globe.

Nationalism might be the one holding us all together by casting off those racial and religion debacle that is happening within the current situation.

Godspeed Malaysia.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Lately, aku rasa hidup aku kekurangan konflik. Konflik konflik yang sedia ada dalam tangan tunggu masa nak diselesaikan. Aku rasa ni lah masalahnya bila hidup takde konflik. Kepala jadi tepu. Sebab gene and bloodline aku memang suka selesaikan masalah. Tak kira la masalah siapa. Aku rasa ni la masalah masalah adiwira dalam komik. Dia nak selesaikan semua masalah dalam dunia ni, dengan harapan dunia ni akan jadi aman tanpa konflik, walhal konflik tu lah yang menghidupkan manusia. Sampai satu masa, aku rasa konflik pun takut nak cari pasal dengan aku.

Tapi keadaan ni sekejap je aku rasa, tak lama lagi konflik datang ler mencurah curah.

Omputih kata, "be careful what you wish for". Aku kata "bring it on".

So, untuk tidak membuang masa, aku menasihatkan diri sendiri dan semua orang untuk menghargai masa lapang tanpa konflik ni. Tak pun pergi main badminton sepam dua kasi badan bersenam sikit.



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